Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports September 2013

Meeting of Bainton and Ashton Parish Council

held at  The Reading Room on Tuesday 6th August 2013 at 7.45 pm.
1.    Environment.
a.    Village Maintenance.
i.    New Notice board to be located at the front side of Reading Room.  Agreed.
ii.    Speed sign on Barnack Road partially obscured by bush which needs to be trimmed (Action - Helen Watts)
iii.    Playground grass to be cut this week.
iv.    Stone Wall adjacent to pavement on Barnack Road. Request made for owner (agent is Richardsons) to be contacted to hasten repair work. Action - Clerk.
v.    Quote to be obtained from a Handyman for repairs to flower bed surround in Playground. Action - Nicola Clough.
2.    Other items.
a.    Ward boundary changes. Richard Harris briefed Councillors on outcome of ward meeting with Gillian Beasley, Chief Executive of PCC. Briefing documents distributed to Councillors with a request for any input from Councillors to be passed to him by the end of August so that resulting document can be ready for next council meeting. Action – All.
b.    Parish Office building. It was Agreed to contact owners and ascertain if they are willing to sell old telephone exchange buildings for use as a Parish office/shop/facility. Action - Clerk.
c.    Village Organisations.
i.    It was Agreed to request organisations to bid for available Council precept money for identified and costed projects. Bids should be accompanied by the organisations’ most recent accounts, so that the Council may assess need. Action – Clerk.
3.    Date of next meeting: Tuesday 3rd September 2013 at 7.45pm.

Barnack Parish Council Meeting

The Village Hall, Barnack, on Mon12th Aug
1    Open Forum.
a.    Cat’s Eyes reflectors: approximately 20 missing from road centre line on B1443 between Bainton and Pilsgate Lodges, Burghley. PCC to be advised. Action – Clerk.
b.    Hard Play area at School: thanks were expressed by a resident for action by the Police and Parish Councillors in preventing recent out of hours use.
c.    Post Office: A letter advising cessation of trading has been received from the proprietors.
i.    They stated that they would advise a closing date when known.
ii.    A reply will be sent, expressing the Council’s sadness and its belief that a shop is important to the village. Proprietors to be advised that the Council will investigate options for a future village shop, which will include publicity requesting expressions of interest. Action – Clerk.
iii.    PCC Planning Department to be contacted for information on possible change of use application. Action – Clerk.
iv.    Item to be placed in the Parish News and Village Tribune asking for parties interested in operating such a business or providing premises to contact the Council.
v.    Letter to be sent to the Millstone Inn’s owners informing them of the situation.
d.    School playing field:
i.    Continued disturbances. Example: Incidence of out of hours use at 9.15pm on 11th August was not reported to the police because a resident could not make contact on the 101 number.
ii.    101 service automated reply states, length of queue, which keeps growing.
iii.    101 service is not effective because residents cannot get through, ever.
iv.    It was suggested that the Head Teacher and School Governors meet with the Council to discuss the issue
v.    A letter will be sent to David Pennell, Burghley Estates to request records of conditions of use of School grounds.

2    Police Report. By PCSO Lorraine Moore: Anti-Social Behaviour Patrol is attempting to make visits to the School grounds. Residents should continue to use the 101 number. No crimes were recorded in the area during the past month except for theft of diesel from vehicle on A1, the perpetrators were apprehended.

3    Matters Arising.
b.    Slip road by War Memorial, traffic incidents and damage to vehicles. Awaiting visit by PCC.
c.    Verge by Slip road by War Memorial, planting proposals. Margaret Palmer to sow wild flower seed mix in the autumn, using seeds left over from other sowings.
d.    A1/Green Drift junction. Advised by PCC to conduct survey and contact Highways Agency.
e.    Pilsgate pumping station, weed growth onto neighbouring property. Confusion on exact title of station, Clerk to contact Anglian Water again. Action – Clerk.
f.    Bus Stop adjacent to the Terrace, replacement Bus Shelter. Item carried over to allow funding investigations.
g.    Pavement on Canon Drive, needing resurfacing. Awaiting visit by PCC.
h.    Drain Covers, Stamford Road, Pilsgate and The Square. Awaiting visit by PCC.
i.    Lime trees, overhanging pavement on Walcot Road. Awaiting visit by PCC.
j.    21 Uffington Road, Vegetable Stall. Awaiting response by Cross Keys homes.
k.    Weighbridge Office at Station Yard. Reply received from PCC; building has no status unless a ‘use’ can be found. It was agreed to contact the owner, Richard Bee and seek permission to carry out some maintenance to preserve the fabric of the building by a team of volunteers. Action – Clerk.

4    Correspondence:
a.    Police and Crime Commissioner Consultation. It was agreed to respond and point out that the 101 service is inoperable, which is causing under reporting and misleading crime statistics. The standard response when complaints are made about lack of police action on the school grounds out of hours usage problems – ‘please use the 101 service. Action – Clerk.

5    Planning:
a.    13/01080/LBC, Old Corner House, Main Street. Replacement roof tiles. (sent to Councillors by email 25/07/13)  It was Noted that the work has been completed. So no further action is required.
b.    13/00999/CTR, Ridgeway, Stamford Road. Fell one Cherry Tree. It was Agreed to make no objections.
c.    Paynes Field. Awaiting action from PCC on Wildlife Corridor, it was Agreed to progress chase. Action – Clerk.
d.    13/00159/FUL, Construction of right of way for pedestrians and cyclists, to include gates, fencing and surfacing. Pilsgate Footpath; Consent granted for construction of culverts. Planning permission is not required.

6    Cemetery Matters
a.    To Agree Maintenance priorities. Harry Brassey reported:
i.    Apart from the wildflower area to the rear of the Cemetery, approximately 6 rose bushes could be planted between the cherry trees alongside the central path.
ii.    Many graves and surrounds are in need of restoration.
iii.    Iron railings and pillars at the front of the Cemetery need maintenance.
iv.    A list of requirements is to be drawn up and submitted to the Council.
v.    It was also Agreed to seek a person to produce a plan of the Cemetery and to pay a fee for the work. b.    To Agree Bench model, supplier, installer and fee for plot. To be included in the list of requirements. c.    Wildflower area. As item 10a. above. d.    To Agree amendment to Cemetery Rules: description of planting intentions.  Revised wording Agreed.
e.    Capital funds. Explanation of funds available for capital projects in the Cemetery during the current year.

7    Reports from Meetings Attended.
a.    Barnack Ward Group meeting of 30/07/13. Report on meeting by David Roxburgh;
i.    Awaiting expression of intent by other parishes to maintain existing ward boundaries.
ii.    Parishes and local organisations to apply individually to make arguments.
iii.    Next meeting on this topic to be held on 2nd October 2013.
b.    Ward Boundary changes. As item 12a above. c.    North West Rural Police Panel Meeting of 11/07/13. Report by Eddie Barker and David Laycock.
i.    April to June 2013 local crime figures 5.8% of North West Rural area total.
ii.    There are currently 19 Pcsos serving the area and this is being cut to 16.
iii.    Speeding vehicles is an issue for all parishes.
iv.    Next meeting 14 October 2013.

8    Highways and Village Matters - For Clerk to address issues raised by the Councillors.
a.    Bus service to Kings School. Delaine bus timetable being altered to ensure pupils from ward villages arrive at school on time..
b.    Multi Use Games Area, discussion on proposed new site.

9    Pilsgate Footpath. The following was noted:
a.    Letters of appointment to contractors to be sent out this week.
b.    Construction to commence on 16 September, harvesting permitting.
c.    Ringway (principal contractor) will manage whole project.
d.    Opening ceremony on 25th October.
10    Draft Traffic Calming Plan. Report by David Roxburgh: meeting planned between Victoria Tyers, PCC; Eddie Barker and David Roxburgh to draw up a costed plan. Noted.
11    Parish Action Plan. Item carried over to next meeting. David Roxburgh and Margaret Palmer to meet and consolidate the plan for publication.

12    Environment.
a.    Planting Proposals by Margaret Palmer.  (sent to Councillors by email 30/07/13)
It was Agreed that expenditure of up to £500.00 could be made to action the proposals. Proposed by Harry Brassey and Seconded by Eddie Barker.
b.    Hills and Holes visitor survey. Margaret Palmer reported a large response so far.

13    Date of Next Meeting: Monday 9th September 2013 at 7.30 pm.