Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports October 2013

Southorpe Parish Council

The Parish Council met on 9th September; all five Councillors, the Clerk and Cllr David Over were present.
Cllr Over outlined the local government boundary review process for Peterborough and stated that he would welcome support for Barnack being designated a single Councillor Ward. The process would be discussed further at the next Ward Group meeting. He advised of a new App (Fault Reporter) that could be used to report to PCC on potholes etc.
A report was provided on the recent Ward Group meetings. A Planning Officer from PCC had given a presentation on Neighbourhood Plans and the Ward Group had decided that drawing up such a plan for the Ward was not necessary. A Community Action Plan would though be constructed with each Parish providing a draft detailing their priorities and wishes within their village, these would be amalgamated into one document to be sent to PCC. A draft plan for Southorpe had been sent to Cllr Over. Gillian Beesley, PCC, had given a report on the Boundary Review process and timetable. The Pilsgate to Burghley path plans were reported to still be ongoing and more footpath routes to join up current paths were still being sought

Village Matters.
Edward Elwood reported that the village picnic held in July had been well attended and enjoyed by village residents. Thanks were expressed to Pip and Ray Parker and to all those who had helped organise the event. It was agreed that a Bonfire Party would be held on 5th November subject to the Finance Officer being able to arrange suitable insurance cover.
As funds are available in the Parish Environment Fund and through the Community Leadership Fund for environmental and community projects, replacement of the picnic benches was discussed. Councillors agreed to consider further appropriate projects and report back at the next meeting.
Correspondence.: Forest for Peterborough – Peterborough Environment City Trust. PCC wished to identify sites for tree planting, after discussion it was agreed that no land in the Parish was presently suitable.
Cambridgeshire Police & Crime Commissioner –  An Outreach Worker has been appointed by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire, she wished to know the level and type of communication required by the Parish. The Clerk is to advise that the Parish would like a written update on the Commissioner’s policy on rural policing.
PCC Natural Environment Project Grants 2013/14 - Grants are again available for up to £225. It was decided that any application would be considered once suitable projects had been  debated.

Planning applications: Stud Farm – Amendment to application for the erection of a single detached dwelling 13/00948/FUL.  Comments have already been made by the Parish Council on the original application including the position of the house being too close to the road. The applicants have revised the application to site the house further back from the road. No objections were raised.

Finance Report. David Edwards presented the financial report as at 9th September 2013.
The next meeting will take place on 9th December 2013 at 7.30pm at Mason’s Cottage. All residents are welcome to attend.

Bainton & Ashton Parish Council

Chairman, Graham Fletcher  01780 740034
Vice Chairman, Richard Harris   01780 740886
Councillor, Nicola Clough  01780 740043
Councillor, Wendy Jackson  01780 749154
Councillor, Helen Watts    07719 134858
Councillor, Phil Broughton, 01780 740379, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Clerk Robin Morrison   07944 054546
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summary of the Minutes of a Meeting of Bainton and Ashton Tuesday 3rd September 2013 at 7.45 pm.

1.    Environment.: a.    Village Maintenance (to include: Pavements & Highways, Street Lights & Furniture, Grass Cutting, Playground, Washdyke and Trees).
i.    Repairs to Playground perimeter bank. Quote obtained by Nicola Clough, cost of materials and labour £188.97. It was Agreed to proceed with the work. Action – Nicola Clough.
ii.    Grass cutting: It was Agreed to obtain quotes from three contractors. Action – Graham Fletcher.  iii.    Street Light on corner by Old Bakery – cover loose. Reported to PCC by Richard Harris.
iv.    30 mph sign on Tallington Road entering Bainton obscured by vegetation. Reported by Richard Harris.
v.    Registration of mower for road use is necessary so that it may be moved without loading onto a trailer. Action – Clerk.
2.    Planning.
a.    13/00841/HHFUL, Westlands, Ufford Road, Construction of bay window. Permitted. Noted.
b.    13/00740/HHFUL, Westfields, Barnack Road, Alterations to dwelling. Permitted.
c.    13/01163/TRE, Minerva House, Ufford Road, Consultation on Preserved Trees.
d.    13/01206/CLE, The Barn Haulage Depot, Helpston Road, Consultation on Certificate of Lawfulness. It was Agreed to write and raise Councillor’s concerns.
3.    Other items: a.    Parish Office building. Discussion on response by owners of old exchange buildings and the fact that they were prepared to consider selling the site. It was Agreed to obtain three valuations.
b.    Village Organisations. Following the Parish Council invitation to organisations to apply for a donation, responses were awaited.
c.    Village Matters:
i.    Ward Boundaries: Report by Richard Harris. It was unanimously Agreed that the Barnack Ward should remain unchanged and be a one Councillor Ward.
ii.    Changes for webpage. It was Agreed to create a new page for submission to Councillors prior to posting on the Reading Room website. Action – Clerk.
4.    Date of next meeting: 7.45pm Tuesday 1st October 2013

Ufford Parish Council Sept Meeting

Ufford Parish Council met on Tuesday 10 September having had a sabbatical in August. There were two main items of discussion, both concerning Newport Way. The first was an application by Cross Keys Homes to demolish the garages and build two semi-detached houses on the site. Over many years the Parish Council has been concerned at the problems caused by parked cars on the narrow road and there have been complaints that emergency vehicles would not be able to reach certain properties. Residents returning late from work find there is no parking space. The Parish Council will be meeting Cross Keys to discuss its concerns and seek a solution. The second issue was the vandalism and social disruption caused by local children. The Parish Council was a victim itself when its new notice-board on the bus shelter was broken and the magnets stolen. This was repaired at council-tax payers’ expense. Children have also entered gardens and damaged property as well as causing noise and disturbance until late in the evening. This followed on from graffiti being sprayed on to the bus shelter and adjoining garage during the previous school holiday. A previous request for parents to exercise control seems to have failed. Discussions with the Police to deal with the matter are on-going.

The cutting down of a row of trees on Walcot Road appears to be a consequence of the City Council taking the view that it was a cheaper option than undertaking the requested repairs to the wall caused by tree root damage. On a more productive note, the Council has got agreement from the farmer and landowner to reinstate hedges along the south-western end of Lambpit Drift. Native hedge species will be supplemented by two oak trees.  This will pretty well complete the efforts to reinstate hedges in the Parish and there was an inconclusive discussion as to how and where available funding from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Diversity Partnership could be utilised. The experimental wild flower strip at Hillside Close has had a disappointing year thanks to the variable weather conditions. Whilst the wildflower seeds fared badly, however, orchids appeared for the first time ever. But the intention is to persevere, possibly using pre-seeded turf in 2014. For those residents interested in the local environment, please make a note of the Barnack Ward Wildlife Group on Tuesday 24 September in Ufford Village hall when the main speaker will be Steven Falk of Buglife. The meeting commences at 19.30 with a glass of wine for those who arrive early at 19.00.

Finally, members discussed the possibility of arranging a Village Christmas event. If anyone has ideas and is willing to join an organising team will they please contact Frieda Gosling on 740343.


Barnack Parish Council Meeting

The Village Hall, Barnack, on Mon 9th Sept
1    Open Forum. a.    Conservation strip at Paynes Field, what is the progress? Meeting planned for week commencing 16/09/13 with, Peterborough City Council, Parish Councillors and Residents
b.    Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) what is the progress? Derby Dennis has offered a different site and there is a committee meeting planned next week.
c.    Barnack School field, is it planned to stop residents using the field out of school hours? Local residents have been complaining to the council and police because of late after hours usage and anti-social behaviour. There are no intentions to limit access but to ensure that the facility is respected and used properly. It was confirmed that enquiries had been made to Burghley Estate to discover if any conditions had been placed on the School grounds usage when the property was transferred. Will the School grounds always be available and the Council support this ambition. There is a commitment to retaining the field as a public amenity. A Resident stated, ‘Burghley Estate sold the land to Peterborough City Council and they set the conditions of use’.
d.    Village Action Plan, what is happening? After taking advice from PCC and taking into consideration the results of a residents’ survey, publication is planned shortly.
e.    Is Southorpe Parish Council gaining a grant from the Community Leadership Fund for £1,400 to enable landscaping at the School? Yes, the work has now been completed.
2    Police Report.: a.    Crime reported by Councillor David Laycock, wheel and hub caps stolen during the night of 8/9/13 at Orchard Road, Barnack. Incident has been reported to the Police using the 101 service.
3    Matters Arising.
a.    Barnack School premises: out of hours use.   b.    101 service: letter of complaint to the Police and Crime Commissioner. Response not yet received.
c.    Slip road by War Memorial, traffic incidents and damage to vehicles. Meeting to be held at 10am 10/09/13.
d.    Cat’s Eyes reflectors. Missing reflectors reported to PCC who are conducting a survey in the autumn.
e.    A1/Green Drift junction. A letter has been sent to the Highways Agency regarding the dangerous condition of this junction, a response is awaited.
f.    Pilsgate pumping station, weed growth onto neighbouring property. Work has been carried out satisfactorily.
g.    Pavement on Canon Drive, needing resurfacing. PCC has temporarily patched the pavement.
h.    Drains Covers, Stamford Road, Pilsgate and The Square. Drains have been marked with paint in preparation for repair work.
i.    Lime trees, overhanging pavement on Walcot Road. Awaiting return of residents to discuss the matter. Action – Clerk.
j.    Weighbridge Office at Station Yard. Awaiting owners’ response to Council letter.
k.    Post Office and General Store. Owners will continue the business and have asked residents to support it by using the shop in the meantime. A meeting is to take place with Everards, owners of the Millstone Inn at the end of September. The Council continues to explore possible options.
4    Planning: a.    13/01249/CTR, Manor Stone House, Station Road. Tree works. No comments. b.    13/00999/CTR, Ridgeway, Stamford Road. Fell one Cherry Tree. Permitted. c.    Paynes Field. As item 5a above.
d.    13/01282/TRE, Bishops Walk Street Record. No Comment.
5    Cemetery Matters
a.    William and Irene Betts, to Approve changes to existing memorial and decide on a fee. Changes Approved. It was Agreed that this and future additional inscriptions would be charged at £50.00 on all requests. Proposed Eddie Barker, Seconded Margaret Palmer. Action – Clerk.
b.    Stanley and Catherine Keen, to Approve new headstone. Approved. Proposed Phil Broughton, Seconded David Laycock.
c.    To Agree Maintenance plan. Discussion on plan submitted by Cemetery Working Party, Agreed Proposed Ivor Crowson, Seconded Phil Broughton.
d.    To Agree Bench for Mr Armstrong. It was Agreed to notify Mr Armstrong of suppliers for a bench, plaque and installation. A.
e.    Capital funds of £1,250.00. Cemetery Working Party to consider possible expenditure items.
f.    Local Council Cemetery software. It was Agreed to purchase the Scribe Cemetery Software at annual cost of £149.00. Proposed Margaret Palmer, Seconded Phil Broughton.  g.    Grass Cutting contract. As item 10c.
6    Reports from Meetings Attended.
a.    Ward Boundary changes. It was reported by David Over that all Parishes in the Ward have agreed to continue with a one Councillor Ward and that PCC will supply an officer to assist in writing the appeal documentation.
7    Highways and Village Matters - For Clerk to address issues raised by the Councillors.
a.    Memorial Plaque for the Church garden, (small garden by west gate) Church members request permission to place a small plaque in memory of Jack and Jan Wright. Agreed. Proposed David Laycock, Seconded Eddie Barker. b.    Tree at junction of Bishops Walk and Main Street is overhanging the highway. Phil Broughton Agreed to discuss this with the owner of Kingsley House.
c.    Trees overhanging the pavement at the Limes. Ivor Crowson Agreed to discuss this with to the owner. d.    Litter Bin missing from lay-by between Barnack and Pilsgate.
e.    Litter Bin needed by bench on bend Wittering Road/Hills and Holes west entrance. f.    Dog Fouling is being reported, action needed to put up signs. Can PCC supply? 8    Pilsgate Footpath.
a.    Work to commence on 16/09/13, grand opening 25/10/13.
9    Draft Traffic Calming Plan. Report by DR: Research has been conducted and a costed plan will now be produced. According to PCC; the best methods for reducing speed are chicanes or speed cushions. Re-modelling junctions is also an option.
10    Environment.
a.    Planting Proposals by Margaret Palmer. Extract of Report: