Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Notices from August 2012

Report for Barnack Parish Council
The meeting held on Monday 9 July 2012 in the Wilfrid Wood Hall was attended by Mr H Brassey (Vice Chairman), Mr E Barker, Mr I Crowson, Mr D Laycock, Dr M Palmer, Mrs J Woollard, PCSO L Moore, 6 members of the public and Mrs R McCallum (Parish Clerk).   The minutes from 11 June 2012 were approved.  At the open forum, residents commented on the slip road from the B1443 to the C40.  It needs to remain narrow to ensure vehicles do not speed out of the exit, nor have to go on the opposite side of the road when pulling out.  A meeting will be arranged, including residents, to discuss this again with Peterborough City Council.
Quotes will be obtained for ramps on the C40.  The second traffic survey on the C40 will be chased.  It was felt that the Speedwatch boards should be used more to slow drivers down.  Suggestions of painting 30 signs on the road and repeater signs throughout the village would help.  The danger of the junction off the A1 into Barnack was raised again.  The Highways Authority have dismissed changing the slip road previously, but this will be readdressed, and kept on top of.  The trees on Wittering Ford Road need to be cut back as they are meeting in the middle.  A green bin will be requested on the footpath between Barnack and Pilsgate for litter and dog waste. 
The school will be sent further correspondence regarding the youths using the dry play area after 5.00 pm.  Dr Palmer had a look at possible routes for the footpath from Pilsgate to Stamford, and it is being investigated further.  Dr Palmer surveyed the road verges.  There are some that are overgrown and tall, and there are plenty of wild flowers growing.  A mowing schedule and a map will be provided to note the verges that need to be left. 
Planning approval was received for the construction of two storey front and side extension, and single storey front extension at 5 Owen Close, Barnack.  Applications received for comments were, for the relocation of wildlife corridor along north and west boundaries of development site approved through reserved matters 09/00464/REM (Residential development consisting of 41 dwellings with associated roads and sewers) at land opposite The Acres, Uffington Road, Barnack.  This needs to be a double hedge, and asked how they will be maintained.  The hedge needs to be kept and must not be cut down by residents.  As agreed in the original plans, wire fencing is at the end of the garden,  followed by the double conservation hedge, then rabbit fencing; also for the construction of 2 classrooms to rear, 2 new access doors, transfer of canopy, and cedar ship lap cladding to front at Barnack C of E School, School Road, Barnack.  There were also no objections; for the proposed link between main dwelling and annex building to form dining room and library at 1 Kingsley House, Bishops Walk, Barnack.  A suggestion was for glass to be placed in the roof or in the extension so that the light still comes through the top storey windows. 
The payments, receipts, bank reconciliation and budget control were proposed and to be approved.   The autumn planning schedule was discussed, along with future plans for the Barnack Ward Group funds.  At the Neighbourhood Committee meeting, bidding for funds will take place.  A request will be made for funds towards traffic calming on the C40, B1443 and Uffington Road.  PCSO Moore reported that there had been 3 crimes reported in Barnack and Pilsgate since 1 June to date, and 12 calls for service.  Footpaths on the B1443 need to be cleared, the bus shelter on Stamford Road needs to be replaced, the debris around the new building on Orchard Road needs to be cleared, the manhole cover at the bottom of Bishops Walk will be reported again, along with the faulty street light outside 1 Canon Drive.  The school play area is being used outside of the agreed opening hours.  If there are nuisance youths in there after hours, the advice is to call 101 each time for the police to attend.  A letter will be sent to Cambridgeshire Constabulary and the School Governors so that they are aware of the situation. 
The next meeting is on Monday 13 August 2012 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall for the Village Assembly.  All are welcome.  Full copies of these minutes are displayed on the village notice boards. 

Report on UPC Meeting on July 10th
The meeting was attended by Nick Harding, Group Manager, Peterborough City Council.
1.    Explanation of policy of Planning Enforcement:
•    Action should only be taken if approval would not have been given or if conditions would have not have been imposed.
•    Transgressors may be encouraged to submit an application for their own legal security.
•    It was confirmed that PCC vigorously supports village envelopes.
In the discussion which followed it was pointed out that some applicants make serial retrospective planning applicants and give the impression that they can get away with anything, causing resentment by the parish council and neighbours, who feel that they have been denied the opportunity to comment and express objections.  Recent experiences do not confirm PCC`s support for either the village envelope or the Conservation Area.
2.     Footpaths.  Please let Frieda know if there are any missing signs or broken stiles and this will be reported to Enterprise Peterborough.
3.    Speedwatch.  A survey in June recorded that 20% of cars in the village in a sample of 200, exceeded 34mph.  If a site can be found at the northern end of Main Street, it was agreed that UPC should apply for funding for a Vehicle Operated Speed Sign.
4.    Vegetation overhanging  footways.  Residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to cut it back.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday August 14th in the Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm.