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You may have heard, either through the post and leaflets delivered by volunteers, or at the recent well-attended public meetings in Helpston and Barnack, about the imminent possibility of ultrafast broadband being delivered to your village. Instead of the miserably slow broadband speed delivered by BT, Gigaclear will deliver, via a pure fibre to your home connection, uncapped, symmetric speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Which means everyone in the household will be able to use all the equipment that uses broadband at the same time, with no lag, and still have the capacity to do things you never have before, or have had to wait so long to achieve. HDTV on demand! No more buffering! No more slow, slow, downloading! And at last, smooth Skype video calls!

PLEASE NOTE: they will not take any money until the equipment is delivered to your house and subscriptions only start when you are happy with the connection, so there is no risk. They just need to know you genuinely want the service. Over 122 households have already signed up: they need another 280. Once they have that, they start digging! If enough people sign up quickly, we might even have our ultrafast connections before the end of the year!

But how much will the service cost?

Briefly, the cost is £37 per month for an uncapped 50Mbps download/50Mbps upload service, rising in bands to £69 per month for a 1000Mbps download/upload service.
If you want to dispense with your BT landline altogether, you can also transfer your BT phone number over to your fibre connection using Vonage VoIP. This will cost another £7 per month, but will get you unlimited no charge U.K. telephone calls with no more BT landline costs or charges for the extras that you should be able to regard as normal for a phone service in the 21st century, such as caller display, conference calling, etc.

More details and many more questions can be found answered on the local community web site, which has been set up and provided by volunteers with no affiliation to Gigaclear — we are simply working on behalf of our communities to improve the dismally poor broadband speeds in this area. The volunteers live in Tallington, Helpston, Barnack, Ufford and Marholm.

In fact, we are looking for further volunteers to help spread the message. Talk to your neighbours, talk to fellow drinkers in the pub, while walking your dog, wherever and whenever the chance arises. If you would like to help us spread the message about this fantastic opportunity for the community, please let us know by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For those who prefer it we are also on Twitter (@PboroVale) and  Facebook (

But please: the 300 more sign-ups are critical to getting this service.

Unless enough people pre-order, Gigaclear will move on to another community, as they need to see a guaranteed return on their investment (which is substantial, running into millions of pounds!) We cannot simply say ‘that sounds great – I will get it when it is here’ as it may not come! They have 300 other communities crying out for better broadband who have been in touch with them, so it would be such a shame to miss out now. Many of your neighbours have already ordered it, as they saw the obvious value of not having to pay line rental and the vast improvement in the quality and speed of the broadband – about 50 times faster than now!

As they say - We have ordered it :)   Have you? If not - please do.

You can pre-order ultrafast broadband at or ring their office on 01865 591100.

See more videos about Gigaclear on YouTube here