Ultrafast Community Broadband

The Benefits of Gigaclear Ultrafast Broadband for Barnack, Bainton, Ashton, Ufford, Pilsgate, Helpston & Tallington....

tickSpeed and Reliability;

Ultrafast broadband is delivered over a new, all fibre network with an individual fibre to each property eliminating the old copper networks reliability and speed problems.

BT is slowly installing fibre networks in the area (though rural villages like these are a low priority), but they are only using fibre as far as the BT box in the village. The connection will then rely on the old copper leads  from the box to individual houses. This will mean that anyone who is a long way from the box will find the same problems of reduced speed as they have now.

Gigaclear are installing fibre right to your home. That guarantees the same  fast speeds to each and every home that signs up.

tickPower throughout your Household

Gigaclear pure fibre broadband is unlimited, fast and symmetric. That means you can both download and upload at light speed, as much as you like, with everyone in your property able to do so at the same time. So if you are using Skype to talk to a far-away relative, whilst one child is watching catch-up TV and another is playing an online game, everyone will get the same fast speeds with no interruptions.

tickIncrease the value of your home

An excellent broadband service can add value to your property because people increasingly see fast broadband speeds as essential. With faster more reliable broadband, households can work, play, communicate and entertain at home;  they can reduce their commuting and travelling time by working from home part of the week.
There is the added benefit of getting to enjoy the millions of free to air online films, TV shows, CD’s and radio stations.

Gigaclear will bring truly ultrafast broadband to the eight villages in this area in early 2015 once they get 30% of the households from these villages to sign up, That's just 450 orders. Sign up Now to get yourself and your community amongst the best connected in the country.

Because the service will be fibre to your home, this will future-proof your broadband connection. This system will be able to cope with even faster speeds should you need them. This means that having this service will potentially increase the value of homes in our villages.

See how many people have signed-up here.

NB: Gigaclear don't take any money from you when you sign up... you will only start paying once they have installed your service.

tickFrom ONLY £37/month for UNLIMITED high speed Broadband

Ultrafast broadband at £37/month (plus you may add optional landline telephone for just £7/month with NO line rental). Why bother trying to guess what speeds and what costs you will end up with? (Connection fee and optional installation fee applies, for details click here)

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