Why you should sign up to Gigaclear... now!

Dear Villagers,
As one of the local people who have volunteered to promote the Gigaclear project in the interests of our communities since they began their presentations in our village halls in July, I would be grateful for the opportunity to explain why this opportunity should not be ignored. If the Gigaclear project does not go ahead, then the nine villages will miss out on a fantastic opportunity which may not come again. .

Why is Ultra-fast Broadband important?

Because in the future, maybe as little as 5 years, so much material will be moving about on the Internet that the old copper-limited infrastructure (which BT will continue to rely on until their last, sclerotic gasp) will not be able to handle it. For example, the BBC is planning to move BBC3 to Iplayer only (small loss, you may think) but they will not rule out the same thing happening to BBC4 (of which I happen to watch a lot). It’s the thin end of a wedge, in my opinion.

Soon, much of what you want to watch will only be viewable on a screen connected to the Internet, and if you don’t want to spend much of your time watching a spinning disc and the word “buffering” then you will need more bandwith and speed than you get now, or that BT can offer - a lot more. You might be OK if you live within spitting distance of any new cabinet BT might eventually put up in our villages, but remember that the stretch from the cabinet to your master phone socket is in the form of twisted pair of copper wires which may also be unscreened and is subject to the inverse square law in respect of cross-talk and signal loss. This means the bandwidth and speed of your data carrier falls at an exponential rate the further you are from the cabinet. In any given village, the more people who continue to rely on copper wires, the poorer will be their service because they will continue to be trying to transmit more and more data over wires with a finite capacity. It will not get better, only worse!

If we sign up with Gigaclear they will bring the fibre connection right to every home... not copper wires to slow the delivery.

On the Internet, everything gets fatter! Remember Moore’s Law? It says the power of computer chips doubles every 2 years. Add that to Parkinson’s Law (work expands to fill the time available) and you reach the inescapable conclusion that modern software’s appetite for storage and transmission capacity (a.k.a. bandwidth) is unquenchable.

Do you try to use Skype (or similar)? Think how much better it would be if the upload speed was the same as the download speed (and a lot faster than either are now!) With Gigaclear it will be..

Do you want to use the Cloud? Same applies.

How will our village school be affected? I understand that Information Technology is part of the curriculum. Are the children and staff supposed to settle for the old technology because of inertia? I have no children at primary school any more, but I do know that the village benefits in many ways from having a thriving school to which people desire to send their children. Why make it harder for the school? .

Why would it be important for someone who doesn’t use the Internet much? Some anecdotal evidence is starting to appear that people are starting to use the presence of a good broadband (good enough for working from home with equally good upload and download speeds) as a potential deal-breaker when considering the purchase of a house. Streets or villages with ropey broadband can find themselves being valued significantly less in comparison with other places. More likely, potential buyers will simply go elsewhere.

Everything I have said here is about data. I haven’t even mentioned telephone calls. When you add in the Vonage deal for Voice over the Internet, the Gigaclear offer becomes a “No Brainer”.

For anyone who regularly works from home either in their own business or using their employer’s secure portal, the benefits of Gigaclear’s symmetrical data transmission (same speed in both directions) becomes irresistible.

To all of you out there in the nine villages of Ashton, Bainton, Barnack, Helpston, Pilsgate, Southorpe and Ufford, plus Marholm and Tallington I say go to

http://gigaclear.com and sign up, if you have not already done so, and tell you neighbours to do the same. And if you are old enough to remember - tell Sid!

Yours faithfully, Roy Hinchliff,  Helpston