Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports October 2016

News from Ufford Parish Council:

The council met on 13th September to discuss:
•    Finance:  A new policy for donations and grants was adopted, providing guidelines for local groups that wish to apply to the council for project funding.  This will be published on the council website and is available from the Clerk.
•    Planning:  No new applications to consider.  Councillors noted:
    An appeal against an enforcement order to remove a skateboard ramp at Compass Barn – no new comments to be submitted.
    An application at Newport Farm had been ruled as not permitted development.
    An application for a new house adjacent to North Lodge had been permitted with conditions.  The measures proposed in an application to discharge some of the conditions were agreed to be satisfactory.
    The next consultation phase for Peterborough’s Local Plan opens soon and councillors have agreed comment to make over possible changes to the village envelope. 
•    New playground equipment will be in place by the end of September, offering greater variety for all ages.  Councillors have agreed a planting and maintenance programme for the playing field boundaries to encourage wildlife.
•    Several village maintenance issues had been chased up but with no response to date from Peterborough Highways or Gigaclear.  The council continues to chase.
•    An incident of off-road motorbikes in Southey Woods will be reported to the Forestry Commission.
The next meeting of the council will be on at Ufford Village Hall on Tuesday 18th October at 7.30pm.  Please note the revised date, which is a week later than usual.
Full minutes of meetings and councillor contact details can be found on village notice boards and the website or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

News from Bainton & Ashton Parish Council

The council met on 3 September, with two issues dominating the agenda – overgrowth and fly tipping!
Overgrowth on Barnack Road footpath – at last!  The overgrowth has been cleared, thanks to a resident’s complaint.  This has prompted the parish council to ask why the City Council doesn’t respond to repeated requests by the parish council.  Chairman Graham Fletcher and Ward Councillor David Over are to meet with Peterborough’s CEO Gillian Beasley to discuss the issue.
Flytipping – A small travellers’ site turned into a major flytipping incident at the end of August and, after several reports by the parish council and other residents, High Field Road has now been returned to its usual peaceful state.
Tallington Road – there have been several highways issues discussed in recent months.  Peterborough City Council has now applied reflectors to a bridge along this road and confirmed that a resident’s request for yellow lines at the entrance to Beever Way has been turned down.  Gigaclear has carried out further work along the road, and returned, to remove their cable from a water culvert that drains the area!
Planning – the owner of Viandon, close to Ashton green, attended the meeting to present his plans to rebuild the property.  Councillors agreed that they had no objections to the plans and have indicated their approval to the planning department.
Budget planning for 2017/19 is underway.  Several new projects will be taken forward for further investigation, all aimed at increasing a feeling of community in the parish.
Minutes of each meeting and councillor details can be found on village notice boards and will appear soon on the village website  Contact the Clerk by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The next council meeting will be held in Bainton Reading Room on Tuesday 1st November 2016 at 7.30pm.  Residents are encouraged to attend.
Barnack Parish Council met on 12th September with business including:
-    Canon Drive, traffic signage.  The work has now been completed.   
-    School grounds Governance.  The PC working party have contacted School to arrange a date for a meeting. Resident concerns over late night noise on the school grounds will be discussed. If you are disturbed by anti-social behaviour, please report it to the Police by calling 101.
-    Pilsgate Path Bins. A quote has been received from Amey, the PC will seek another quote from a local contractor.
-    Footpaths and Verges. Amey have sprayed the edges of the footpath up to Pilsgate but will spray again if it has not been effective.
-    Post Box and Telephone Box. The PC would like to keep the old Post Box and will look into moving it and constructing a new stone surround if necessary. The telephone box will be moved to the plinth opposite Pond House with the aim to purchase it from BT and furnish it with a defibrillator in the future. 
-    Gladman Appeal, update on letters received.  The PC would like to thank residents for writing to the Inspectorate. A copy of the PC’s submission will be sent out to all who wrote to the Council.
-    Cllr David Over, re. Crime Commissioner.  Councillor David Over has spoken with the Crime Commissioner about rural crimes and been advised that there have been 50% cuts and priorities are currently immigration, domestic violence and drugs.  Rural communities need to make more complaints directly to the police and report crimes and anti-social behaviour, to make them aware of a need for police presence in rural villages.
-    PCC Planning Services, Article 4 Direction Orders. 26 properties have now received letters informing them of Article 4 Direction Orders under the Planning Acts.  This is to protect the conservation area from solar panels on prominent roof slopes. 
-    Cambridgeshire Police. Richard Taylor, CCTV ANPR Lead Team Co-ordinator has written to introduce himself. He would like to be the first point of contact with police issues. Richard can be contacted on 0800 781 6818. 
-    Solar Panel Farm, Wittering. The project has stalled due to not being able to get connected to the Grid.
-    Weight Limit Restrictions, B1443. The PC agreed to lift the restriction for one week to allow access for lorries passing through to Cummins.
-    16/01085/CLP | Installation of a caravan ancillary, Land To The West Of Uffington Road.
-    Current application is not factual and the conditions of a previous application have not been fulfilled – one entrance is not hedged over as was agreed.  PC and David Over will write to Planning.
-    16/01546/HHFUL, Skipport, Main Street, Erection of Single Storey extension and conservatory. Awaiting Decision.
-    15/01840/OUT, Land to west of Uffington Road. Gladman Appeal. The case is being put together at PCC but things will be quiet until after Christmas.  If there’s a public session the PC would like to have a chance to talk about the ecological impact and put across different points. 
-    Shop & ATM machine. The village shop is now closed.  The PC are still pursuing a Post Office van with a cash withdrawal facility, but this is not going to happen in the short-term due to staffing issues.   
-    Bus shelters. The PC will be pursuing an application to secure funding from PCC to install bus shelters.
-    Home from Home. Sereena Davey (Chair) has written to thank the PC for funding the cost of new carpets, storage cupboard and capped financial support to cover the cost of admin support for the next school year.   
-    Southorpe Bridleway. One gate has been improved.
-    Southorpe Precept. The PC will write to Southorpe PC to bring burial ground contributions in line with Barnack and Pilsgate.
-    Safety Inspection of Burial Grounds. The tree inspection will be carried out this week.
-    Chapel Lane Woodland. An email update has been sent to the support group.
Minutes of each meeting and councillor details can be found on village noticeboards and the website, or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on
07595 377236.
The next council meeting will be held on Monday 10th October at 7.00pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.