Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Notices from May 2012 Magazine

Report on the Ufford Parish Council Meeting on April 10 2012

1.    Faster broadband connection.  UPC supports the City Council initiative to extend this to the rural areas.

2.    Jubilee celebrations.  All households will by now have received information about the Village Barn Dance and UPC agreed to donate £500 to support this event.  There are posters in the village advertising the Family Day at the White Hart on the Sunday.

3.    There will be no election for parish councillors in Ufford on May 3rd as Ian Snaith and Nick Vergette did not stand for re-election, leaving Marian Browne, Keith Lievesley and Frieda Gosling to continue as parish councillors.  There are 2 vacancies and we hope to co-opt two more councillors so we hope all residents will consider taking up this challenge.  It is a most rewarding way of serving the local community.  Anyone interested should apply to the Clerk for an application form before May 1st.

4.    Control of speeding traffic through the village.  This is the top priority for most residents and without doubt the Speedwatch cameras, which rotate through the villages in the Ward, act as a deterrent.  This service, provided by the volunteers who operate the cameras, is greatly appreciated and new volunteers would be very welcome.  Please let one of the councillors know if you are interested.

5.    Verge on Ufford Hill.  We have all enjoyed the daffodils again and we  wish to remind you that  we expect the verge to be cut next month but after that only the edges will be cut until the end of the season.  This is part of our wildlife corridors strategy.  Who can identify and list the greatest number of wild flowers on this verge between May 1st and the end of August? 

6.    A “Developer`s Charter”?  The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was issued by the government in March 2012, stating clearly that its aims were sustainable development, growth and more rural jobs, struck terror in rural communities across the country.  Peterborough City Council has issued a reassuring strategy statement.

It will:
•    Protect open spaces
•    Protect our countryside
•    Define clearly on a map where development can and cannot take place
•    Encourage sustainable transport
•    Require high quality and energy efficient new homes.

The City Council sees no reason to amend its current strategy following the publication of the NPPF.  This means that we can continue to protect our listed buildings, conservation areas, nature reserves and so on, applying the guidelines in our treasured Design and Development document, which is designated as Supplementary Planning Guidance and thought to be the only one in England!