Support Superfast Broadband for our Villages

Support Connecting CambridgeshirePeterborough City Council is part of a country-wide project to bring superfast broadband to this area. However, it will only be successful if residents and local businesses show there is a demand for this.

To demonstrate that there is a need for high-speed broadband in Barnack, Bainton, Ashton, Southorpe, Ufford and Pilsgate, PLEASE REGISTER YOUR SUPPORT NOW ONLINE:

All you have to do is give your postcode and telephone number. You will only be registering support, you are not signing up to receive fast broadband. The more people who register their support, the more likely that we will have our internet connections upgraded.

Even if you do not use broadband a great deal yourself at the present, please register your support because more and more services are being offered online which will require a fast broadband connection but rural areas will be left behind if residents do not show their support.