A Winter Wedding...

St. Mary’s church in Bainton was the venue for a wonderful winter wedding on 17th December.   The bride was Eleanor  Barton,  daughter of Anne Harrison-Smith of Church Lane. Eleanor walked to the church from Willow Cottage.

She was accompanied by three lovely bridesmaids who were wearing claret & ivory dresses and fur stoles, they carried cream rose bouquets.

Eleanor was a beautiful bride, and looked stunning in her ivory dress, which was trimmed in red. Her ivory velvet cape flowed over her gown. She carried a bouquet of cascading greenery and red roses.

A large congregation of friends and relatives gasped, and a few tears sparkled as the bride entered the church, on the arm of her father.

Waiting nervously was the bridegroom – Alvin - The smile and his wide eyes shone with pride all day long. The ceremony was conducted by the Rev. John Harper who has been known to the family for over 20 years.

Our church looked magnificent, with red and white roses arranged with natural greenery on all the window sills, around the font, also pedestals. Inside the porch, was a wonderful floral arch which peaked over the door.

Large church candles flickered on the window sills. Decorated pew ends and button holes for all the wedding party added to the colour. Sunshine streamed  in through the windows. Surely St. Mary was smiling from above, to bless this happy marriage.

No event can just happen, there has to be a great deal of thoughtful planning and work beforehand. The mother of the bride, who also looked radiant in black velvet with an incredible mix of red green and turquoise colours in her coat and hat.  She had worked as chief planner with her daughter co-ordinating all the different elements.

Many thanks are due to a small army of local people who rallied round to help the family on this very special day. Sheila Bratley who orchestrated the flowers with her helpers - just spectacular, and enjoyed by parishioners attending our carol service and Christmas services which followed. Candle holders for the church had been made by Brian and had their first airing.

Our organist Elizabeth played a lovely mix of festive and joyful music. The church had been cleaned and polished, the churchyard trimmed and tidied, and all the paths cleared of leaves, the verges around made Bainton look like the best kept village.

Thank you to the church wardens for their help, the bell ringers, the volunteer photographers, those who helped by putting up some of our guests.

A huge thank you to all our friends in Bainton and also to St. Mary.

From ... Chris and Anne.