GREAT - GREAT Britain - and Team G.B.
Proud, Proud nation - that’s you and me.
Two thousand and twelve - What a year!
A Golden time for us to cheer.
It started with the Olympic flame,
Carried by torches in the rain.
North and South - across each County,
Local heroes held the bounty.
Millions, turned out - just to see,
The flame pass by - that’s you and me.

Then the opening, of the Games,
Joining of each Countries flames,
This is London - twenty twelve,
Awake the world, to sport and health.
The ceremony - just breath taking,
Joy as smiles - started breaking,
Flags a-waving, people cheering,
British history fast appearing.
Music, dancing - colours bright,
Then fire-works lit up the night.
Sportsmen and women, then compete,
Swim the pool - or bike the street.
Rowing, Sailing, and shooting clays,
Paddle rapids thro’ splash and sprays.
Crowds cheered Bradley ‘Sideburns’ home,
Gold medals from the Velodrome.
Football, hockey, beach volley-ball,
Girls are wearing - not much at all!
Bows and arrows were seen at Lords,
ExCel Arena - fencing swords.

The Olympic Stadium - Magnificent,
Excited all of those who went.
Athletes from every nation,
Found their way to Stratford station,
To the Park, with Orbit and flowers,
Landscaped trees and modern towers.
Racing, chasing - straight from the gun,
Tears from victors, when they won.
Jumps and javelin, too high to see,
80,000 cheers - that was you and me.
People talked to strangers they met,
Feel good factor?  - Oh yes, you bet.
Cheering children throughout the land,
Waving flags, they clapped their hands,
Cameras flashed and the giant screens,
Showing all the Olympic scenes. 
TV’s tuned, to every event,
Good news in papers, heaven sent!
Transport to and from the Venue,
Smooth as silk and real good value.

The helpers and those volunteers,
Best example for years and years.
We’ve made friends - across the world,
Seen other nations flags unfurled.
Oh yes, Lord Coe - we did it right,
Team G.B. has a future bright
Our stars are an inspiration,
Hopes for the next generation.
Praise to our God, and Team G.B.
Thank you so much - from you and me.
Chris H-S