Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports Jan 14

Villagers’ battle to stop speeding

Local residents are putting the brakes on speeding motorists and are appealing for more volunteers to help them.
Bainton and Ashton Speed Watch was created by villagers who were seriously concerned about the level of speeding through the parish.
Now it is hoped that more volunteers will get behind the scheme to further reduce speeding and help improve road safety and awareness.
A spokesman for the scheme said: “Bainton and Ashton is just one of a number of communities in the area which suffers from speeding motorists who think no one will catch them and they can do as they please.
“Many villages are used as rat-runs for rush hour traffic, showing little or no respect for the residents living there.
“Community Speed Watch really is worthwhile; there is an old phrase that prevention is better than cure and my view is that there is no point waiting for someone to be seriously injured, or even killed, before installing traffic calming and safety measures; it’s a question of educating drivers before it gets to that extent.
“As a community we need to be making people more aware that they simply can’t drive as they please at speeds that suit them.
“There is a 30mph limit yet it’s not uncommon for vehicles to travel through at up to 45mph.
“Community Speed Watch is a way of constantly reinforcing the message that 30 is 30 for a reason.
“To become a volunteer all it takes is two hours training and giving as much or as little time as you can after that.
“The more people we can get to help means that we get to be out more regularly to raise awareness that speeding dangerously throughout villages is completely necessary and people should have respect for the communities they drive through; after all it’s better to get home safe than not at all.”
To find out more about becoming a volunteer, please contact the Clerk to the Council, Robin Morrison on 07944 054546 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bainton & Ashton Parish Council at 7.45pm on 3/12/13.

1.    Allington Close Recreation Area. Residents explained: There are now several families living in the Close and between them are, seven children under five years old and six between five and thirteen. This doesn’t include neighbouring families’ children using the recreation area. Residents are very happy for any children in the village to use the amenity but feel an alternative play area is needed for children wishing to play ball games as the Close is not suitable and in the interim would like to see a safety barrier erected to prevent children running into the road.
2.    Allington Close pedestrian access: bushes are covering the pavement at either end of the Close and residents have to walk in the road.
3.    Allington Close parking: marked bays are needed to ensure sufficient spaces for disabled vehicle users of which there are two and parents with small children.
4.    Residents feel there is an overwhelming case for an additional play area elsewhere in the village.
5.    Bus lay-by outside the Church: markings are not clear, making the area dangerous for pedestrians.
6.    Crossing the road: Traffic flow on the B1443 is increased at school bus times, causing difficulty for parents and children attempting to cross. Is a zebra crossing needed?
7.    Pot hole on Tallington Road near sewage works, repair breaking up.
8.    Sign warning of ‘bend ahead’, on verge alongside Bainton House wall, needs refurbishment.
9.    Pavement adjacent to Langham House has a raised ‘lump’ which is hazardous to pedestrians.
10.    Allotment lease. Renegotiation of lease which ends on 10th October 2014. Report by Graham Fletcher:  At a meeting with the Land Owner, Michael Bratley, it was agreed to grant a new lease to the Council for a further 5 years until 2019. The new rent is to be £250 per annum.
11.    Speedwatch. It was noted that there is a shortage of volunteers to operate the equipment. It was agreed that the Council will appeal for volunteers by placing articles and leaflets in the Village Tribune and Parish News.
12.    Allotment Association Grant bid. It was agreed to make a donation of materials for work to be carried out to the value of £200 including Vat.
13.    It was noted that the wall adjacent to the pavement on Barnack Road has not been repaired and still poses dangers to pedestrians. It is feared that frost will further damage the wall.
14.    Superfast broadband report by David Over: Peterborough City and Stamford Hospitals are to have a fibre optic cable connection and it is hoped that the contractor making the installation will ‘zig-zag’ the route to be able to supply Superfast Broadband to villages in between.
15.    Date of next meeting: 7.45pm Tuesday 7 January 2014.
The full minutes are available from the Clerk: 07944 054546 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Meeting Of Ufford Parish Council On 10 December 2013

Members were pleased to learn that the City Council Planning Committee had rejected the application to extend the village envelope to the rear of Compass Barn. The Parish Council had opposed the application on the grounds that it would set a very worrying precedent. The ramifications would also affect other Councils in Barnack Ward who wish to contain development within agreed policy areas.
The City Council is also involved in mediation concerning the removal of hedges and trees in the land adjacent to and to the north of North Lodge. After a discussion of the difficulties in implementing the proposal to reinstate hedges at the top of Lambpit Drift it was agreed that the Council, hopefully in partnership with the landowner, will plant oak trees on the Parish’s King Street boundary.
The Chairman reported that a meeting of Ward Chairmen and colleagues with the City had agreed a way forward in their efforts to support a proposal to retain Barnack as a one-member Ward in the review being undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. The Chairman also reported on a meeting with PCC to discuss the implementation and timetable of the Rural Broadband scheme. Reassurance was given that there is no danger of funds running out but the timetable is dictated by the costs to BT of laying the cable and their requirement to recover costs as soon as possible.
The PCC had recently announced another broadband initiative and further announcements which could benefit our access to high-speed broadband were expected before Christmas.
Keith Lievesley, Chairman      

Southorpe Parish Council

The Parish Council met on 10th December, apologies were received from Jack Robinson and the PCSO Mary Webber.
1. Cllr David Over gave an update the latest Ward Group meeting:
a. The individual parish plans have been incorporated into a single document and deposited with PCC. He suggested that the village should continue to monitor and update its own plan.
b. He has written to the Boundary Commission supporting the plan for 60 City councillors but reserving the right to argue for 61 should Barnack Ward wish to remain a single councillor ward.
c. Whilst superfast broadband is not expected to be available anywhere in the Barnack Ward area  until at least 2015, Helpston Parish are investigating a wireless option
2. Edward Elwood gave an update on the recent bonfire party. It had been well attended and the fireworks were very successful; the food provided by residents was also much enjoyed. Pip Parker was thanked for all her help in organising the event. £119 was raised by the raffle, this will help fund the next bonfire party.
3. Environmental projects were discussed but it was felt important to retain a balance in the account as future funding is uncertain. The state of the village picnic benches will though be reviewed in the Spring.  A request for help with finance for fencing at Barnack pre-school will be considered when more details are available.
4, The overgrown state of Walcot Road pavement has again been reported to Enterprise and a parish resident has also objected strongly to PCC about the lack of response, They have now promised to complete the work shortly.
4. Following a request to the Cambs Police & Crime Commissioner for information on his rural policing policy, a short reply has been received providing very little information.
5. Planning Issues:
a. A single detached dwelling at Stud Farm - permission granted
b. Removal of poplars at Rosemead Cottage – allowed.
c. Installation of external oil fired boiler at Rose Cottage – discussed.
6. David Edwards gave a financial update. A cheque was authorised as a contribution to the parish magazine (£40.00).
7. The full minutes will be posted on the village notice boards. The next meeting will take place on Monday 10th March at 7.30pm.
Meeting of Barnack Parish Council
The Village Hall, Barnack, on Monday 9 December 2013 at 7.30 pm
1    Traffic Calming measures what is the progress? Meeting will be held with Peter Tebb of PCC on 6 Jan to discuss the plan and firm up proposals and obtain costings.
2    Vehicle speeds are creating hazards particularly at night. Stamford Road is not well lit, also, the footpath is too narrow. Could street lighting from the War Memorial to crossroads with School Road be improved? Traffic Calming measures on this road are badly needed.
3    Pavement height opposite War Memorial on B1443 is hazardous for pedestrians, is a railing needed?
4    What are the plans for the War Memorial junction? A proper survey is needed to establish options for any new layout.
5    Speeding getting worse, vehicles overtaking others travelling at 29mph on Walcot Road. Concerns expressed on behaviour of drivers.
6    Traffic calming measures needed on Wittering Road, residents asked if roads around the crossroads with Stamford Road and School Road could be designated 20mph zones. Speed watch needs to be deployed at peak times. Eddie Barker appealed for more volunteers to operate the equipment.
7    Pedestrians crossing from Wittering Road to School Road cannot see oncoming traffic from Stamford Road and Walcot Road. A footpath is needed on the Wittering Road Junction to make pedestrian crossing safe.
8    Paynes Field Wildlife Corridor. Residents received a letter from David Wilson Homes landscaping contractor; this is first correspondence received about this matter. Update by the Chairman on events so far: Residents revealed that the ‘Corridor’ was on their deeds. Discussion on maintenance and resolution of responsibilities and boundaries. Letter from Louise Lovegrove of PCC of 4/12/13 read out. Discussion on situation: original scheme envisaged garden/hedge/corridor but it is in fact garden/corridor/hedge. Easiest option is to accept things as they are and for residents to maintain their own property. Council agreed to write to PCC with a summary of the evenings’ discussion.
9    Traffic Calming, speed cushions, whereabouts on the B1443? Could there be one on entrance to the village and one by War Memorial?
10    Police Report emailed by PCSO Mary Webber: During November there were 8 calls for service: Domestic related – 3, Concern – 2, Road related – 1, Animals – 1 (dogs fighting) Pre-plan – 1 (pest control).During the period there was one crime raised and this related to a domestic incident.
Residents are warned to be aware of a number of shed/garage burglaries which have taken place in Helpston and Glinton in the last two weeks, people are reminded to check their security on sheds and side gates.
11    Bus Stops: Delaine Bus Company has said they will arrange with PCC for bus stop posts, flags and timetables to be installed outside the Cemetery, The Limes and The Grange. Information on grants for Bus Shelters is being investigated.
12    Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) meeting last week. Report by Harry Brassey: quotes are being collected, which are expected to be in the region of £80,000-£85,000, a planning application is being prepared, £450 (+vat) is needed for a topographical survey, the Committee have appointed a fund raising specialist, Mr Twigg to applying for the necessary grants, his 10% fee will be covered by the funds received. The Council agreed to accept this plan.
13    Retail ‘market’ stall at 21 Uffington Road: the Council is concerned at the precedent being set by this business and feel it will be impossible to prevent other residents’ enterprises, which may not be desirable.
14    Date of Next Meeting: Monday 13 January 2014 at 7.30 pm.
15    The full minutes may be viewed on notice boards throughout the Parish and upon application to the Clerk on 07944 054546 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.