Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports November 2016

Report from Southorpe Parish Council Meeting on 28th Sept 2016.

All Parish Councillors, the Clerk and Cllr David Over were present.  Liam Curran attended as a representative of the village Road Safety Group.
Co-Option - Corrina Blackmore was co-opted to the Council.
Village maintenance – since the last meeting a number of reported defects have been dealt with: Potholes on Walcot Road have been filled; a drain cover on Main Street has been replaced; the overgrown footpath has been cut; and the light in the telephone box has been repaired, but BT have declined to paint the box again as the maintenance is on a twelve year cycle. The Clerk will contact BT again for an update on the future of the telephone box.
Village matters –
20 mph Zone - No objections have been raised to the proposed Traffic Regulation Order which will allow a reduction in the speed limit on Main Street from 30 mph to 20mph.  PCC has advised that the Order should take effect by the end of November and that the traffic signs will then be replaced.
Road Safety Group – Liam Curran provided an update. Statistics had been downloaded from the vehicle activated sign in Main Street for September showing that 32% of vehicle were travelling in excess of 30 mph and 6% at more than 35 mph (after Burghley weekend stats had been removed). This was consistent with results in July. The sign has been reset to visually indicate speeds above 20 mph but is not showing any speed below 30 mph, this has been reported to the manufacturers. An issue with rattling noise from the sign’s padlock was raised. The Group will be conducting another Speedwatch session in early October. Thanks were expressed to Carl Brown for his ongoing work with the VAS and to all the Road Safety Group for their work on Speedwatch.
Gated access to the village was discussed. The Road Safety Group are keen to see this adopted to coincide with the imminent change in the speed limit. The Parish Council are not willing to incur the cost and maintenance of gates without evidence of their effectiveness. It was suggested that having village name signs on both side of the road may be as effective; the Clerk will consult with Highways Department regarding the options and costs.
Jack Robinson reported on a recent meeting in which the Highways Agency had outlined plans for the upgrading of the A47 to a dual carriageway from the A1 junction to Sutton roundabout. No details are available yet but a consultation process will begin soon.
PCC has begun a review of the village conservation area to include the area boundaries and to make recommendations to ensure its special qualities are retained and enhanced. The PC will receive a copy of the draft document for comment.
A Lenova laptop and a printer for the use of the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer has now been purchased with aid from the Transparency Fund.
It was agreed that a village bonfire would be organised to take place on 5th November.
Ward Group - David Over provided an update on local issues including policing, funding and a lack of service to the villages - he is to meet with service heads to discuss this. He proposes introducing informal collaboration with Stamford Council on cross boundary issues such as planning. He is concerned that the PCC Scrutiny Commission for Rural Affairs is to be disbanded and that only the Parish Council Liaison Meeting will be available to specifically address rural issues.
The external audit for the year end 31 March 2016 has been completed.  The internal audit was carried out by John Shaw and he was thanked for his assistance.
David Edwards presented the financial report as at 28th September 2016.
Expenditure –Entertainments Committee £100; Insurance £171.05; Clerk’s expenses £60; IT Equipment £428.96.  Cheques were raised and approved.
Next Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 19th December 2016 at The Old Dairy Barn.  All residents are very welcome to attend.

Barnack Parish Council 10th October

Outstanding Items
•    Footpaths, Verges & Road Signs. Highways will repair the curb on the memorial after a lorry drove into it.  They will also inspect the road signs and compile a list of those that need attention.
•    Post Box. After discussing options with PCC, the preferred location for a post box is mounted on the lamp post outside the church gates. Otherwise, a new surround will be built around the current box and placed between the lamp post & bench outside the church gates.  
•    Footpath alongside Pumping Station.  Burghley Estate have contacted the farmer after receiving a complaint about workers using the path as a toilet & littering. A portaloo is now on site & the path has been cleared.   
•    Network Rail works to Stamford Tunnel. Network Rail need to undertake essential work on the railway tunnel on Barnack Road.  The road will be closed between the junctions of High Street St Martins and Burghley Lane from 24th October to 30th October.
•    Cllr Over, Policing Action Points. Ward Councillor David Over has been assured by the Police and Crime Commissioner that Barnack and Pilsgate will have regular visits from a Police Community Support Officer.
•    PCC, A47 Improvement Scheme. More information about the scheme is available online at and you can email any questions or comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
•    Request for a new Public Right of Way. As the request for a new right of way along the new river course is outside Barnack Village’s boundary, it was suggested a letter be written to Uffington PC by the resident.  Barnack PC would be keen to support the request.  A cycle path between Barnack and Bainton was also requested, but unfortunately the width of the road would not permit this. 
•    16/01646/HHFUL, Extension to annex porch, Biliwings, Walcot Road. No objections.
•    16/01672/LBC, Remove existing storage building and replace with a larger storage building, Barnack Village Hall. No objections.
•    16/01671/FUL, Remove existing storage building and replace with a larger storage building, Barnack Village Hall. No objections.
•    16/01880/CTR, Tree works, 5 Kingsley Close. No objections.
•    16/01881/CTR, Tree works, 4 Kingsley Close. No objections.
•    16/01883/CTR, Tree works, 1 Kingsley Close. Barnack PC will take advice from Bryan Clary (Tree Inspector) about these tree works and will look into the ownership of the Sycamore tree.
•    16/01085/CLP, Installation of a caravan ancillary, Land to the West of Uffington Road. Awaiting decision.
•    15/01840/OUT, Land to west of Uffington Road. Gladman Appeal. Martin Bloom suggested that Barnack PC meet with PCC’s counsel before the Inquiry to advise them of the environmental concerns.
Burial Grounds
•    A WW1 family memorial has been laid down in the cemetery due to safety concerns.  It was agreed that the PC would look into restoring it.
•    Hills & Holes Committee. Chris Gardiner has retired from Natural England.  Alison Freeman, Chair of Friends of Hills and Holes has resigned.
•    Traffic Calming. Harry Brassey circulated a letter for PCC Highways (requesting a meeting to discuss traffic calming plans and priorities) prior to the meeting.  Martin Bloom made suggestions for some minor amendments.  A final version will be published on the PC website, noticeboards, social media and in the Parish News.
•    Police & Crime Commissioner Bulletin.  Visit to complete a short survey to help the Police & Crime Commissioner understand what matters to you about keeping our communities safe.
•    Rural Crime Update. Theft from a motor vehicle on Wittering Road 02/10, window smashed to gain entry. Hare coursing – if you see suspicious activity please call 101.  Barnack has been promised a police presence with a PCSO.
Other Items
•    Bus shelters.  Barnack PC agreed to install a bus shelter at The Terraces and start the process of applying for funding for a second bus shelter outside the cemetery.
•    Home from Home. The Out of School Club had no support from parents at the recent AGM.  Barnack Primary School informed parents the setting would be at risk of closure if no-one stepped forward to volunteer their support.  The committee is holding an EGM on 31st October and is hoping for some support.   
The full Minutes of each meeting and councillor details can be found on village noticeboards and the website, or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on
07595 377236.
The next council meeting will be held on Monday 14th November at 7.00pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.