Past Parish Council Reports for Barnack, Bainton and Ufford

Parish Council Reports Feb 2010

Annual Servicing of gas appliances.
Barnack Parish Council would like to remind home owners to service their gas appliances annually. There is a danger that if this is not done, the appliance could emit carbon monoxide, as recently experienced by a local resident.

Ufford Parish Council Meeting Jan 12th
1. Speeding traffic through the village continues to cause concern. Residents may be interested to see the analysis of speeds recorded by the police at the Walcot Road and Marholm Road ends of the village, currently displayed on the notice board. Negotiations are on-going with PCC about funding for speed sensitive lights.
2. Complaints have been received about the irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to foul the footways and verges. Dog waste is unsightly, offensive and potentially dangerous, especially to children. The quantity has increased over the last few months, especially on Walcot Road and on the hill. There are 7 rubbish bins in the village, including one specifically for dog waste on the playing field. There are reminders on all the lamp posts in the conservation area that fouling by dogs is illegal. The message is Bag It and Bin It. Please don’t just leave the bag for someone else to pick up!
3. This season’s hedge planting on King Street and Langley Bush Road was finished before the December snow. One more day’s work after the thaw should complete the planting on Marholm Road.
4. We are looking for some volunteers to organise a fete of some kind this coming summer. This will be included on the agenda of the next UPC meeting, which will be on Tuesday, February 9th at 7.30pm at Ufford Village Hall.

Bainton and Ashton Parish Council
Your councillors are Coun C. Agnew (Chair), tel. 740007, Andy Totten (740381), Judith Morrice (740865) Zena Coles (Ashton) (740550) and Jane Franks (740004)
Apart from Coun Franks who was ill, all councillors attended the meeting on 5th January together with 5 members of the public. Everyone deserved a medal for getting there on a wretched night. Highlights included fantastic progress with the allotments which are now virtually up and ready to use. A bit of tidying will be done when the weather is better and a rabbit proof fence will be put up: the next news will be vast quantities of vegetables growing on a piece of land previously unused. In February we plan to replace the rusty fence in the children’s playground with a willow tunnel! This idea came from village children and experts will come in February to instruct any village children interested in how to plant and maintain it. If you are still at school and want to be involved please come along- you will then be able to call it yours! A note telling you the date will be put up on the notice board- or ask the Franks girls. We were successful in getting a grant for this and also a selection of wildlife-friendly plants in the boxes in the playground. It’s going to look great! The pilot weight restriction order on the B1443 seems to be working well and Highways Dept at Pboro City Council will make a decision shortly on keeping it. If you want to offer an opinion please contact them soon. The only sad note came from our Chairman who forewarned that he would be retiring at the AGM in May. Chris Agnew has diligently served all us villagers in B&A for many years in this capacity and if you see him please pat him on the back. Next meeting is on Friday 19th March.

Wanted- a Parish Councillor For Bainton and Ashton

A vacancy has arisen for a Parish Councillor at Bainton and Ashton. Although a voluntary role, the rewards of serving your local community are tremendous. Meetings are held every two months, but most councillors get actively involved in village matters on a regular basis. Full training can be given. Applications should be sent to Tony Gowers. Parish Clerk, at 1, Bainton Gardens, Bainton, Stamford. PE9 3AW. If you wish to talk over the implications of the job please ring Tony on 740097 or talk to any of the councillors.

Barnack Parish Council

The meeting held on Monday 11 January 2010 in the Wilfrid Wood Hall was attended by Mrs J Woollard (Chairman), Mr E Barker, Mrs S Berrill, Mr H Brassey, Mrs D Dolby, Mr D Roxburgh, Cllr D Over, PC N McCallum, 2 members from Peterborough City Council and Mrs R McCallum (Parish Clerk).
Contact has been made with Alice Kershaw regarding the repair of the dry wall between the churchyard and Manor Field. David Wilson Homes has delayed the start of the building on Uffington Road until June/July due to the translocation of the lizard. The 106 agreement money will not paid until work begins on site. Peterborough City Council have been asked to attempt to solve this problem. To date, the Sports Pavilion Fund Raising Committee has raised £21000, with further events planned. Trees will be planted on the B1443 by Peterborough City Council, and some English hardwood trees have been ordered for Uffington Road for planting in the autumn. Replacement hedging for Uffington Road has been ordered for where a hedge had been removed in the past. This will be planted as soon as the weather allows. The chairman asked the councillors to consider planting specimen trees on both sides of the road at each entrance to the village to accentuate the fact that traffic is entering a village in the hope that this would help to reduce the speed of traffic. Officers from PCC planning department attended to consult with the council on their proposed plans for the development of the site in Puddingbag Lane, Pilsgate. Having listened to the comments further plans will be drawn and submitted for planning approval. The Budget Precept for 2010/11 were approved. Cllr Over confirmed that Peterborough City Council is buying the Peterborough football ground, which will mean the whole of the South Bank area will be owned by them. A university is expected to be built as part of the development. The gritting of the B1443 and Main Street has kept the centre of the village accessible. The Parish Council will apply for salt bins to be placed around the village. PC McCallum reported that there had been 29 crimes reported during 2009 for Barnack and Pilsgate. The next Rural Neighbourhood Panel meeting will be on Wednesday 10 February 2010 at 7.00 pm at the Bainton Reading Room. A further request will be made for the repair of the street light in Canon Drive/Saxon Road. The next meeting will be on Monday 8 February 2010 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. All are welcome. A full copy of these minutes are on the village notice boards.
A full list of Barnack Councillors and their contact numbers appears on the Parish News website:

The Problem of Uninsured Motorists

Sean Rowcliffe of Hegarty Solicitors identifies the problem area of uninsured motorists and points out that there is something you can do in the event of an accident.
A recent change in legislation has highlighted a significant problem for road users in our region, namely the ever-increasing number of uninsured motorists on our roads. Present estimates suggest as many as two million motorists are driving around the roads of the UK without a valid insurance policy. This represents approximately 6.5% of the driving population. The chances of being hit and injured by an uninsured driver are increasing every year.
The government have recently announced a change in legislation meaning that it will now be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive without cover. The measure has been announced recently by the Road Safety Minister Mr Paul Clark.
Many drivers believe that they are powerless if they are injured as a consequence of the actions of an uninsured motorist but they are in fact still able to present a claim by presenting an application to the Motor Insurers Bureau. The procedure is a little more complicated than presenting a claim against an insured motorist with more procedural requirements but the victim can still be properly compensated says Solicitor Sean Rowcliffe of Hegarty LLP. “I have noticed a significant increase in claims involving uninsured motorists in recent years. Many clients feel powerless but I am able to advise them how to present a claim”.
Clients are often pleased to find that after they are compensated the Motor Insurance Bureau have the right to recover the damages paid and any costs from the “guilty” motorist in full which provides a timely reminder to those who are tempted to drive on our roads without a valid insurance policy.
All uninsured drivers face consequences when they are caught, including 6 penalty points as a minimum (they can even be disqualified), a £200 fixed penalty fine and their vehicle can be seized by the police. If their vehicle is taken they would have to pay £150 plus a car pound fee to recover the car and provide proof of valid insurance in order to have the vehicle returned.
It is hoped that with these new measures we will see fewer and fewer uninsured drivers on our road but if you have been injured and are the victim of an uninsured driver please do not hesitate to contact Sean at Hegarty Solicitors in Peterborough who can advise on the presentation of a claim.
Sean can be contacted on 01733 295638 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.