News and Events June 2011

During the interregnum, the church wardens are your first point of contact for all church matters. Please feel free to contact them:



June Woollard 740276

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Someone to Volunteer to Deliver the Parish News in Southorpe
After several years delivering the Parish News to households in Southorpe, Andrew Beard has decided he would like to hand over the reigns to someone else.
If you could spare the time to deliver the Parish News once a month to homes in Southorpe, please get in touch with the editor, Lisa Chadwick (details on back cover).
Many thanks to Andrew for all his hard word in the past.

Barnack School
As the Summer Term commences we are bathed in warm sunshine and enjoying our beautiful school grounds.
We marked the Royal Wedding by holding our own wedding at St John the Baptist Church on Thursday 28th April with 2 of our Year 2 pupils being ‘married’ by Canon Margaret. The service was a very memorable occasion with flowers, confetti and a picnic reception back at school in the school grounds. The children all enjoyed typically English games and activities in the afternoon ending with an ice cream from the ice cream van thanks to our parents committee, the BSA. The BSA also kindly purchased a commemorative mug for every child to mark the occasion. You can see photos of the day on our website:
The school now has new front doors at our main entrance which has allowed lots more light into the library area. The children are now creating art images of the school to further brighten up the new foyer. The old doors have been kept and signed by every child and member of staff in school as part of our preparations for the school’s 60th birthday.
As you may be aware the school building celebrates its 60th birthday in September and to mark the occasion we are collating a display in the main entrance area comparing the past and present. We would love to receive any written accounts of your memories of the school, photographs or even objects that you may still have from your days at Barnack CE Primary in the past. We will be displaying the old Headteacher log books and other memorabilia, so please come in and have a look! If you are able to contribute to our display, please bring in anything you may have and we will be sure to look after it and return it to you safely in September when we will be holding a special celebration. We will be contacting all in the village nearer the time for our ‘birthday party’ in September and are planning a 1950s themed day.
Other highlights of this term include: the Year 5 and 6 residential visit to Scarborough, Money Week, Arts Week, Sports Day, our leavers service and even a Celtic settlement on our school field!

Open Garden Coffee Morning
Wendy and Bernard Kane invite you to an open garden coffee morning at Weathervane Cottage, Main Street, Ufford on Wednesday 13th July 2011 between 1030 and 1200 noon. This is the biennial event in support of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) and “Otters Retreat” children’s respite centre in Peterborough. Entry is £2.50 to include coffee and cake. In addition there will be a raffle. Proceeds will go to the above charities.

The Buttercross Club
At the meeting on May 4th, Jenny Walsh gave us a talk (with some practical participation by us) on the Alexander Technique, which has been in use for over one hundred years and has been designed to help people prevent or alleviate physical conditions associated with poor posture or excessive tension. Alexander was an actor who devised the technique because he kept losing his voice and he realised it was because he held his shoulders in the wrong position. Jenny teaches the technique to young musicians at Oundle School so that they can avoid some of the repetitive strain type injuries that can happen as a result of playing, say, the violin. Jenny herself took up the technique because years of bad posture had resulted in back problems when she participated in the two sports she loved, squash and horse riding. Her troubles began because she was very tall – 6 feet – and tried to look less so by adjusting her posture and this ultimately caused the problems which interfered with her sporting interests.
Jenny gave a very positive talk. She said that we can retrain our bodies to do actions differently. We can’t always recover from all injuries but we can manage them better by strengthening muscles, improving posture and so on. She demonstrated how we should stand, sit and get up from a sitting position. We all had a go at doing these actions the right way and it was pretty clear that quite a few of us had slipped into bad habits over the years and it would take some time to rectify our problems! Jenny reminded us of how children could squat on the ground and in one leap get up and run off. She said that theoretically, if we had not developed bad posture by taking short cuts, slouching and so on, we should all still be able to do this. In her opinion children should sit on stools at school from primary upwards so that they remain straight backed. This would strengthen them as they grow and would alleviate many of the problems we associate with the aging process.
We learnt some interesting facts during her talk. By improving the posture of young pianists using the Alexander technique it alters the sound of the music produced. People with short necks can play the violin much more easily than people with long necks. And there was one piece of advice she gave us which is relatively easy to put into practice. She said we should lie on the floor with a couple of paper backs under our heads for 15 minutes every day for a fortnight - we will feel all the better for it!
Our next Buttercross gathering is the Birthday Breakfast at the Reading Room on Sunday, June 5th to celebrate our Silver Jubilee. Please join us and enjoy breakfast and a read of the Sunday newspapers. There is a modest charge for the food.
Please don’t forget to create a picture of the Buttercross if you are 16 or under (A4 sized paper – any medium) or a 5ins by 7ins photograph of the Buttercross if you are over 16 – see May’s magazine for full details. Prizes will be awarded at the Birthday Breakfast.

Update on Barnack Ward Wildlife Projects Birdsong Walk on May 11th
We had a beautiful evening for this year’s popular walk in Castor Hanglands led again by Phil Rudkin. He started by warning us that many woodland bird species are in decline. Many birds are shot and killed during their migration and others, having survived across deserts and oceans, return to find their habitats destroyed. However we heard 18 species, including nightingale, lesser whitethroat, garden warbler, green woodpecker, turtle dove, wood pigeon, hedge sparrow, blackcap, chaffinch, chiffchaff, great tit, wren, robin, blackbird, long-tailed tit, yellow hammer, cuckoo and song thrush. The highlight for me was the thrush at the top of a tall tree behind one of the ponds, singing his solo aria, just for our benefit it seemed, as the sun was setting. We are so lucky to have such beauty almost on our very own doorsteps.

Bumble Bee recording
I can report that am now enjoying my bumble bee counts in the garden and am getting more confident over identification. The bees have had a feast on the Ceanothus this week and I have been recording up to 30 some days in the 20 minute time slot. If anyone would like an identification and recording sheet please let me know. friedagoslí This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Barnack Church Summer Fete
On Saturday 25th June, the annual Summer Fete will be held for Barnack Church in the churchyard and in the church itself.
It will be opened at 2pm by well-known Barnack residents! Please come along and enjoy the many stalls and craft tables. Teas will be served in the Lady Chapel throughout the afternoon and the raffle is to be drawn at 4.30pm.
If you have any items which could be given to the fete to sell, please contact Catherine Barker (Church warden) on 740427.

Joules Clothing Sale
Catalogue returns/Sample Items
FRIDAY 17th JUNE. 12 noon til 7pm
Call Jane Franks 740004 or Helen Fancourt 740091 if you need to know MORE !!

Darby and Joan
Members were entertained by Phil Rudkin (Stamford) who gave an interesting talk on Butterflies accompanied by very colourful slides.

Ufford Park Cricket Club held a Quiz
The club in Bainton Reading Room and raised £328 for Club Funds.
The Season has started very well with the Hunts League XI played 2 won 1 and lost one, Rutland League 1st XI having played 2 won 2 and the 2nd XI have also won both matches played. The Junior Section continues to go from strength to strength.

Flower Arranging Group.
Barnack Flower Group are holding an Open Evening on Tuesday 28th June 2011 at 7.30pm in the church. It is titled “Flowers for a Wedding “. Pat Symonds will be demonstrating and we will have refreshments. We will be raffling the flower arrangements. Entry on the door £3.00 All welcome. Joan Laycock.

The Good News Library Van
This will be coming to Barnack on Tuesday June 21st. It will be at the home of Yvonne Goodwin 24 Bainton Road Barnack from 10.30 until 12noon, when the usual selection of books, CD’s and DVD’s will be available for you to borrow free of charge for as long as you need. Of course there will also be coffee, tea and cake for you to enjoy. Everyone is very welcome

Barnack Pre-School:
Longer Opening Hours & Grand Opening of New Building
Our new building was installed in the February half term and has been up and running ever since. The children are now enjoying the fabulous light and airy building, with free flow from the glass doors at the front of the building to the garden, which has also seen some improvements. It is a great achievement and one that we will be marking when we officially open the new building on Saturday June 11th at 10.30am.
Miranda Rock from the Burghley House Preservation Trust has kindly agreed to cut the ribbon and we would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend – past , present and prospective parents, as well as anyone else in the local villages who would like an opportunity to see the new building and enjoy some tea, coffee and cakes.
Pictures of the building in its various stages of construction can be found on our website
Please do come along to join us – we are situated in the grounds of Barnack School. We would also like to thank all those people who helped to achieve this important milestone for our local Pre-School. It is a great asset for our community.
Longer opening hours From September, Barnack Pre-School will be extending its opening hours. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays it will open from 9am to 3pm. The day will consist of a morning and an afternoon session – you may choose to attend either or for the full day. On Mondays and Fridays the Pre-School will continue to open just for the morning session, from 9am to 12 noon. Children aged 3+ receive local authority funding for 15 hours a week (5 sessions) but are welcome to attend for more. The Pre-School welcomes children aged from two-and-a-half years. For further information please contact our bookings secretary on 01780 763786.

Barnack Bowls 200 Club
The Winners for April were:
34 Gordon Pateman £25
3 Margaret Holden £15
5 Geoff Bell £10
And for May:
20 Margaret Andrews £25
24 Arnold Dennis £15
70 Colin Lunn £10

Barnack Methodist Chapel
We had a very lively Chapel Anniversary on 1 May which was preceded by a members’ family tea. The leader of our worship surprised us by bringing a lovely birthday cake and we also all had party bags to go home with!
Our ‘Shalom in Springtime’ on 11 May was much enjoyed by a number of visitors to the village who were able to join in several taster sessions and also a walk in the Hills and Holes.
Our Coffee Morning and Cake Stall on Saturday 7 May raised a welcome £133.59 for our funds and thank you once again for your support. The Coffee Morning in June will be held on Saturday, 4 June at the usual time of 10 am to 11 am and we look forward to seeing you again then.

Falling from the Heights!
My Guiding is taking me to new heights … in a sponsored abseil on June 14th for a new climbing tower at the Residential and Activity Centre I help to look after over in Norfolk. Hautbois (pronounced Hobbis) welcomes all kinds of groups: youth groups, schools and adults and caters for all sorts of outdoor activities, training courses of just leisure – too much to tell you about here. It’s a great place, doing great things but gets very little outside financial help. Why not take a look at the website?
If anyone would like to sponsor me, either contact me direct (740009) or go to to donate online. Many thanks. Janette Abbott-Donnelly

Village Ladies’ Group
A group of us enjoyed our Bluebell Walk in Castor Hanglands on 4th May. Although the bluebells were almost over, we did spot the first orchid of the season. Thanks to Frieda for imparting her knowledge, which made the walk much more interesting.
On Saturday, 25th June we’re off to Pride & Prejudice at Tolethorpe. Weather permitting, this will begin with a picnic in the grounds from 12 noon, followed by the 1.30 p.m. matinee performance.
19th July: Stamford Walk – St. Martin’s conducted by Elaine Ward. Meet at 5.30 p.m. at the Arts Centre. The evening will conclude at Pizza Express.
The Friends of Barnack Church.
The winners in the 200 Club draw for April and May were as follows:
£20 No. 89 Miss E. Snowball.
£10 No. 65 Mrs C. Robinson.
£5 No. 71 Mrs. A. Holland.
£20 No. 116 Mrs. L. Pollock.
£10 No. 186 Mr. M. Harley.
£5 No. 5 Mr. K. Duff.

Barnack W.I.
The purpose of our May meting was to discuss and vote on the two resolutions which are to be debated at this year’s AGM in June. The first reads, “This meeting urges HM Government to maintain support for local libraries as an essential local and educational and information resource.” It was introduced by Liz.Young.
The second reads, “This meeting abhors the practice of factory farming particularly large animals such as pigs and cows, and urges HM Government to ensure planning permission is not granted for such purposes.”
This was introduced by Sheila Berrill. After discussion a vote was taken and each resolution was carried. These decisions will now be passed to the delegate from our link institute who will attend the AGM on our behalf. After the business had been concluded we were entertained to a delicious cheese and wine supper prepared by Beryl Burrows and Gill Glenister.
Members were informed that we have been asked to serve teas at the church fete on Saturday, June 25th. Plans for this will be made at our next meeting which is on June 14th when the speaker will be Russell Jacklin from the John Lewis Partnership. Liz Young.

Lost Watch
On a walk around Barnack I lost a recent watch. The watch is a Mens Swatch watch with a dark granite grey coloured face. The strap is dark brown leather. Although not of much value it has sentimental value to me and I would be really pleased if I was to get it back
We parked in Hills and Hollows. At the road we turned left and followed the arrow through the field with the high wall on our left hand side, where we could see the big house through the gate. There was a bull in this field.
We then crossed the cattle grid and walked through the next field with sheep and lambs in - we crossed the next cattle grid and followed the road through the wooded area down past the farm into Southorpe.
At the main road corner in Southorpe we turned left heading towards Barnack and crossed over the stile and walked through the first field.
We crossed over the next stile and followed the footpath through the field already planted with crops.
On reaching the main road on the sharp bend, we crossed over the road and entered the next field (opposite the high wall on the bend into Barnack). This field had young bullocks in it.
We walked through this field towards Barnack and through the small gate in the right hand corner by the bowling green. We followed the footpath all the way past the cricket ground and down to the post office in Barnack . Walking through the village we turned left and walked past the Millstone and back to our car at Hills and Hollows.
So in summary we did a large circular route.
Please would you be kind enough to contact me if you found a watch in this area?
Many thanks, Nanine Purves. 01733 890056.

Afternoon Family Service Sunday 22nd May - Barnack Baptist Church
Everyone is very welcome to come to our second monthly afternoon service on Sunday 19th June at 4pm in Barnack School Hall. The service will be very family friendly and will include time all together and some time when children go to separate activities within the school premises with our CRB checked children’s leaders. After the service everyone is welcome to stay around for a meal of sandwiches and cakes etc with tea, coffee and cold drinks. Followed by some informal games on the school field – rounders etc – or if you’d prefer to be less energetic just stay around and have a chat with old friends and hopefully make some new ones. Graham Dunn - Minister - 749198.

Junior Youth Club
Junior Youth Club is for school years 5 and 6. The next session is on Friday June 17th, from 7pm to 8.30pm in Barnack Village Hall with table tennis, pool, crafts, air hockey, computer games, lots of team games and a short talk. 50p subs + a small amount for the tuck shop and crafts. All children in school years 5 and 6 are welcome. Junior Youth Club is run by Barnack Baptist Church, to give primary children a taster of the regular youth club which is held every other Friday for school years 7 to 11. For more information about Junior Youth Club please contact Julie Stanton 749123.