Langdyke Countryside Trust (LCT)

 - Ermine Street Area Group (ESAG)

As the Langdyke Countryside Trust prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019 its future looks very bright. 

This year, with the incorporation of the Friends of Barnack Hills and Holes, the LCT-Ermine Street geographic area was formed. This covers the area around our villages of Ufford, Barnack, Southorpe and Pilsgate, as well as the western side of Bainton and Ashton. The area stretches out to Stamford and the A1 as well as north to the River Welland and completes, along with the 2017 addition of LCT-South area group, LCT’s coverage of the John Clare Country Living Landscape scheme between the rivers Welland and Nene from N.W. Peterborough to the A1. This Living Landscape scheme aims “to link and extend the fragments of meadow, woodland, wetland and old limestone workings to ensure that the flowers, butterflies and creatures recognised and loved by the poet have a place to call home, long into the future”. ( )

The stated objectives of the Langdyke Countryside Trust are:

1. to promote the conservation, protection and enhancement of the biodiversity, landscape, natural and cultural heritage of this rural area.

2. to inform, educate and involve the public to engage in the conservation and management of their local environment.

These two objectives are being achieved through the creation and promotion of a landscape scale vision for nature and heritage; the establishment of a chain of actively managed and linked local nature reserves; and the development of partnerships with local communities, businesses, statutory organisations  such as Natural England  and voluntary bodies such as the Wildlife Trust.  In the past couple of years, as an indicator of LCT’s ongoing success and commitment, it has added considerably to the land area and the number of reserves it is actively managing. 

To match this ongoing expansion and deliver these objectives, we are looking for new members to join LCT, especially those interested in participating in the newly formed geographic group covering our villages. We are a very informal group with a variety of ways in which we engage with aspects of the natural environment. (e.g. enjoying flora, birds, photography and even ‘scrub bashing’ on the Hills and Holes).  We are now starting to plan what projects and events we would like to hold in this specific geographic area. These can only work if they are supported by your participation and are of interest to the community. No particular knowledge or expertise is required, just an interest in investigating what wildlife exists in our region and how we can improve the environment locally, encourage more robust populations of target species and generally increase biodiversity.

If you are interested in finding out more visit the LCT website @,  the Facebook page ( 

or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .    - David Alvey