Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports in February 2016

Report from Southorpe Parish Council Meeting on 14th December 2015.

Four Parish Councillors, Councillor David Over and the Clerk were present. 
1. Carl Brown, Chairman of the village Traffic Safety Group, reported to the meeting.  The Group is still researching options for ‘gates’ to be erected at each end of Main Street and sought the support of the Parish Council; after discussion it has been agreed that the Parish Council will not oppose the installation of gates unless residents voice particular opposition, but the Group will need to source financial support as funds are not currently available in the Parish.  Eight Speedwatch sessions have been undertaken since September and an average of 11% of vehicles have been recorded at a prosecutable speed; records have been passed to the police.  The vehicle activated sign is now working accurately although there had been considerable problems with the software giving false readings.  Current results show that an average of 700 vehicles/day pass along Main Street and 30-40% are exceeding 30 mph, but the proportion of vehicles exceeding 35 mph has now dropped from 11% to 7%.  The sign is being rotated so a full set of results will be available in March. The PCC agreed that the data could be shared with the police to encourage enforcement action.  The Group are still keen to pursue a footpath to link the village from north to south, but the owners of the land on the east side of Main Street have now stated that they will not make any land available. The Group will continue to discuss their plans with Peter Tebb at PCC Highways Department.
2. Correspondence had been received from the Chair of Barnack Pre-School seeking support via an application from the PCC to the Aidan Patrick Fogerty Trust for funding of £1991 to purchase computer equipment etc.  As Barnack PC had provided funding in the last financial year and the Parish may need to seek trust fund assistance for other projects it was not considered appropriate to help on this occasion.
3. Cllr David Over advised that he still had some planning obligations funds available and agreed to release £400 to support an application for a 20mph zone in Main Street.
4. The Bonfire Party took place on 5 November and attendance was good.
5.  Planning –15/0184/OUT Uffington Road, Barnack – An outline submission for 80 houses had been prior discussed and an objection has been submitted by the Clerk.
15/01366/FUL The Old Well House extensions – application permitted.
6.  Finance - David Edwards presented the financial report.  Budget 2016/17: as the current year’s expenditure was within budget at £716, no increase in the parish contribution would be sought next year.  Payment of £40 to the Parish Magazine was approved.
7.   The next Parish Council meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 14th March at Rosemead Cottage.  All residents are very welcome to attend.
Summary of a Meeting of Barnack Parish Council held in The Village Hall on 11 January 2016.
1)    Open Forum.
a)    Is there any progress on proposed development west of Uffington Road?
There has been no news from the City Council Planning Department. It was agreed to seek assurances that the application is going to be considered by the Planning Committee and request confirmation that the Parish Council will be advised of the time, date and venue. There is a dead tree on the verge, to the right of The Garrison gateway.
b)    The 30mph sign painted on the west bound road entering Pilsgate, looks like 80mph.
2)    Outstanding Items.
a)    A1 dangerous junction at Barnack Drift. A meeting between Highways England and the Council Chair, Harry Brassey was held on 8 January at the junction, to discuss the problems posed by the lack of signage for vehicles exiting the A1 and absence of a proper exit lane. Highways will report back to the Council after considering the matter.
b)    Defibrillator. An application for funding for 3 units has been made to the British Heart Foundation Grant Management System. It was agreed to write to BT and point out that the telephone kiosk in Pilsgate is in a poor state of repair and must be renovated before the Council can consider adoption.
c)    Stone wall bordering Whitman Close. It was agreed that the wall is in a dangerous condition and should be reported to the City Council again.
d)    Vehicles driving along Canon Drive seem to think it is a through road and this is causing accidents when abruptly stopping and reversing or turning. It was agreed to request that the signage is improved and that road markings should be changed.
3)    Correspondence.
a)    Shailesh Vara letter. It was agreed that our local Member of Parliament’s letter to the City Council planners was excellent and fully supportive of Barnack’s objections to the Gladman proposed development west of Uffington Road.
b)    Buckingham Palace Garden Party. It was agreed to nominate Margaret Palmer.
4)    Planning.
a)    15/00009/SCREEN, Land to the West of Uffington Road. As item 5(a). Margaret Palmer pointed out that comments by Statutory Consultees to the proposed development were now on the City Council website and may be viewed at:
b)    15/02109/HHFUL, Police House, Station Road, Building Extension. It was agreed to make no objections.
5)    Village Matters - issues raised by Councillors.
a)    War memorial bollard knocked over. Action – Clerk.
b)    Litter in Hills and Holes car park and no dog waste bin at the Reserve entrance near the cross roads.  Margaret Palmer will inform Natural England Site Manager.
6)    Open Forum.
a)    Why not move one of the bins on Wittering Road to the Hills and Holes entrance opposite Pasque Lodge.
b)    Re: Local Plan - please discuss with local residents before proposing any radical changes.
c)    It is important to keep the Kingsley Estate within the conservation area to preserve its character.
d)    Report by June Woollard on the Barnack Poors Charity.
You may read the full Minutes at: council/minutes of meetings or by visiting notice boards outside the Post Office, Village Hall, Pilsgate Bus Stop & the Limes
Or contacting the Clerk on: 07944 054546 or: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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News from Bainton & Ashton Parish Council:

The council met on 5 January.  Discussed at the meeting and updated since:
•    Police, crime and traffic: 
    No crime incidents have been reported.   People continue to ignore the northbound closure of King Street through Lolham Bridges railway crossings and Ward Councillor David Over is working hard to get the restriction enforced.  Attention was brought to poor safety signage and road surfaces on the approaches to the village, as well as speeding, particularly in the case of motorcyclists.  Please, slow down!
    Superintendent Melanie Dales, Area Commander of Peterborough Police, addressed the meeting to answer questions about changing police priorities and concerns about rural policing
•    Planning:  There were no planning applications to be considered.  Since the meeting public consultation has begun on the Peterborough Local Plan, which looks ahead to 2030.  Councillors will respond on behalf of the parish; residents are encouraged to contribute their views via the Parish Clerk.
•    Village maintenance: 
    Despite repeated requests to the City Council and landowners, overhanging foliage continues to be a safety problem along the Barnack Road footpath and obscuring road signs.  Councillors agreed to book a contractor to deal with this straightaway and liaise separately with the City Council over cost.
    Similarly, some of the interim reinstatement by Gigaclear was identified as being unsafe.  A formal complaint is being made for this to be resolved immediately. 
    And, thanks to  a sharp-eyed resident spotting a leak, Anglian Water have spent 5 days over New Year, tracing back and replacing 50 feet of old asbestos sewage pipe.  Good to have that one fixed!
•    Project update:  A public access defibrillator has now been ordered for the village, following the generous donation towards the cost from a resident last year.  With permission granted for installation at the Reading Room, it is hoped that the equipment will be in place and ready for use by Easter.  It was agreed to apply for funding for a second defibrillator to be installed at Ashton.
Full minutes of each meeting and councillor contact details can be found on village notice boards and any comments can be sent to the Parish Clerk via the council’s post box at the rear of Bainton Reading Room (PE9 3AE) or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  The next Parish Council meeting will be held in Bainton Reading Room on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7.30pm.  Residents are encouraged to attend.

News from Ufford Parish Council:

The latest meeting was held on 12 January. 
Chief Inspector Robin Sissons, from Safer Peterborough Partnership, gave a talk about current pressures on policing and initiatives being introduced to improve the service within the resources available.  Two initiatives are aimed particularly to support rural areas.
A planning application for Newe House, Main Street was considered as a result of the council being consulted for the third time on the owner’s plans.  After lengthy discussion, councillors submitted comments to the planning department. 
An update was also received on an enforcement matter still outstanding.
Since the meeting, a public consultation has been launched on the draft Peterborough Local Plan, looking ahead to 2030.  Residents are encouraged to contribute views either direct at or via the Parish Clerk. 
Councillors approved the submission of a new funding application, to the Augean Community Fund, for playground equipment.  This comes after the Mick George Fund was oversubscribed.  The council thanked Ward Councillor David Over for drawing down an amount to fund a safety gate at the playing field and noted an amount of £173 raised by Christmas activities.
Full minutes of meetings and councillor contact details can be found on village notice boards and the website or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Because of a clash with the City Council’s Parish Liaison Group, the next meeting date will change and can be found on the website and noticeboards once confirmed.
Police Report Summary
The Clerk of Bainton & Ashton and Ufford Parish Councils summarises the presentations made by Superintendent Melanie Dales and Chief Inspector Robin Sissons at the council meetings this month:
•    With police funding  for the police work required, 3 main projects were put in place by the previous Chief Constable and are ongoing:
    Collaboration with other forces to share back-office functions and specialist units.
    Technology use to speed up processes and let officers spend more time ‘‘out on the streets’
    Partnership working – headed by the City Council, this brings policing together with housing, health, youth and other services to improve prevention, speed up reaction times and reduce duplication.
•    Shifting priorities towards safeguarding and both adult and child protection, means emphasis has moved away from crime detection rates and onto the impact of crime on the victim.  Resources have shifted accordingly.   Rural communities notice lower police visibility because of lower crime rates.
•    Initiatives being introduced to support rural areas:
    ‘Village bobby’ special constables.  Recruitment of volunteers with police powers to work within rural communities.
    Local PCSO time.  Invites parishes to ‘buy’ PCSO overtime to deal with specific needs in the community.
    An online link to help residents grade their home security and alert police to homes that might need more support because of their vulnerability.
•    CI Sissons pointed out that physical crime rates are dropping in tandem with rising online or ‘cyber’ crime, including scams that cross international borders but affect local people. 
A comment was made about the 111 national phone number being frustrating to use.  The email address for Safer Peterborough Partnership can also be used for non-urgent reporting:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and the ‘My Peterborough’ phone app has been is and effective way of reporting local council, policing and fire issues.