ultrafast broadbandIt may be possible for us all to enjoy ULTRA FAST BROADBAND in the very near future.

To find out more come to Gigaclear’s presentation in

Barnack Village Hall on 7th August at 7.30pm.

30% of households in Ashton, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Marholm, Pilsgate, Southorpe, Tallington & Ufford will need to sign up with Gigaclear for all the villages to get the new ultra-fast broadband to their homes.

All residents of all the villages are encouraged to attend this meeting to find out more.

Ultrafast Broadband for Ufford, Bainton, Barnack, Southorpe Pilsgate and Ashton

Gigaclear is hoping to provide a pure fibre broadband Internet access service to homes and businesses in our villages providing ultra-fast and ultra-reliable access, available at more than 100x the UK average internet speed*.

It is just £37 a month for unlimited use, and you be amazed how much your family's entertainment, education, work  online will be improved.

How fast is Gigaclear's Ultra-fast broadband?

Typical Use Typical Rural Time Gigaclear Time
Download HD Movie 4Hrs 3-6 Minutes
Download TV Show 25 Mins 20-30 Seconds
Upload Photo Album 1Hr plus 20-30 Seconds
iTunes Download 5-10 Minutes 20-30 Seconds
30Mb file Upload 10-30 Minutes 20-30 Seconds

Ultra-fast broadband from Gigaclear could give you broadband access at up to 100x faster for downloading and up to 250x faster for uploading compared with the average UK Internet speeds*. This means different users in the same property can use the Internet at the same time without the significant delays typically experienced.

To receive this ultra-fast braodband in the villages next year it is necessary for 30% of the households to sign up with Gigaclear.

Please take the time to attend their presentation evening to find out more.

Ultra-fast broadband presentation - Barnack Village Hall on 7th August at 7.30pm.

See more details on the Gigaclear website.