Patrol of P51s out of Kingscliffe Airfield - 1942

Flight out of Kingscliffe 1942I thought the residents of Bainton and Ashton would welcome this picture from 1942 of a patrol of P51s out of Kingscliffe Airfield.

Ashton can clearly be seen on the far right of the picture half way down and Bainton at the top of the image.

Kingscliffe airfield just outside Wansford has a history and holds a memorial to Glen Miller who did his last hanger concert there before disappearing into the night. It is a very important part of local history. Many parts of the airfield still remain and are visited regularly by enthusiasts,with permission by the landowners of course.

There is a public footpath which runs along side of the airfield,where you can see some of the buildings,so dog walkers can have a glimpse. -  Gary Holmes

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Flight out of Kingscliffe 1942