Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council reports Dec 2013

Bainton & Ashton Parish Council

5th November 2013
1.    There are now 9 children living in the Close with a further 2 children living in homes on the other side of Tallington Road. These children are using the grassed area to the front of Allington Close as a playground; It was reported that residents are concerned that children playing near the road, especially with a ball, may be in danger from passing traffic and feel a barrier is necessary to prevent children running into the road. In the longer term it seems that a village play area is needed as there are no recreational facilities in the Parish for children over ten years of age. The Council is to undertake a survey to establish need and identify available land.
2.    The following items have been reported to PCC with a request for remedial action: Hedge alongside Barnack Road is obstructing the footpath and forcing pedestrians into the road. Ivy is growing over wall adjacent to pavement between Hambleton House and Park Lodge. Hedge on Tallington Road obscuring 30mph signs on approach to village.
3.    Quotes received for renovation of the Washdyke: Materials – UK Timber Ltd, £347 (just for ten oak posts) AVS, £270 for chestnut rails and oak posts. Malcolm Morrice, £365 for oak rails and posts. Work – Simon Owens, quote for carrying out the work, £180.00 (or maximum of £200.00) it was agreed to proceed with AVS for materials and Simon Owens to do the work.
4.    Allotment lease: renegotiation of lease which ends on 10th October 2014. Meeting to be held with landowner before the end of the month.
5.    Bainton Park footpath: PCC have confirmed that the footpath is neither a Public Right of Way or a Permissive path and therefore the landowner is free to make any changes to access they desire. It was agreed to write to the landowner to request prominent notices be displayed, advising the public of the closure of the footpath.
6.    Leaf Blower purchase. It was agreed to trade in the Council’s unserviceable hand mower in part exchange for a leaf blower.
7.    Grass Mower replacement. It was agreed not to replace the unserviceable hand mower this year.
8.    Traffic Calming. Report by Richard Harris. It has been proposed to implement uniform measures across Parish Councils in the Ward. A letter from Mr S.T. Smith, Ufford Road was read out and expressed his concern at likely dangers caused by speeding vehicles. Report by Andy Totten, Speedwatch, on current situation and experiences. Matter to be raised at next Ward meeting.
9.    Allotment Grant bid. Steve Beresford, Allotment Association: The Association has a need for a manure storage bay made from sleepers and would also like to extend the water supply pipe. Three quotations have been obtained for each project and the Association is seeking a contribution from the Parish Council to avoid using its own contingency funds. Three quotes for each project and the Association accounts were submitted. The Council will decide upon the matter at the next meeting.
Date of next meeting: Tuesday 3rd December 2013 at 7.45pm.
The full minutes may be seen on parish notice boards, on application to the clerk:  07944 054546 or on the Reading Room Website  

Barnack Parish Council Meeting

Monday 11th November 2013 at 7.30 pm
1    Dennis Smith: Church Cottage has the original Barnack Beauty apple tree in the grounds. He prunes the tree regularly but this spring noticed that the Tree Protection Order had been removed by PCC. The property is for sale and he is concerned that the tree may not be cared for by the new owners. Margaret Palmer offered to contact PCC to establish the circumstances for future protection.
2    Graffiti on road sign by war memorial.  Clerk to contact PCC to arrange clean up.
3    Pavement on Stamford Road between Old New Inn and War Memorial is uneven and hazardous to pedestrians. Clerk will report this to PCC for action.
4    Dog poo bins needed at top and bottom of Pilsgate Path. Clerk to request action by PCC.
5    Police Report.  By Sergeant Jeremy Tinsley.
a.    No crimes recorded in area within last month. Three vehicle incidents reported to the police.
b.    Number of Pcsos has been cut from 14 down to 11; this means the withdrawal of local PCSO. They have been re-deployed to concentrate on individual responsibilities.
c.    Methods of contacting the police: 999, 101 or email (Sgt Tinsley’s direct dial 01733 424553)
d.    Police services: Clerk to write to the Chief Constable, with concerns about reductions in policing and the 101 service not showing improvement.
e.    A1/Green Drift junction: A review of the junctions on A1 is taking place.
f.    Christmas refuse collections. Brown bin collection usually suspended for one month but this year it will be for two months. Council agreed that this is the period when it is needed. Clerk to write to PCC and protest.
6    Highways and Village Matters - For Clerk to address issues raised by Councillors.
a.    Street light outside 4 Canon Drive not working.
b.    Street light outside Steeple Cottage, Main Street not working.
c.    Street sign, Whitman Close broken.
d.    Uffington Road between junction with Bainton Road and Uffington railway crossing needs white centre line, vehicles are constantly straying into the path of oncoming traffic.
e.    Consultation on tree planting to all 13 houses in Whitman Close, 7 responses received; as all said no, it was decided to abandon the scheme.
f.    Pavements at western church gate and at junction of Bishops Walk and Main Street are covered in leaves and presenting a hazard to pedestrians. Sweeping requested.
g.    Walcot Road pavement between Saxon Drive and the Cricket Club entrance, vegetation overgrowing is hazardous and forces pedestrians to leave the path. Cutting back is needed.
7    Traffic Calming Plan. Draft plan has been costed at £37,000. PCC have been asked to review the War Memorial junction layout with a view to include traffic calming measures. If implemented, War Memorial changes could mean a revised price of £20,000. Furthermore, if the Ward plan is implemented in all parishes, PCC funding may be available.
8    Date of Next Meeting: Monday 9th December 2013 at 7.30 pm.
The full minutes may be seen on notice boards throughout the parish and from the Clerk on 07944 054546.

November Meeting Of Ufford Parish Council

The Parish Council meeting on the 12th had a short agenda and most of the discussion focussed on planning applications. Members were opposed to proposals to develop buildings, a lake and terracing behind Compass Barns as all of the development would be outside the village envelope. Any breach of this would set a dangerous precedent and it has been stoutly defended by City Planning Committees over the last 20-30 years as a fundamental plank of planning policy. Members were also unhappy with the design of the larger of the two houses proposed to be erected on the site of North Lodge. It is a very large building which in its design and orientation shows no recognition of the style which has evolved in the village. Members noted too that trees appear to have been felled on the site without authorisation. It was noted that the proposal by Crosskeys Housing to demolish the garages at Newport Way and to build two houses in their place appears to have been abandoned following widespread opposition by the City Council, Parish Council and residents on grounds of the major loss of parking and access.
Members are still trying to identify areas suitable for tree planting having undertaken extensive tree and hedge-planting across the Parish in recent years. Money is available and any suggestions are welcome. The purchase of turf strips pre-planted with wildflowers is being considered with the aim of laying them on the experimental wildflower area on Hillside Close.
Keith Lievesley reported that he and the chairmen of Barnack and Bainton PC’s are to meet City Council officials in mid-November to complain again that  Barnack exchange will not be enabled for Superfast Broadband until late 2015 whilst urban areas in Peterborough appear to be benefitting from the Rural Broadband initiative.
Frieda Gosling reported that, having tried to seed the idea of a village Christmas party/event in the Village Hall, there had been a total lack of response. If anyone wishes to organise such an event please come forward.
Keith Lievesley pointed out that the report of the October meeting contained an error concerning the future of St.Andrew’s Church. It should have said that the Church had been proposed by the Closed Churches Division of the Church Commissioners for adoption by the Churches Conservation Trust. Since the last meeting things have moved forward and, on the afternoon of 10 December in the Village Hall, the Church Commissioners will be holding a drop-in session for residents to find out what the adoption will mean. 
Finally, prior to the meeting there was a brief presentation by two of our Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s). Keith Lievesley complained that in the summer, following disruption by children in Newport Way, he had telephoned 101 on three different days and got no response. Members pointed out that other councils in Barnack Ward had experienced similar problems. The PCSO’s promised to investigate why this had occurred.