Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Minutes August 2013

Bainton & Ashton Parish Council

Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at 7.45 pm.
1.    Environment.
a.    Village Maintenance (to include: Pavements & Highways, Street Lights & Furniture, Grass Cutting, Playground, Washdyke and Trees). Stone wall alongside the pavement on Barnack Road, Bainton, needs repair and although the owner’s agent has been informed; nothing has happened. It was Agreed to inform Peterborough City Council.
i.    Repair and Re-positioning of Bench on Bainton Green Road. It was Agreed to accept Claude N. Smith’s quote and proceed with repair of the bench.
ii.    Peterborough City Council Natural Environment Project Grant. It was Agreed to apply for funds to enable maintenance and improvements to the Washdyke. Action – Richard Harris.
iii.    Registration of new Mower. It was Agreed to carry out registration so that the mover may be driven on public highways. Action – Graham Fletcher.
iv.    Cutting of Verges. It was Agreed to maintain the present cutting plan and to pay Councillors to carry out the work at the rate previously paid, until a contractor can be found.
2.    Planning.
a.    Changes to the Planning System: PCC letter of 24/06/13.
b.    13/00740/HHFUL, Westfields, Barnack Road, Bainton. Application for alterations to dwelling and garage. It was Agreed to make a comment to Peterborough City Council on ensuring preservation of public footpath running alongside the property. c.    13/00862/LBC, Manor Farm, Highfield Road, Ashton. Application to replace windows with French doors. No Comment.
d.    13/00401/LBC, Gamekeepers Cottage, Highfield Road, Ashton. Application to mount Borocilicate Glass Tubes, refused.
e.    13/00841/HHFUL, Westlands, Ufford Road, Bainton. Application for Bay Window.
No comment.
3.    Date of next meeting.  7.45pm 6th August 2013.

Meeting of Barnack Parish Council

The Village Hall, Barnack on Monday 8th July at 7.30 pm.
1    Open Forum.
a.    Barnack School premises:
i.    Several residents discussed their complaints about noisy and unruly behaviour by young persons out of School hours.
ii.    Example: persons were on the School field from 6pm until 1030pm on one evening during week commencing 1/7/13 and until 11.40pm on 6/7/13, on the latter occasion the police were telephoned three times but did not arrive.
iii.    The Meeting was reminded; The Village Information Leaflet states, ‘that the gates will be locked at night’ and that, ‘use of the premises is a privilege that can be withdrawn.’
iv.    Persons were also observed throwing water around in the pre-school area.
v.    On many occasions persons were gaining access and using the enclosed hard play area for a variety of purposes, including noisy and rowdy behaviour.  It seems that security of this area is easily bypassed.
vi.    A local resident kept a log of invasion of the hard play area during a 10 day period and recorded 8 separate episodes.
vii.    The School Head Teacher says, the Caretaker cannot deal with this on his own.
viii.    Phil Broughton offered to discuss the issue with the school and David Laycock offered to speak to the Youth Club leader.
ix.    Contact to be made with PCSO Lorraine Moore to update her on the current situation and to ask for positive policing. 
b.    Slip road by War Memorial: Discussion on junction, damage to cars and incidence of near misses by traffic approaching from the direction of Walcot Road. It was suggested that a meeting of Councillors and Residents be arranged with PCC Highways Department.
c.    Slip road by War Memorial: Question on replacing thistles with wild flowers next to stone wall near slip road. Margaret Palmer suggested that if permission was obtained, seeds purchased with funds from a grant as per Minute item 7b could be used.
d.    It was suggested that an advertisement appealing for Speed Watch volunteers be placed in the local press.
e.    A1 slip road/Green Drift: Discussion on hazardous nature of junction. It was suggested that a letter is written to PCC Highways Department.
2    Matters Arising.
a.    Police patrol request for School premises out of hours. Although PCSO Lorraine Moore had stated that the School grounds would be included in ASB patrols, no Police or PCSO presence has been detected during the past month.
b.    Bus Shelter at the Terrace. It was Agreed to research the cost of shelters.
3    Planning:
a.    Peterborough City Council: Changes to the Planning System (sent to Councillors by email 26/06/13)
b.    Paynes Field: Report by Margaret Palmer: James Fisher, PCC Wildlife Officer is to discuss with David Wilson Homes and PCC planning Department in an attempt to rectify the misplaced Wildlife Zone.
c.    13/00850/HHFUL, Extension at 21 Bainton Road, Barnack. It was Agreed not to Comment.
d.    13/00159/FUL, Construction of right of way for pedestrians and cyclists, to include gates, fencing and surfacing. Comments made by: Natural England; want bat boxes installed. PCC Drainage department has stated; planning permission (at a cost of £50.00) is required for Culverts. PCC planning department said, that planning permission for the footpath is not now required and to apply for refund of fees already paid.
It was Agreed to seek an engineer to draw up plans of the proposed Culverts and pay the necessary fees. Proposed by Ivor Crowson. Seconded by Phil Broughton.
e.    13/00977?CTR, Rowan House, Station Road, Reduce Cypress. Councillors to send their comments to the Clerk for submission to PCC Planning Department.
4    Cemetery Matters
a.    To Agree Cemetery Rules. Wording Agreed. Clerk to circulate to Councillors for confirmation.
b.    To Agree Maintenance priorities. It was Agreed to form a Cemetery Working Group comprising: Margaret Palmer, Harry Brassey, Phil Broughton and Brian Palmer.
c.    To Agree Bench model, supplier, installer and fee for plot. To be discussed and reported on by the Cemetery Working Group.
d.    Wildflower area. Report on wildflower area in Cemetery by Margaret Palmer.
5    Highways and Village Matters - For Clerk to address issues raised by the Councillors.
a.    Pavement between 4 Canon Drive and Saxon Road needs urgent repair.
b.    Drain covers: In the square, seating has sun,. Pudding Bag Lane junction with Stamford Road – rattling when driven over.
c.    Lime trees at the Limes need trimming. It was Agreed to speak to the  land owner.
d.     Lime tree at junction of Bishops walk path/Walcot Road overhanging pavement.
e.    21 Uffington Road, Vegetable stall, is this legal?
6    Pilsgate Footpath: Opening Ceremony plans for 25th October 2013.
7    Open Forum.
a.    Weighbridge Office at station yard: is it possible to renovate it? Clerk to contact Jim Daley to explore possibilities. Action – Clerk.
8    Date of Next Meeting: Monday 12th August 2013 at 7.30 pm.

Ufford Parish Council Meeting 9 July

Members received an informal presentation by an architectural representative of the owners of Compass Barns outlining proposals for a tennis court, garage space above an underground gym and a “lake”. After a robust discussion councillors expressed their opposition to the plans as the proposed developments are outside the village envelope and, as such, would set a very unwelcome precedent. Members noted the Government’s amendment to permitted development rights which allow larger extensions to be built.
Because of the problems with planning committee cycles the City’s Planning Committee has delegated action on all such cases to officers. Parish Councils will be excluded from the process.
Frieda Gosling raised the difficulty of finding new sites for future planting schemes. The Chairman suggested the missing hedgerow at the top of Lambpit Drift and Frieda agreed that this is a good opportunity worth pursuing with landowners. The seat at the bottom of Lambpit Drift has been damaged for some time and it was agreed to let a contract to repair it.
The Ward Meeting on 18 June had discussed the ongoing review of Wards in the City Council area by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. Gillian Beesley, the City Council’s Chief Executive, gave a presentation on the background and on the proposal to attach parishes to the east of the East Coast Mainline and west of the A1 to Barnack Ward to produce an enhanced unit. Members expressed their opposition as the current Ward meets a number of the review’s key criteria and expansion would undermine its unity and make the Ward members’ job extremely difficult. A further meeting with Gillian to discuss a number of issues will be followed by a formal submission from the Ward Group.
There was a brief discussion of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan and Keith Lievesley and Frieda Gosling produced a draft list of issues for Ufford which will form the basis of a contribution to a wider discussion at the next Ward Group meeting. Keith Lievesley reported on the latest information on the Superfast Broadband Project. The Project Team announced that in the City area the initial roll-out will be into Hampton and Fengate, with Ufford/Barnack ward not benefitting until 2015. He had written to Councillor David Seaton, who leads for the City Council on this issue, to point out, first, that Hampton and Fengate are commercial opportunities and don’t require subsidy and, second, that as the main residential focus of high-grade business executives and professionals, a group the City claims it wishes to attract, Barnack Ward should have a higher priority.
Finally, a grant of £250 to Ufford Park Cricket Club was approved.