Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Meetings June 2016

Summary Minutes of the Annual Village Meeting held at 7.00pm

on Monday 9 May 2016 in Barnack Village Hall.
1.    Those in attendance: 24 Residents (including Representatives of local organisations and Parish Councillors)
Natural England Representative: Chris Gardiner, Senior Reserve Manager.
2.    Welcome by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Harry Brassey.
3.    Presentation by Chris Gardiner, Natural England: “Barnack Hills and Holes.”
4.    Chairman’s report. (Available upon request from the Council Clerk)
5.    Reports from local organisations:
a)    Cricket Club, Malcolm Holmes
b)    Tree Warden, Charles Clark
c)    British Legion, Charles Clark
d)    Youth Club, Kerrie Garner & Michelle Goodwin
e)    Outdoor Bowls Club, Adrienne Collins reported on behalf of Phil Collins
f)    Carpet Bowls Club, Martin Bloom reported on behalf of Susan Jarman
g)    Community Association, Roy Chowings
h)    Barnack School, Harry Brassey reported on behalf of Neil Fowkes
i)    Barnack Flower Group, David Laycock reported on behalf of Joan Laycock
j)    Women’s Institute, Beryl Burrows
k)    Barnack Church, Reverend Dave Maylor
6.    Public Forum: questions put to the Parish Council.
a)    We have one defibrillator in the village – how many more can we have?  Would it be possible to have an open training day similar to that held in Bainton last week? The defibrillator was given to us by East Midlands Ambulance Trust, but we are looking into sponsorship for another defibrillator to placed at the school.  We are taking up the offer of free training – depending on the amount of interest and success of the training session we may look into an open day too.
b)    The Post Office has put in an application to change from business use to residential.  When this happens we will no longer be able to get cash out in the village.  Can we have a cash machine installed at The Millstone, or at the Community Centre? The Council will approach the pub and the Community Centre and put the question to them.
c)    The Parish Council funded a new fence at Pre-School.  Can they also fund the Youth Club or help the Community Association in the future? The fence was a one-off gift from a local trust that was passed on to them.  When organisations write to the Council to ask for help we look at what areas we may be able to help.  Home from Home Out of School Club have recently contacted the Council and we are going to look into how we can support the setting at a future Parish Council meeting.
7.    Date and time of next meeting 7.00pm 8 May 2017.
Read the full minutes at or by visiting the Village noticeboards.  Alternatively, contact the Clerk on 07595 377236 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summary Minutes of Barnack Parish Council’s Meeting held on Monday 9th May 2016.

Election of the Chairman & Vice-Chairman
Harry Brassey was elected Chairman and Margaret Palmer was elected Vice-Chairman for 2016/17.
Outstanding Items
a)    A1 dangerous junction at Barnack Drift. Pending response from Highways England report.
b)    Gigaclear update. If anyone is experiencing a problem with Gigaclear, please email Tony Heath at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
c)    Defibrillator training. Training will be advertised further, to include the Millstone, Station Yard and School.  Contact the Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest.
d)    School grounds Governance. A meeting is taking place on 23rd May.
e)    Chapel Lane/Glebe Woodland. ROSPA have drawn up a report.  A Working Group is being formed to decide what work needs doing and to clarify the insurance needs.
f)    Canon Drive, traffic signage. The white line will be altered to make the turning to the right clearer. 
g)    Flag pole. The truckhead at the top of the flagpole has been replaced.
h)    Footpath between Barnack, Bainton and Pilsgate. The paths are getting narrower and uneven.  Amey looked into digging out the sides and planned to spray herbicide.  The Council will write to Amey to remind them they need attention.
i)    Kier petition for Wothorpe development. Kier are trying for a third time to get planning permission at Wothorpe.  Sign the petition at
j)    Home from Home Out of School Club.  Sereena Davey (the Chair of HfH) is coming to the Parish Council meeting in July to discuss how the Council may be able to help the setting.
a)    16/00282/HHFUL, Cedar House, Main Street, Single Storey Extension. Permitted. Noted.
b)    16/00733/CTR, Pond House, 13 Main Street, Tree Works. No objection.
c)    16/00737/CTR, Old Quarry Cottage, Wittering Road, Tree Works. No objection.
d)    16/00777/FUL, Barnack Post Office, Main Street, change of use to residential. No objection.
e)    16/00787/HHFUL, 24 Bainton Road, Demolish garage and construct two storey side extension, single storey rear extension, stone cladding to front elevation and replacement roof. No objection.
f)    16/00790/HHFUL, 11 Bishops Walk, First floor side extension, ground floor rear extension and render to front elevation. No objection.
Burial Grounds
g)    Renovation of graves. The Council have agreed with the contractor to pay half the amount of the invoice for the graves refurbished in error.  The full amount will be paid on completion of the project.
h)    Safety Inspection.  Harry Brassey has spoken to Simon Owens to source a tree consultant. 
i)    Missing finials on the cemetery fence.  The Council to find out when they are going to be replaced. 
j)    Hills & Holes Committee. Amendment from 11.04.16 Minutes - A Pasque Flower Day was held, not a flower count as previously stated.
k)    Traffic Calming. The working group is meeting on 24th May to discuss a traffic calming report.
c)    Rural Crime Update.  Reported burglary in Helpston where car keys and a vehicle taken.  Items reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Marholm.  Please keep your homes and vehicles secure –  insurance companies may not pay out if homes or vehicles are left unsecure.
Village Matters - for the Clerk to address issues raised by Councillors
Diversion signs have been left in the village. Remind Highways to collect them.
Natural England would like another litter bin to replace the bin that was moved.
Parking on pavements, particularly along Uffington Road.
The post box sign has fallen off the door of the Village Hall.
Other Items
l)    Inspection regime for trees and burial grounds. Simon Owens has recommended a tree consultant.
m)    Queen’s birthday/Village Fete. The Council has agreed to pay for the printing and distribution of leaflets for the celebration.
n)    Parish Council Insurance Renewal. The Council agreed to renew the policy with Came and Company.
o)    Post Office. The Council will speak to the PO about the frequency of cash withdrawals. 
Date of next Meeting -  Monday 13 June 2016 at 7.00pm.
Read the full minutes at or by visiting the noticeboards located outside the Post Office, Village Hall, Pilsgate Bus Stop and The Limes.  Alternatively, contact the Clerk on 07595 377236 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Southorpe Parish Council MeetingThe Parish Council met on Monday 9th May.  Four Councillors and the Clerk were present.  Apologies were received from Ward Councillor David Over. The Parish Council election held on 5th May 2016 was uncontested and four Councillors have been re-appointed – Nick Lodge, David Edwards, Edward Elwood and Jack Robinson.  Sue Joy had chosen not to stand for re-election and was thanked by the Chairman for her service. Two residents have expressed an interest since the election in being co-opted to the council.  Funds have been received for the purchase of a laptop and printer to ensure that the Parish could meet the requirements of the transparency legislation; the funding does not include VAT and this will be met by the Parish Council.  Renewal of CAPALC membership was due; in view of budget restraint and the relatively simple affairs of the Parish Council it was agreed that the Parish Council would not purchase membership for 2016-17. The future of the annual picnic was discussed and it was agreed that it would be good to involve more residents in the planning and running of future events; any residents interested in helping should contact Edward Elwood. It is proposed to hold the 2016 village picnic on 17th July on the parish field.
Village maintenance: The ditch opposite Rosemead Cottage has been back filled over a new drainage pipe; the Parish Council were disappointed not to have been pre-advised of this work.  The Road Safety Group has since approached PCC to ask if a footpath could be laid over the site but this has been refused; the grass will be mown by PCC to ensure that it can be used by walkers.  Potholes in the Avenue have been reported and should be repaired soon. A drainage cover on Main Street has been broken and will be reported. The telephone box is still awaiting maintenance and the work will be hastened.  A number of gates and stiles on public footpaths are considered to be in poor repair, it is understood that Walcot estate have some listed for maintenance.

Southorpe Annual Meeting and Parish Council AGM

The Southorpe Annual Meeting and AGM were also held on 9th May.  Nick Lodge was re-elected as Chairman and David Edwards as Responsible Financial Officer; Daphne Williams will continue to serve as a voluntary Clerk.  The Chairman reviewed the Council’s activities during the last year including a focus on traffic calming, and consideration of planning applications, environmental projects and continual liaison with the City Council on pot holes and verge maintenance. 
The Financial Officer David Edwards presented the Financial Report and Edward Elwood outlined the activities of the Entertainment Committee. The Annual Governance Statement and the audited accounts were approved.  Carl Brown presented a report on behalf of the Road safety Group.
A resident raised the issue of maintenance of the old railway track to the southern end of Main Street, the Chairman advised that this was private land the parish Council were unable to maintain it.