Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports for April 2012

Southorpe Parish Council

The Parish Council met on 7th January; all five Councillors, the Clerk and Cllr David Over were present.
The potholes reported in Main Street have now been repaired. The Highways Department has again advised that they are unable to agree to fund or part-fund the installation of kerbs outside the bungalows on Main Street as the cost of the works, including drainage, would be in excess of £10,000.
Jack Robinson gave an update on the Ward meeting held in February and outlined the grants made to villages in the Ward from the annual fund. After discussion, it was agreed that Southorpe should bid for a grant at the next meeting to prune the trees in the parish playing field.
Jubilee celebrations in the village were discussed and it was agreed that a village picnic will be held on the Bank Holiday weekend; Sunday 3rd June. A photographic record of the village in the Jubilee year will be undertaken and a bound copy made to be held with the Parish records; the possibility of making digital copies available to residents will be investigated.
Applications for tree works have been received for Ermine Lodge, The Old School House and High Farm; there are no objections.
The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 21st May 2012 at 6.30pm at Farrendon followed by the AGM and Annual Village Meeting. All residents are welcome to attend.

Bainton& Ashton Parish Council

The Parish council meeting held on 6 March was attended by 4 councillors and one member of the public.   The monthly financial report was noted and a letter received from Cllr Seaton in response to our concerns about the precept was read.    Planning applications had been received for The Barn, Highfield Road, Ashton, Berry Cottage Ashton and Jubilee Cottages Bainton.   There were no objections.   
It was also agreed to support a planning application for a shed on the Allotments.    Registration of the Washdyke is proceeding and it was agreed to proceed with further maintenance work.   The council agreed to find out the cost of changing grit bin colour in Ashton at the request of a resident and  are currently awaiting response from planning department re placing of satellite dishes in a conservation area.
It was agreed that Cllrs Totten and Morrice would work on (another!)  Neighbourhood plan as requested to be submitted to the PCC by 24 March.    The villages in the Barnack ward would be working together on this as well.
A leaflet will be circulated re forthcoming Parish Council elections asking for nominations.   The dates of the meetings for 2012/2013 were agreed.
The full minutes can be seen on the Bainton Reading room site under Parish Council
Date of next meeting :   Tuesday 3 April.      Date of the Annual Meeting: Tuesday 8 May

Ufford Parish Council Meeting on March 13th 2012

1. Stables application at Compass barn.  The meeting was attended by Peter Moules, the developer, and 4 neighbours.  The third set of plans was discussed.  UPC is still objecting to the proposed development because it is outside the village envelope and within the conservation area.  It would also have an unacceptable impact on the occupiers of neighbouring properties.  However it was suggested that the machinery store be separated from the other buildings and located west of the double garage.  The stable block could then be hidden behind the double garage.  This compromise is being suggested to the new owners and the PCC planning department.
2. Marholm Road junctions.  More near-misses have been reported and PCC will again be asked to install Halt signs.
3. The Jubilee plans are underway and will be announced shortly.
4. Two new glass-fronted notice boards will be installed soon on the sides of the bus shelters so that residents will be kept informed of village events and will be able to ask one of the councillors to display their notices and posters.
5.    Starting with the April/May issue, Ufford residents will receive a copy of Helpston’s Village Tribune.  It is free, in colour, a good read and packed with articles of general interest.  Residents will be invited to send in Ufford news and information about future events as well as articles for publication.  We are looking for 3 or 4 volunteers to deliver copies to houses on Walcot Road and Main Street.  Please let Frieda  (740343) know if you could help.