Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Meetings Jan 2016 Magazine

Meeting of Barnack Parish Council Meeting Dec 15 

held in The Village Hall, Barnack, on 14.12.15.

1)      Outstanding Items.

a)      A1 dangerous junction at Barnack Drift. It was agreed to convene a meeting with the Highways Agency to discuss this matter on site.

b)      Gigaclear. It was agreed to ask a Gigaclear representative to attend a future Parish Council meeting to explain exactly what is going on with installations and connections.

c)      Vehicles parked on pavements, road junctions and inappropriately. Since posting notices appealing for drivers to park more reasonably, there has been some improvement. It was agreed to collect evidence of inappropriate parking for publication.

2)      Correspondence.

a)      Pre-School appeal for funds. It was agreed to respond by explaining that no further donations from the Patrick Aidan Fogarty Deceased Will Trust will be made to Parish Councils. However, the Council has been informed by Buckles Solicitors that Local Groups and Organisations may apply. It was agreed to pass this information on to the Pre-School and Community Association.

3)      Planning.

a)      15/00009/SCREEN, Land to the West of Uffington Road.

It was noted that:

i)        A letter from the Parish Council detailing objections to the proposed development was sent to the City Council Planning Department on 07/12/15 and receipt was confirmed on 07/12/15.

ii)      A further letter stating our case, was sent Shailesh Vara, Member of Parliament for North West Cambridgeshire on 07/12/15 and in response, his office contacted the Parish Council on 07/12/15.

iii)    Shailesh Vara is visiting Barnack to discuss the proposed development at 10.30am on 21 December.  All local residents are welcome to attend the meeting. Venue - in the farmyard opposite houses on Bainton Road at PE9 3DT. (Where and Barnack Country Clothing used to be)

It was agreed to:

iv)    Publicise availability of Council’s letters of objection and post them on the Council website and Facebook page

v)      Send letter to City Council planning department requesting a survey for common lizard, as this species had been present on the adjacent Paynes Field site.

vi)    Send a press release to local parish council, local newspapers, radio and television stations, publicising the meeting of 21 December and highlighting the villages’ opposition to the proposed development. Post same on notice boards and website.

b)      15/01612/CTR, New Inn House, Stamford Road, Tree works. Permitted. Noted.

c)      15/01918/HHFUL, 1 Allerton Close, Extension to House. No objections.

4)      Village Matters - for the Clerk to address issues raised by Councillors.

a)      Stone Wall adjacent to Whitman Close – ivy needs clearing.

b)      Street light on Owen Close is not working.

c)      No exit sign at entrance to Owen Close needs to be made more obvious.

5)      Other Items

a)      Parish Action Plan. Plan has been printed and is being delivered to all homes.

b)      Village Hall Post Box: To approve purchase of Letter Plate at £32.50 and Installation for £120.00. Agreed.

c)      Barnack & Pilsgate Directory. It was agreed to print 200 copies of the revised booklet at a cost of£106.75. Copies will be made available for people to pick up at the Post Office, The Acres Community Centre and The Millstone Inn. The text will also be posted on the website.

d)     New Seat outside Church Gate (west) as item 4, Forum.


You may read the full Minutes at: by visiting notice boards outside the Post Office, Village Hall, Pilsgate Bus Stop & the Limes

Or contacting the Clerk on: 07944 054546 or: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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