Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports Feb 2017

Report from Southorpe Parish Council Meeting on 19th December 2016.

All Parish Councillors and the Clerk were present.  Ward Cllr David Over sent his apologies.
Village matters – Peter Tebb at Highways has advised that the new road signs for the 20 mph zone in Main Street have now been ordered and that two entry signs will be erected at each end of the street.  At the request of the village road safety group gated access was discussed again; the Councillors are of the opinion that the impact of the 20 mph speed limit and the erection of new entry speed signs should be assessed before gates are considered and are also concerned about erecting further street furniture in a rural environment. Carl Brown has notified the Parish Council that he is still experiencing problems with obtaining accurate data from the vehicle activated speed sign; his continuing work with this is very much appreciated but, now that permission had been received for the new speed limit, data may no longer be so important and further rotation of the sign around the village may increase driver’s speed awareness.  Issues with speeding farm machinery in the village and the state of the wall at the southern end of the village have also been raised by the road safety group; farm vehicle speeds are limited to 50 km/h and it is hoped that the new speed limit will reduce the drivers’ speed; the parish council understand that the wall is to be repaired by Walcot Estate.

Planning Application – Grange Farm, removal of condition C2 (ancillary residential use of annexe) – no objection.

Peterborough Draft Local Plan - Southorpe is classified as a small village in the draft plan, no development sites have been identified and no change to the village boundaries are proposed. 
There are concerns about the proposed extensive residential development north of the A47 (Great Kyne) including the potential increase in traffic through the village and the environmental impact on Castor Hanglands.  Comments on the revised draft document are due by 9 February 2017.  The Clerk will contact Ailsworth Parish Council to seek their views and offer any support required before responding to the consultation.

Peterborough Housing Strategy – Comments on the draft document are due by 18th January 2017. The Clerk will forward a copy to the Councillors for consideration.
Conservation Area Review -The review had still not be commenced by Peterborough Planning Department. A draft report is now expected in March 2017.

Police Community Support Officer – PCSO Michael Courtney-Hunt had been confirmed as he dedicated rural officer. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   07525 227482.

Finance - Cheques were raised for Barnack parish council in respect of the burial ground £300 and the Parish magazine £40. The 2017/18 precept was discussed, it was agreed that there would be no increase on the 2016/17 precept of £780, to include the central contribution of £225 to the burial ground payment.  A S106 contribution has been made to the City Council by the developers of Springfield House; the Parish Council or village groups may access funds of £514 allocated to both transport and community/leisure use. The possibility of applying for funds to assist in installing a defibrillator in the phone box was discussed, this would require the removal of the telephone by BT and the purchase of the box by the parish council.  Corinne Blackmore will report at the next meeting on the use/training required for defibrillators and the Clerk will research costs
Next Meeting – the date of the next meeting is still to be confirmed.

News from Bainton & Ashton Parish Council

The council regretfully announces the resignation of Councillor Helen Watts, who stepped down following the last meeting.  Helen has served as a Parish Councillr for a number of years and we thank her sincerely for all her hard work.  This creates a casual vacancy on the council and any resident interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should contact the Clerk as soon as possible.

The council met on 3 January, following an extraordinary meeting in December to allow residents to meet with senior officers of Peterborough City Council (PCC).  A visit had previously been made around the parish to draw up a list of maintenance works that needed attention and councillors were delighted to see so many residents attending.

To date, some of the identified items had been assessed by inspectors but many were still outstanding.  The council will continue to liaise with PCC over progress.  Importantly, better communication links have been established and PCC is more aware of the issues that need to be resolved.  Road safety was a particular issue, especially on Tallington Road as it enters Bainton.  A Community Speedwatch team is now regularly monitoring traffic.  The council’s own contractor has been out clearing the autumn’s leaf-fall but fly-tipping continues to be a problem along High Field Road.

Councillors have considered the latest draft of the Peterborough Local Plan and of its Housing Strategy, as part of the latest stage of public consultation and it was noted that a number of potential sites for development had been removed from the plans.  A query is to be raised about traffic management planning, given the extent of developments in surrounding areas.

A recurring theme raised at the council’s recent meetings, at the recent Peterborough Parish Conference and at PCC’s Parish Liaison Group, is the increasing pressure on parishes to deliver services.   Bainton & Ashton Council has addressed this again this each year in its budget planning and setting of the parish precept.  It has also developed a list of projects it hopes to deliver over the next few years and an update on these is discussed at each meeting.

Minutes of each meeting and councillor details can be found on village notice boards and will appear soon on the village website  Contact the Clerk by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The next council meeting will be held in Bainton Reading Room on Tuesday 7th March  at 7.30pm.  Residents are encouraged to attend.

Barnack Parish Council met on the 9th January 2017.

To read the full Minutes, please visit or view them on the village noticeboards.  Items discussed included:

Post Box
Royal Mail removed the Post Box last month and are surveying suitable new sites.  BPC’s preference is for it to be placed in front of the previous location.

The noticeboard outside the shop will be swapped with the small noticeboard outside The Limes in due course. 

Footpaths, Verges & Signs
There are pot holes along the edges of Uffington Road.  Some village road name signs are nearly illegible.  BPC will discuss these with Highways at the meeting scheduled for this week.

16/02067/FUL, Change of use of church into a dwelling, Barnack Methodist Church, Main Street. Permitted.
16/01085/CLP, Installation of a caravan ancillary, Land to the West of Uffington Road. Refused.
15/01840/OUT, Land to west of Uffington Road. Gladman Appeal. The Public Inquiry will take place between 24 January and 2 February in the Bourges/Viersen Room of the Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough.  Margaret Palmer will be presenting on behalf of Barnack Parish Council. 
17/00010/CTR, Tree works, Glebe House, Stamford Road. 

Traffic Calming
The Traffic Calming working group are meeting with Peterborough Highways on 11th January.
All households within Barnack and Pilsgate should have received a copy of the 2017 Barnack and Pilsgate Directory.  Please contact the Clerk if you require a copy.

Rural Crime Update
Crimes within Barnack include: Locks forced on the Village Hall shed with confectionery and a lamp stolen.  Bainton/Barnack Road – smashed window and theft from a motor vehicle.

Mobile Phone Mast
BPC were informed that this item was discussed at the BCC meeting with the idea being agreed in principle, as long as the mast is not obtrusive. 

Church Wall
The repair work to the church wall is the responsibility of the Parish Council and is being looked into.

Peterborough Local Plan
The PC finalised the response to the New Local Plan.
The next Council Meeting will be held on Monday 13th February at 7.00pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.

Ufford Parish Council met on the 10th January 2017.

To read the full minutes, please visit, view them on the village noticeboards or contact the Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Items discussed included:

15/00307/ENFOTH Compass Barn:  Skateboard ramp enforcement notice – appeal. Awaiting decision.
16/01947/HHFUL Barnsdale. Single storey and two side extensions and ground floor rear extension. Permitted.
16/02061/FUL Hillywood View. Proposed removal of existing stables and erection of new stables and relocation of existing manege.  To note comments agreed and submitted since last meeting. Awaiting decision.
16/02210/FUL Five Elms.  Erection of replacement dwelling and associated works following demolition of existing dwelling. Awaiting decision.
Local Plan consultation
The rural areas and natural environment of Great Kyne were discussed in detail and it was agreed that notes would be consolidated into a policy by policy response for submission. 

Castor Update
UPC will ask Castor Councillor Neil Boyce to speak to the Barnack Ward Group at the meeting on 25th January.  A group called Protect Rural Peterborough (PRP) has formed in Castor to oppose the development.

Playing Field
Amey will repair the basketball hoop when they come out for their inspection.
Several quotes have been collated for the work to tidy up the hedgerows.  UPC have two companies on the short-list and will discuss their insurance and liability details before awarding a contract.
Feedback from residents informed the decision not to install a playing field sign.

Village maintenance
UPC met with PCC and Peter Hiller to look at village maintenance issues. Newport Way has lots of pots holes and the soakaways need attention.  A new sign is on order for the entrance to Newport Way which will incorporate both Newport Way and Meadow View.  The surface dressing on Marholm road is damaged and will need re-dressing. PCC Highways will confirm actions for all items addressed, and will look into improving the safety of the King Street Crossroads.

The next Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th February at 7.30pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.