Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports in March 2016

News from Bainton & Ashton Parish Council:

No meeting of the Parish Council was held during February.
Full minutes of each meeting and councillor contact details can be found on village notice boards and any comments can be sent to the Parish Clerk via the council’s post box at the rear of Bainton Reading Room (PE9 3AE) or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The next Parish Council meeting will be held in Bainton Reading Room on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7.30pm.  Residents are encouraged to attend.

Barnack Parish Council

Summary of a Meeting held in The Village Hall, Barnack, on Monday 8 February 2016 at 7.00pm.
1) Open Forum – for the Clerk to address issues raised by Residents.
Lolham crossing - vehicles are driving wrong way, Weight Limit signs are confusing, one-way signage insufficient. Police are going to monitor vehicles and impose fines.
2) Outstanding Items.
a) A1 dangerous junction at Barnack Drift. It was agreed to write and point out that construction of the Solar Farm on land to south of Wittering Ford Road, will have an impact on this junction.
b)Chapel Lane/Glebe Woodland. It was agreed that Harry Brassey would continue to investigate the viability of the Parish Council undertaking management of the woodland.
c) ‘No Exit’ sign on Canon Drive, near entrance to Owen Close. Matter has been reported to the City Council and an answer is awaited.
3) Planning.
a) Local Plan. Response to consultation was agreed.
b) 15/01918/HHFUL, 1 Allerton Close, Building Extension and altered vehicular access. No objections.
c) 15/01840/OUT, Land to west of Uffington Road, Planning Committee hearing. It was noted that, the next possible date it could be considered would be 23rd Feb 2016.  (The later Committee dates are 8th March, 22nd March, 12th April and 26 April) All the Planning Committee meetings are held in the Town Hall in the Bourges/Viersen Rooms, and they start at 1.30pm.
d) 14/02183/FUL, Installation of Solar Farm, Land to South of Wittering Ford Road. Permitted.
4) Reports.
a) Traffic Calming. A survey conducted by 2020 Consultancy has been received and will be circulated to Councillors and the Traffic Calming Working Group for consideration.
b) Police. Parish PCSO, paid by parishes. It was agreed not to pursue the offer of paying for a PCSO to visit the Village in their overtime.
5) Village Matters - for the Clerk to address issues raised by Councillors.
Tree on left side of Church tower needs trimming.
6) Other Items
a) Clerk’s replacement: recruitment. It was agreed to hold a meeting of the Employment Working Group at 7pm on 15/02/16.
b) Mowing Contract for 2016. It was agreed to re-appointment the Elwood Brothers.
c) Parish Council Elections, Guidance for Candidates. Noted.
d) Inspection regime for trees and burial grounds. It was agreed to contact Peter Glassey regarding trees inspection and the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management for guidance on inspection of burial grounds.
7) Date and time of next meeting.
Monday 14 March 2016 at 7.00pm.
 You may read the full Minutes at: council/minutes of meetings or by visiting notice boards outside the Post Office, Village Hall, Pilsgate Bus Stop & the Limes
Or contacting the Clerk on: 07944 054546 or: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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News from Ufford Parish Council:

The council met on 10 February.  Planning issues took up much of the meeting with applications considered for:
•    A solar panel array at Ufford Farm (re-submission).  Councillors received concerns from the owner of Ufford Hall and separately agreed to submit comments objecting to the proposal.
•    The building of a house on the property of North Lodge.  Given changes following an earlier application on this site, councillors were able to submit comments approving the plans.
Updates were received from Peterborough City Council on an outstanding enforcement issue.  An enforcement order has now been issued for the dismantling of a skate-ramp at a village property with its removal expected by mid-February.
During January, public consultation was launched on the draft Peterborough Local Plan, looking ahead to 2030 and residents are encouraged again to contribute views at, with this phase of the consultation ending on 25 February.  Councillors have agreed comments to be submitted on behalf of the parish; these will be published on the parish council website.
With a further cheque received at the meeting, Christmas activities have now raised an impressive £288 towards new playground facilities.  News is yet to be heard on the result of an application for to the Augean Community Fund.
Finally, a donation was approved to Ufford Cricket Club, of £250 to fund the annual cost of cricket balls, in recognition of the club’s promotion of youth activities in the parish.
Full minutes of meetings and councillor contact details can be found on village notice boards and the website or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  The next meeting will be held at Ufford Village Hall on Tuesday 8th March at 7.30pm and residents are encouraged to attend.
Report from Southorpe Parish Council Meeting held on 11th February 2016.
Three Parish Councillors and the Clerk were present. 
1. Carl Brown, Chairman of the village Traffic Safety Group has advised the council that he is still experiencing problems with the software in the vehicle activated sign; it will now be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
2. Peterborough Draft Local Plan 2016-2036 -The draft plan was considered in some detail including the extent of the village envelope, potential development sites, housing, rural enterprise, infrastructure and landscape character.  It was agreed to submit comments during the consultation period – the PC was in agreement that Southorpe should be classified as a ‘Small Village’ with extremely limited growth potential and did not wish to see any extension to the village envelope; no sites had been identified for potential development within the village and the village had already contributed a disproportionate number of residential infill plots. Any further development would distract from the rural nature of the village.
3. Funding of IT equipment - The Clerk advised that funds are available to councils with expenditure of less than £25,000 for IT equipment to help comply with the transparency legislation.  It was agreed that Southorpe would apply for funding for a lap top and printer/scanner to the maximum value of £300 and £100 plus VAT respectively.
4. Street Works - The Clerk has reported a pothole on Walcot Road and the removal of the road name sign;  litter picking had been requested from the railway bridge through the avenue and from the A47 junction to the junction with Langley Bush Road. The Clerk was asked to report the poor state of the telephone box including a broken light.
5 Planning
14/02183/FUL – Installation of 3.9Wp solar farm on land to the south of Wittering Road – permitted.
16/0164/HHFUL – Detached carport, Stud Farm – discussed and no objections raised.  The Clerk to advise Planning Control.
6.  Finance - David Edwards presented the financial report.  The Community Leadership Fund of £400 has been authorised by PCC and payment was awaited. Western Power easement – a cheque for £7.61 has been received.  Edward Elwood reported that the raffle at the Bonfire Party had raised £164, this would be used to help finance the 2016 party.  It was agreed that £100 grant would be made to the Entertainment Fund.
7 The next meeting will include the AGM and Annual meeting and will be held at Farrendon at 6.30pm.  All residents are very welcome to attend.