Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports from June 2012

Report on the Ufford Parish Meeting

The annual meeting  on May 12th was attended by 24 residents.  Marian reported on an excellent year for UPC, with new equipment such as the laptop, projector and screen for displaying plans in the Village Hall, 2 new Village Noticeboards and broadband connection for the Village Hall, all paid for by external funding.  A Report from the Village Hall committee was read by Marian and Chris Parker gave a report on the Cricket Club, which has also had a very good year.
David King gave a presentation on the Speedwatch Scheme and those attending voted unanimously for the continuation of this scheme in Ufford.  Another two volunteers would be most welcome.  Please let one of the councillors know if you would like to volunteer for this valuable service. 
Robin Morrison, our parish clerk, then demonstrated our new Village Website which can be accessed at www://  It is intended to be a community website and is still very much work in progress.  It will rely on everyone contributing information and news for inclusion.

Report on UPC Annual Meeting on 15th:
• Marian Browne stood down as she has served for 4 years as Chairman and Keith Lievesley was elected as the new chairman.  Ian Snaith and Nick Vergette did not stand for re-election but we are hoping to co-opt 2 new members before the next meeting.
• Concern was expressed about the height of the plants in the verge on the hill following the record-breaking rainfall this spring.    It  was pointed out that the last of the daffodils only finished flowering a week ago and it is normal garden practice to allow the leaves of bulbs to die down before the grass is cut.  The contractors have now been asked to come to cut the verge as soon as they can but this may mean that we lose all our daffodils next spring.  The parish council is considering withdrawing from the Enterprse service next year and employing its own contractor.  For years we have complained about village grass being cut too frequently and too short, resulting in bare patches of earth.  The strimmers used by the PCC grass cutters have damaged the tree trunks so badly so they may die prematurely.
• Keith is writing to our MP to ask him to try to ensure that rural areas such as ours, do not get left out of Superfast Broadband.
• Please send Frieda details if you have any problems in booking on Call Connect.

Family Day to celebrate 100 years of Nature Reserves on Sun June 17th

It is just 100 years since the banker and naturalist, Charles Rothschild, pioneered England’s first nature reserves.  He produced a list of the 100 best wildlife sites in the country and this included Swaddywell .
T he event is being organised by the Wildlife Trust, Langdyke Trust, Natural England and John Clare Cottage.  It is being held at Swaddywell Pit Nature Reserve and starts at 11am and lasts until 3pm.  Admission is free but donations will be welcome.  Parking is  next to Stamford Stone on Marholm Road.
Attractions include guided walks, pond dipping, moth counts, quizzes and games, a John Clare inspired poetry competition, an opportunity to enter a national species-naming competition. No refreshments will be served on site but visitors can visit the Granary at Willowbrook Farm opposite.

An Appreciation: June Woollard retired Chairman of Barnack & Pilsgate PC

Barnack and Pilsgate is an incredibly lucky village. It always seems to have the right people in the right place at the right time for whatever needs doing, from fighting quarries to raising funds, creating a Bowls club to renovating the Village Hall. The list is endless and never more so than during June’s chairmanship.  She has achieved so much for the village from road calming to improving the cemetery, fighting on our behalf for sensible planning decisions, to tree planting and conservation, Village design statements, to fighting for, and getting, a Police House but sadly losing it again in the current spending cuts.  But again the list is endless.
During June’s chairmanship we have seen so many changes in the village. However I am sure everyone has a particular memory of what June has achieved for the Village as Chairman of the Parish Council.
She has often remarked to me how hard my Father had to fight to have the Kingsley Estate laid out so well and I in turn know how much time she has put in and how hard she has had to fight to ensure that the large expansion and development down the Uffington Road is built to a high and sympathetic standard.  It is and will remain a testament to all those hours spent trying to get it right.  We could have had no one more suited to battle on our behalf.
But surely a wonderful finale to her Chairmanship has been making it possible to obtain funding, and seeing through the building of the Barnack Sports Pavilion.  I think very few people are aware that this would never have materialised without June’s persistence and hard work.
The whole village owes her a tremendous vote of thanks for her tireless work, whether it has been popular or not, it has always been for the good of the village and I for one have been a great admirer of her achievements.
I hope June, that you will remain on the Parish Council for a long time to come so that we can still benefit from your years of wisdom and knowledge.Harry Brassey 

Barnack Parish Council

To encourage the growth of wild flowers, the grass verges between the footpath and the walls on Stamford Road, Bainton Road, and between Uffington Road and the War Memorial on the school wall side and the bank from the crossroad to The Drift in Wittering Road will not be cut this year.

The wide verge between Barnack and Pilsgate will only be cut when the opposite side verge is cut.  The verges that are being mown will be left for 3-4 weeks between cuts.  There will be no strimmers used by the contractors in Barnack or Pilsgate this year except for the banks in School Road and Wittering Roads. Strimming was tearing up the grass roots and leaving bare soil, which then just washed away in the wet weather. This whole programme will be monitored through the summer to ensure there are no problems.
The AGM held on Mon 14 May 2012 was attended by 5 members of the council, Cllr Over, 4 members of the public and the Clerk.  Mr Roxburgh was nominated as Chairman and Mr Brassey as Vice Chairman. 

The appointment of an Internal Auditor, and the nomination of a member to serve on the Poors Estate and Barnack Ward Group were proposed and approved.  The mowing contractors will continue, along with the annual subscriptions for ACRE, SLCC and CALC, and the insurance company.  The Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Risk Assessments were approved, although there will be a few alterations to the Standing Orders and these will be reissued to Parish Council members.

During the general meeting, it was discussed that the Environmental Agency should be chased for their comments regarding the water being wasted from the pumping station at Uffington Road.  A letter will be sent to Cross Keys Homes to ask for an additional post on the footpath in Little Northfields to stop vehicles parking on the verge.  Plans have been received regarding the new kerbs for the bus stop on Bainton Road.  The annual social event will be arranged for 24 Sept  2012.  The planning officer will be invited to a future P C  meeting to discuss the changes to the planning policy. A discussion was raised regarding the exit to the slip road from the B1443 to the C40.  It was designed to slow vehicles down, but some feel it is too sharp to safely exit the slip road without entering the wrong side of the road. 

Residents should also register their interest for super fast broadband in the area.  If there is not enough interest in the rural area, the funds will be spent in Peterborough, and if not there, then in Cambridge.  The Village Tribune has been issued, but it is felt that it is not required in this area.  Approval was received to fell 1 Ornamental Cypress tree at 3 Kingsley Close, Barnack.  Refusal notification was received regarding the construction of a new stone four-bed dwelling at open space, Pudding Bag Lane, Pilsgate.  
Plans were received for comments from 5 Owen Close, Barnack, for the construction of a two storey front and side extension and single storey front extension, and from Hillside, Wittering Road, Barnack for the felling of 2 Cypress trees. There were no objections for either.  Financial reports and payments were approved.  An application has been received for an additional inscription on an existing memorial for Hugh James Gray.  This was approved.  For the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, leaflets have been distributed to all properties.  Tickets to Walcot Hall are on sale from all committee members.

The Jubilee tree will be planted on the War Memorial triangle.  A report was received from PCSO Moore for Barnack, Pilsgate, Bainton and Ashton over an undisclosed period.  More detailed and relevant information will be requested in future.  The Fix-It-Van will be asked to sweep out and disinfect the bus stop and to litter pick.  The footpath by the bus stop in Pilsgate needs to be cleared and will be reported to Highways.  Although the contractors have been asked to leave some of the verges (see separate notice), they will be asked to cut the verge at the cross roads at Wittering Road as it is causing poor visibility. 

Each Parish Councillor has been allocated an area of responsibility, however, residents can report any issue to any council member and they will then contact the appropriate person to action/bring to the next meeting.  Future meetings will have the Public Forum earlier in the evening. 

The next meeting is on Mon  11 June 2012 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  All  welcome.  A full copy of these minutes are on the village notice boards. 

Connecting Cambridgeshire Launches New Broadband Campaign

A major campaign launched on Tuesday 8 May 8 urges residents and businesses to do their bit to help secure superfast broadband for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  Superfast broadband will help boost local businesses and the economy, reduce isolation in rural communities and help improve health and access to services.  Councils from across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough as well as the Government are investing millions of pounds in the Connecting Cambridgeshire project, but to secure vital support from broadband providers Cambridgeshire and Peterborough needs residents and businesses to simply click and show them we want improved broadband. The more people that register the fact they want superfast broadband the more chance of it being delivered. 
Please register at
Those that do not have internet access can register using paper forms from libraries and council offices.