Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Notice of Uncontested Elections

Election of Parish Councillors for Bainton & Ashton on Thursday 5 May 2016

I, being the Returning Officer at the above election, report that the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Bainton & Ashton.

FLETCHER, Graham John    Westlands, Ufford Road, Bainton, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 3BB    
HARRIS, Richard Anthony    Treetops, Barnack Road, Bainton, PE9 3AE    
RAYMOND, Helen    Westfields, Barnack Road, Bainton, Stamford, Cambs, PE9 3AE    



Election of Parish Councillors for Ufford are:

Graham Bowes

David Chadwick

Frieda Gosling

Keith Lievesley