Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports December 2018

Barnack Parish Council 

Barnack Parish Council met on 12th November.  To read the full Minutes, please visit, view them on the Village noticeboards or request a copy from the clerk. Note the following are a selection of items discussed:


Linden Homes – 18/00377/REM, Land to the West of Uffington Road, Reserved matters approval for 80 dwellings –The name for the development is to be Sissons Close.  The history behind the name is former Barnack Schoolmaster and farmer Moses Sisson.  Moses Sisson’s Home Close is marked on the east side of Uffington Road on the 1773 map, and he also farmed land elsewhere in the village. There are memorial slabs to the Sisson family in the church. Moses was Barnack Schoolmaster in the late 1700s and up to his death (aged 65) in 1806. 

18/01619/LBC, 18/01621/LBC, 18/01618/HHFUL and 18/01620/HHFUL, 2 Kingsley House, Bishops Walk, Single storey side extension, internal alterations & barn conversion. Awaiting Decision.

18/01591/HHFUL, 4 Bainton Road, Demolition of single storey extension and construction of single storey and two storey rear extensions and alterations to side and front windows. Permitted.

18/01590/FUL, Sandall House, Stamford Road, Convert barn into Tourism Annex – retrospective. Permitted.

18/01414/LBC, Church Cottage, Main Street, Replace roof timber work to small outbuilding. Permitted.

18/01667/R3FUL, Barnack CE Primary School, Proposed alterations/improvements to existing vehicular and pedestrian access. Awaiting Decision.

18/01812/CTR, 2 Linden Close, Barnack, Tree works. No objections.

18/01693/TRE, 25 Bishops Walk, Barnack, Tree works. No objections.

18/01796/CTR, The Old Chapel, Main Street, Tree works. No objections.

18/01846/CTR, 11 Whitman Close, Barnack, Tree works. Comments were agreed for submission to the Tree Officer.

18/01749/CTR, Ragstone House, Stamford Road, Pilsgate, Tree works. No objections.

18/01844/HHFUL, 1 Pudding Bag Lane Pilsgate, Loft conversion with roof lights to front and rear. No objections.

18/01882/CTR, Hillside, Wittering Road, Tree works. No objections. 

Other Items

Neighbourhood Plan – The Working Group have drafted a questionnaire which will be distributed to all households in due course.  BPC approved the recommendation of the Neighbourhood Area by the Working Group. 

Cemetery Renovation – The cemetery is still work in progress, but Richard Harding and Son worked extremely hard in time for the WWI Commemoration weekend.

WWI Commemoration – The events of the weekend were a great success and the Chair read out a note of thanks (copy in this issue of Parish News).  

Barnack Primary School - Linden Homes have kindly agreed to help the School complete the unfinished play structure on the field.  

Christmas Tree Village Event – Look out for posters being displayed around the village.

Traffic Calming – BPC is leaning on the local Highways Authority to confirm a date for the installation of the gateways (which have been purchased and are ready to go) and other areas for traffic calming. It was agreed that a letter would be written to the Gillian Beasley to ask for action.

Uffington Road repairs and Pot holes - Martin Benn from PCC Highways attended a site visit on 25 October to see the state of Uffington Road and the many potholes throughout the village.  He advised that an order would be raised as soon as possible to repair the roads.

Fly tipping and footpaths – The recent fly-tipping by the A1 has been reported and the state of the footpaths ankle deep in leaves will also be followed up with PCC.

Bus Stops – PCC gave an installation estimate of the end of November but have not yet confirmed a date.

Telephone Kiosk – After an inspection by a local electrician, it is dubious whether BT have disconnected the kiosk as per the usual protocol.  BPC will follow up with BT for documentation/proof that the power cable has been cut.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 10th December at 7pm in the Village Hall.  All welcome.

Ufford Parish Council

The council met on 13th November.  To read the full Minutes, please visit, view them on the Village noticeboards or contact the Clerk via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :

Planning:  18/01632/CTR, Ufford Hall, Main Street – Tree works. Permitted.

18/01881/CTR, The White Hart, Main Street – Ash tree fell, Maple tree fell, wall reinstatement works to be carried out. Comments were agreed for submission.

18/01707/LBC, Clarendon Cottage Main Street, Replacement Windows. No objections.

Other Items

WWI Commemoration – UPC noted the Village Hall Committee kindly organised a number of poppies and arranged tea and cakes to be served at the hall after the church bells were rung in Remembrance.  UPC assisted the British Legion with poppies outside the houses where the fallen soldiers once lived.

Casual Vacancy – UPC will be advertising a casual vacancy due to Graham moving away from the village.  For more information and how to get involved with your Parish Council please contact the Clerk.

Ufford Heritage Publication – Members of the working group met with a talented local designer, Julian Cooke, who will be taking the project forward.  Content is being submitted to Frieda by residents and a budget is to be agreed.  The Clerk will look into options for opening a community bank account for the group. 

Traffic Calming – Whilst waiting for an answer from the Highways Authority, UPC have agreed to purchase a number of 30mph bin stickers for residents.  Please get in touch with the Clerk if you would like one.

Pot holes – Martin Benn (PCC Highways) visited the village on 25 October and advised he would chase up the outstanding road repair works immediately.  UPC will continue to follow this up. 

Street Lighting Upgrade – The team will be back on site to continue the upgrade project and ensure lights are off during daylight hours.

Langdyke Trust – Please check the village noticeboards for the latest schedule of events.

Residents are invited to attend the next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 11th December at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.