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Gigaclear – you can sign-up now. 

By now people will have spotted various Gigaclear posters distributed in the area.  Gigaclear is very aware that there are not nearly enough to cover the nine villages, and residents can expect to see more.  Posters will also be going up to highlight the Village Hall Community Meetings on 6th & 7th Aug, in Helpston and Barnack respectively.  7.30pm start.  Marholm has added a useful forum to their village web site, with informative discussion and comments.  That can be found at   

Gigaclear itself is very aware that further information and publicity is required.  The Village Meetings will be a perfect opportunity to understand the Gigaclear solution and its relative merits.  Gigaclear have recruited a local, Northants based representative.  He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  In addition, Gigaclear is seeking the support of the local communities to collectively inform their friends and neighbours of the Gigaclear service.  The response to that is very encouraging, with a number of residents stepping up from across the various villages.  The hope is that they will come into their own in the run up to, and especially after the Village Meetings in helping with the push to a 30% sign-up figure. 

The Gigaclear experience is that a number of questions arise about the difference between any proposed BT service and Gigaclear.  A Helpston resident has posted the following comment on the Marholm Village web site, going into just that. 

“It is important to note that these services are different although the costs are very similar. 

BT's service is Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). It uses a Fibre cable from the main telephone exchange to the local cabinet (the green box in most villages) and then from the cabinet it uses 30 year old copper cable to connect the service to your property. The speed you receive degrades over distance using the copper cable. Anything over 1km and it drops off dramatically. This cable does not go the way the crow flies so can be longer than you think. For those who wish to understand that better, here is a diagram that shows how the distance away from the cabinet affects your speed This is why BT cannot guarantee you a speed - you never really get what you pay for. It also is affected by contention, i.e. at 4pm when the kids go online most people experience a drop in speed as too many people are using the service.

Gigaclear's service is Fibre to your House (FTTH), this is a fibre optic cable directly into your property. It is a guaranteed speed UP and DOWN (i.e. 50Mb download and 50Mb upload) at all times of the day. Higher speeds are available today for those that wish or need it.  The service is future proof and can scale easily beyond the current 1000Mbps if needed in the future. BT's cannot do this, it will need another major overhaul of their network to achieve that at the cost of millions of pounds.

The cost comparison is also interesting. Although the cheapest service from Gigaclear may look expensive at £37/mo, it makes much more sense if you pay an extra £6/mo to include your phone service with unlimited UK landline calls, inclusive of all of the features for which BT charge extra. The nearest unlimited high speed broadband service from BT costs £26/mo (after the introductory offers end), plus £15.99/mo line rental, plus £7.50/mo for unlimited landline calls – a total of £49.49/mo for a service costing £43/mo from Gigaclear which includes many more features, much faster upload speeds and the capability for much, much higher speed should you ever need it.

Gigaclear require 30% of the properties involved in the Peterborough Value area – Ashton, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Marholm, Pilsgate, Southorpe, Tallington, Ufford - to sign up for them to commence installation. This can include businesses not just private homes.” 
Finally, it is important to understand that Peterborough City Council are endorsing this initiative.  Making the announcement, Marco Cereste, leader of Peterborough City Council, said: “People in rural areas have long-complained of slow broadband and so I am delighted Gigaclear is planning to bring incredibly high speeds to villages around Peterborough.  Having the fastest broadband speeds won’t just make it better for residents, it will also help businesses in rural areas and make it more attractive for some companies to move there.  This is another step in making Peterborough and the surrounding area amongst the best connected places in the world.” 

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