Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council reports December 2016

Barnack Parish Council

The Council met on 14th November with business including:

School Grounds Governance. The School have confirmed they will provide dates this week.  A resident was woken at 3.15am by youths on the field, the Parish Council urges residents to call 101 if there are further incidents.
Footpaths. Follow-up Amey to spray the edges of the path leading to Pilsgate.
Bus shelters. Awaiting confirmation of costs and survey.

Peterborough City Council, Draft Local Plan. The Local Plan is out for consultation in December.  Neither of the proposed housing sites for Barnack are in the Local Plan.
Barnack CE Primary School, Speeding concerns. Mr Fowkes wrote to the parents at school regarding speeding concerns.  The school have been given a copy of the PC’s letter to Highways.

16/01671/FUL, Replace existing timber storage building with a larger storage building, Barnack Village Hall.  Permitted.
16/02067/FUL, Change of use of church into a dwelling, Barnack Methodist Church. No objections.
S14/3078, SKDC, Land off south side of Kettering Road, Stamford. Residential Development. Barnack PC will contact Paul Armitage at Wothorpe PC to find out the latest views on the amended plans. 
16/01085/CLP, Installation of a caravan ancillary, Land to the West of Uffington Road. Awaiting decision.
15/01840/OUT, Land to west of Uffington Road. Gladman Appeal.  The Inspectorate confirmed that Barnack PC will have ten minutes to put their case on the ecological impact of the development forward.  A presentation will be submitted to the Inspectorate before Christmas.

Hills & Holes Committee. Chris Gardiner (retired from Natural England) is going to speak about Castor Hanglands at the AGM on 16.01.17. 
Traffic Calming. The Traffic Calming working group are meeting with Peterborough Highways on 05.12.16 to discuss plans.   
Biodiversity & Green Infrastructure Strategy. The Strategy will be out in the New Year for comments.
Rural Crime Update. There is to be a PCSO presence in each Ward.  Updated details will be in the revised Barnack & Pilsgate Directory, out next month.

Mobile phone mast. A resident has asked about the possibility of installing a mobile phone mast inside the church spire as a booster for poor signal in the area.  This will be investigated.
Bulk waste collection in Village. This was successfully carried out in Glinton recently.  The PC will speak to Glinton PC.
School field noise. Pending meeting with School to discuss, in the meantime residents need to call the Police on 101 to report any anti-social behaviour.

War Memorial. Highways fixed the broken curbs ahead of the Remembrance Sunday service. Coates Contractors donated to the Poppy Appeal after one of their vehicles damaged the War Memorial green.
Castor Township. The proposed Garden Village ‘Great Kyne’ is on government land, so is unlikely to be stopped.  There are concerns about the ecological impact on Castor Hanglands.
Home from Home. The committee have enlisted new members to help take the setting forwards. 
Shop & ATM machine.  The PC will look at other providers of ATM machines as Barnack is currently out of area for a mobile Post Office service.
Projector Hire. It was agreed that a £5 booking fee would be charged for hiring the projector.  This is to build up a fund for replacement bulbs or maintenance. 

War Memorial Junction. There appear to be an increasing number of lorries trying to turn at this junction, apparently ignoring the weight restrictions.  This will be brought up at the forthcoming meeting with Highways.
MUGA on School grounds. A resident raised concerns about noise disturbances from balls hitting the dry play area fence.  The sound carries to properties along Bainton Road.
Hills & Holes. Natural England would like to acquire land close to H&H to take pressure off the nature reserve.  The area would be landscaped with car parking, but it is not known if any land is available for NE to lease.  
The full Minutes of each meeting and councillor details can be found on village noticeboards and the website, or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on
07595 377236.
The next council meeting will be held on Monday 12th December at 7.00pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.

Ufford Parish Council November Meeting

Councillors welcomed as a guest of the meeting clerk-to-be Susie Caney who was congratulated on her imminent appointment.  The following items came under discussion:
Crime: Incidents within Barnack Ward included car crime (smashed rear window and stolen handbag in Wittering Road, Barnack and stolen number plates in Church Lane, Helpston) and thefts of a diesel bowser and the taking of  fuel,  power tool and battery  from a tractor (both Barnack).
Finance: The main outgoing was of £239.40 for  a new parish noticeboard to relace the vandalised one on at the corner of Newport Way
Planning: The appeal against the enforcement notice relating to the unapproved skateboard ramp at Compass Barn is still in progress. An application for a single storey and two storey side extensions and ground floor rear extension at Barnsdale, Marholm Road has been received.  It was noted that the discharge of conditions relating to a new house adjacent to North Lodge, Main Street was granted on October 18th.

Peterborough Local Plan consultation: 
Ufford, in common with other small villages is not earmarked for change. The next stage of consultation on the Local Plan is to run from December to January 2017. Ufford Parish Council’s formal response is to be finalised at the December meeting of the parish council.
Playing Field/ Playground Equipment: Councillor Frieda Gosling reported on  the well-attended re-opening of the play park  which followed the  completion of the installation of the new equipment. This splendid equipment has been well fitted and has attracted a pleasingly large number of small children from the village and beyond. The safety matting also appears to function very well. Frieda  suggested requesting funds for a playground sign. Frieda was thanked for her hard work in supporting villager Karen Howard (who championed the playground project and was its primary driving force through every stage).  Councillors also recognised the excellent work of former parish clerk Catherine Franks who provided help and advice with the financial administration of the project.
Tidying up of the playfield itself will include moving the pile of earth created during the installation of the equipment, relocation of the dog waste bin and trimming of the hedges. The Parish Council is soon to recieve a quotation for manual trimming as the fear is that mechanical flailing of the hedges may be too severe.
Village maintenance: The parish council is to contact Peterborough City Council with regard to the poor condition of the road service on Marholm Road and vegetation overhanging a bend in the road close to Ufford Spinney. Gigaclear are to be contacted about the final reinstatement of grass verges which is still awaiting completion.

City Council Rural Scrutiny Committee:
Parish councillors were of the opinion that the planned abandonment of the rural scrutiny commission is a retrograde step and will tend to lead to a loss of focus on rural affairs.
Next meeting: 7.30pm Tuesday 13th December 2016.