Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports September 2018

Barnack Parish Council 

BPC met on 13thAugust.  

The following summary covers a selection of items discussed.  To read the full Minutes, please visit, view them on the Village noticeboards or request a copy from the clerk.

Outstanding Items

Post Box – The new post box has been installed outside the rear gates to the church.  The box will be ‘unveiled’ and ready for use once it has been added to Royal Mail’s schedule.

Telephone Kiosks – Both kiosks have had their telephony removed, but the Barnack box is still waiting to be disconnected from the mains before it can be relocated.  


Linden Homes – 18/00377/REM, Land to the West of Uffington Road, Reserved matters approval for 80 dwellings. BPC wrote to the case officer Janet MacLennan on 1st August with queries following a meeting with residents on 25th July.Thank you to those residents who suggestedroad names for the development.  The names agreed by the Parish Council for submission to PCC are linked to the history of the site and village - Hillside Furlong for the entrance road/main through route and then three names if needed; Sissons Close, Argles Close, Knabb Close.  

18/00861/FUL & 18/00862/LBC, Greystones, School Road, Proposed Barn Conversion and Extension. Refused.

18/00859/LBC, Greystones, School Road, Internal alterations including replacement roof light, new fan, roof repairs, secondary glazing, rewire, re-plumb and repoint in lime mortar. Permitted.

18/00872/LBC &18/01028/HHFUL, 27 School Road, Barnack, Internal and external refurbishments/alterations to the dwelling and the demolition of a detached garage. Permitted.

18/01284/HHFUL, 37 Uffington Road, Barnack, Installation of a vehicle crossing. BPC agreed comments for submission to PCC in support of this application.  

18/01271/CTR, Mistletoe House, Wittering Road, Barnack, Tree Works. No objections.

18/01299/CTR, Land Adjacent to 12 Whitman Close, Barnack. Chestnut – fell. No objections. However, it was noted that a nearby ash tree is failing, so BPC will ask the PCC Tree Officer to take a look.

18/01297/CTR, Land at Main Street, Barnack.  Tree Works. No objections.

Local Plan – Update on Green Spaces. MP wrote to PCC again to remind them that the Open Spaces in Barnack need to be correct in the final plan.  PCC will make these changes in the detail stage of the Plan and MP will continue to monitor and remind PCC. 

Other Items

Pre-School and Wrap Around Care. BPC has donated funds to Pre-School to cover the cost of the installation of a wooden bridge to link the building with the out of school club mobile classroom.  BPC is also writing to PCC in support of a S106 claim by the Pre-School parent committee.

War Memorial Junction - PCC Highways are looking into the cost of improving the memorial junction and will install a camera to monitor the ‘swing’ of cars pulling out of the slip road onto Stamford Road. 

Trees - Orchard Road and Bishops Walk. The tree on Orchard Road marked for removal will not be removed following an inspection by Amey.  It represents no health and safety threat to highway or pedestrian users.  It is an established tree although not aesthetically ‘correct’ due to unauthorised works being carried out on it.  The tree is healthy enough to retrain and Amey will continue to maintain it.  Amey are producing a spec for the trees on Bishops Walk to have general maintenance work carried out, such as crown lifting and dead wooding.  

Neighbourhood Plan – The Working Group are meeting on 29th August with Athene Communications.

WWI Commemoration, Battles Over – Giant poppies have been sourced for display in the village, and bell ringers have confirmed that they will attend on the 11th November but are unable to confirm timings yet.

Barnack School, School Field and S106 Funds – The Head and the Chair of the Governors wrote to thank BPC for their financial contribution towards the maintenance of the school grounds, and their ongoing support.  A group of parents are carrying out maintenance and gardening jobs over the Summer, but the grounds are in need of a tidy and litter pick.  It was suggested the School involve the children in helping keep the grounds free of litter.  BPC has written to PCC in support of the School’s application for S106 funds.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 10th September at 7pm in the Village Hall.  All welcome.