News and Events December 2013

brown bin collectionBrown Bin Collection

You are probably aware that the brown bin collection was due to cease for 2013, and to start again in March. A local resident complained to PCC about this year's earlier than usual suspension of the service, following which they have added an additional brown bin collection next Tuesday 10th (along with the green).

Please remember to put your brown bin out on Tuesday 10th December as this will be the last until March 2014.

Barnack Multi Use Games Area
Progress contiues to be made regarding the installation of the Multi-use Games Area-MUGA. The site has changed and it will now be installed in the field  just over the eastern boundary of the cricket field at the bottom of Chapel Lane in Barnack. This site has again been kindly donated by Darby Dennis. The new site should alleviate some of the concerns raised earlier by the Bowls Club and Cricket Club as well as dispensing with the need to move the right of way across the earlier proposed site between the two clubs. The committee is now starting the fund raising process with applications being made to various grant agencies. If anyone would like any more information they may contact Martin Bloom Chairman of the MUGA Committee on 01780 740966.

CHARITY LUNCH in aid of Sue Ryder Care, Thorpe Hall.
Thanks to the wonderful support from Barnack we were able to raise £1150 at the recent lunch held in the Village Hall.  Thank you, to all the ladies who made casseroles, baked jacket potatoes and made trifles, all delicious. A very special thanks to Adrienne Collins, Judith Browne and Fiona West for all their help and to Mark Whitburn who stepped in at the last minute to help with the washing up!  The money raised will help towards the building of the new hospice.  Thank you.

Did you know?
1. A school opened in Barnack in the 14th century in the church vestry.
2. The headmaster (1719-1750) had the unusual name of Mr.Thickbroom.
3. The stone used in building the village school in 1796 cost just over £16.
4. The literacy level in the village in the 1790s was about 50%.
5. The 1851 census shows that 25% of village children did not go to school.
6. In 1865 fourteen Barnack children died of scarlet fever.
7. In the 1800s children had to bring a slate to school.
8. In the 1930s swimming lessons were held in the River Welland.
9. In 1939 about 100 London children were evacuated to Barnack.
10. On 21st Nov. 1940 an incendiary bomb came through the school roof.
These are a few of the many interesting details contained in School in Barnack, a short illustrated history written by Brian Palmer. For anyone interested in the history of the village this would make an appealing stocking-filler present for Christmas. The book has 48 pages and 26 illustrations. It is priced at £5 with all proceeds going to Barnack School Association.
Copies are available from Michelle Goodwin,  9 Allerton Close, Barnack.
Tel. 01780 749337

BARNACK  with Pilsgate and Southorpe in old photographs
Copies of the second edition are on sale at £5. The book contains ninety four images taken between the 1890s and the 1960s. They provide a fascinating record of changes in our area over a seventy year period. The postcards and photographs in the book include street scenes, the church, the Stamford to Wansford railway line, village businesses, work on the land, the old school and the windmills.
Available from the author at Nethercott, Stamford Road, Barnack, tel. 740988, or Walkers Bookshop in Stamford. Brian Palmer

Barnack Bowls 200 Club
The winners for November are:
  90    Barry Davis        £25
 44    Pat Barton        £15
 26    Jean Honour        £10
We are almost to the end of this year’s draws – only one more to go – and members are reminded that next year’s subscription will be due in December.
This year’s prizes have been shared by more than 30 members – some of them winning more than once - and any new members would be most welcome.  You don’t have to play bowls to take part in the draw and all the money raised is either given out in prizes or used towards the maintenance of our much admired rinks.  If you are a newcomer to the village and are interested in joining please contact Jill Unsworth Tel: 01780740456.

Barnack W I
Will members please note that the December meeting will start with the AGM at 6:45pm, followed by our Christmas entertainment- a buffet, mulled wine and English Country Dancing. Come along and enjoy yourselves. Wear comfortable shoes!

Bainton and Ashton Buttercross Club
Our November meeting was devoted to the work of the Royal British Legion. Charles Clark, Chairman of the Barnack and District branch, brought us up to date with the work of our local branch. An income of £7,500 to £8,000 is generated per annum. The sale of poppies locally in 2012 raised £4,500. Some of this money goes to the County Welfare Fund, some to RAF Wittering for those serving in Afghanistan and their families and some to the British Legion Learning Centre at the National Memorial Arboretum. The local branch organises lectures, social events and visits, for example, to the RAF Harrier Heritage Centre and to Duxford. In addition, amongst its other duties, the local branch also provides Remembrance services for the villages. The range of its activities is vast, (including organising the Jubilee fireworks and the vintage car cavalcade). Currently the members are planning how to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War.
Mr. Clark then introduced us to our main speaker, Jo Ticehurst, who is in charge of fund raising for the British Legion in Lincolnshire. She told us that last year’s Poppy Appeal for Lincolnshire raised £721,360.03. The money helps serving military personnel and their families, funding for care homes, holidays and so on. Forty million poppies go out each  year and in Lincolnshire some £525,000 is spent on mobility scooters, electric beds, brown and white goods, essential groceries, home repairs, help with arrears and funeral costs. £25,000 was given to a Lincoln charity, the Nomad Trust, who renovated and opened Sheridan House to accommodate ex-servicemen. One Iraq veteran lived in his car for two years because he was unable to adjust to life after service. His marriage broke down and he took to alcohol. He lived in Sheridan House for three months and, as he had an address, he was able to get a job. Now he has his own flat and the future looks promising.
The Battle Back Centre in Lilleshall is entirely funded by The Royal British Legion. There they use sports and adventurous activities to restore hope and confidence to ex-servicemen suffering the ill effects of military action. The motto is “be inspired to achieve” and the feedback from the people who attend is very positive. As one ex-servicemen said, “We’re all a little bit broken but this has shown we are all a little bit brilliant.” £2.6million has been given to Blind Veterans UK, formerly St. Dunstan’s. The money helps pay for the high dependency unit at its Llandudno Centre. A blast injuries clinic is also being funded and work is being done to improve equipment and thus reduce blast injuries. The Medi Cinema at Hedley Court is a state of the art cinema provided by the Royal British Legion and is a great recreational facility which contributes to the well being of the injured servicemen.
The work of the Royal British Legion in aiding ex-servicemen is  extensive and one of its many roles is to help us remember those who have given their lives in the service of this country.  Every year thousands of Remembrance crosses are planted ( e.g 80,000 in Westminster alone). This year, following auditions, a group of youngsters calling themselves the Poppy Girls (all the children of servicemen and women) are appearing on the One Show and at the Royal Albert Hall in the hope that their CD will become a Christmas number one and raise a great deal of money. In addition it is hoped that people will have ‘poppy picnics’ and ‘poppy walks’ in 2014 to commemorate the start of World War One and to raise much needed funds.
Diary Dates etc.
*Please save your used postage stamps for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.
The Christmas meeting, featuring the Mannered Mob, will be on Wednesday, December 4th. 
The first meeting of the New Year will be on Wednesday, February 5th.

Barnack & District British Legion
26 Oct - County Poppy Appeal Launch, East Kirkby airfield. An impressive event, but maybe too far for members to attend.
28 Oct - Branch AGM. 25 members attended a lively meeting well supplied with documentation, which sparked off useful discussions on sundry topics - as should happen at an AGM. The meeting was followed by a most instructive talk by Norman Turner which went down very well and just right for the occasion.
1 Nov - Armed Forces Community Covenant signed by Charles on behalf of the Branch. Other signatories represented RAF Wittering, Kendrew Barracks, St. George’s Barracks, Stamford RBL, Stamford RAFA, Stamford Town Council, the Stamford Endowed Schools, Queen Eleanor Academy, New College, Stamford Chamber of Trade and Stamford Town Team. The AFCC is a statement of mutual support between our Armed Forces and the local community and serves to strengthen already strong links.
3 Nov - County Festival of Remembrance. 6 members of the Branch were fortunate to attend this year’s County Festival of Remembrance in the Whittle Hall at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell.
Presided over by the County Lord Lieutenant and the College Commandant, the proceedings included a parade of 40 RBL Standards with Navy, Army, Air Force and Cranwell College cadets, Poppy Sellers, Salvation Army and Chelsea Pensioners smartly in attendance.
The programme- on ‘Albert Hall’ lines - featured performances by the Band of Royal Air Force Waddington, the Royal Air Force Cranwell Players and the Cranwell Military Wives Choir. An impressive Service of Remembrance rounded off a memorable occasion. 
10 Nov - Remembrance Sunday. Usual service in Barnack Church, followed by the War Memorial wreath-laying ceremony. Possibly the best turn-out yet (150+) on a day of bright sunshine and blue skies. The Guard of Honour and trumpeter (Rory Macras-McIlrae) were provided by the Stamford Endowed Schools CCF and Ted was back in action as Standard Bearer.
11 Nov - Armistice Day. Weather not so good (cold, wet and windy), but nevertheless a well-attended (50+) commemoration at the War Memorial. Always good to see Barnack C of E School so well represented. Slight break with tradition in that the whole of Laurence Binyon’s evocative poem “For the Fallen” was read out, which seemed appropriate. Well done to the young (Y8) Stamford School trumpeter Jonathan Winfrey who, despite cold fingers produced an excellent rendition of the Last Post.
14 Nov - 3 Sqn Homecoming Parade in Stamford. Attended by several members on another day of sunshine & blue skies.
18 Nov - Winter Lecture by Pat & David Harris: “They Came to Remember”. Full report in next edition.
WWI Commemoration, 2014: Stamford Town Council, in association with the Stamford Branch of The Royal British Legion and supported by the Stamford & District Local History Society, is planning to commemorate next year’s 100th anniversary of the start of WWI. Two of the events will be exhibitions of WWI memorabilia, civilian and military, in Browne’s Hospital and The Arts Centre.
We are intending to hold “viewing days” in February when items can be brought to a central location for cataloguing as an aid to planning and then taken away until June, when the exhibitions will be set up.
If required, we will be able to copy ephemera, either at the Town Hall or in the owner’s home by means of a portable scanner, so that only the copies will be on show - and we can collect and return items to you as well, if transport is a problem.  
 If you have any items you would like to lend for the exhibitions, please let me know as it would be useful to have an approximate idea of what is available even at this early stage.
Volunteers to help with other aspects of the commemoration, especially research, would be very welcome. If you would like to be involved, please contact me at: Cllr. Max Sawyer, STC WWI Commemoration Group, 44, Waverley Gardens, Stamford PE9 1BH. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01780 765507

Let’s Fly The Flag For Massage!
“I’m going for a massage”, you say to friends and the reply is inevitably “Oh, how lucky you are – enjoy!”  I ask myself why the reply isn’t “what’s the problem then?”  We see massage as a treat, a luxury, when I think it should be an essential part of our lives.
Massage is one of the oldest of therapies, mentioned by the father of Medicine himself, Hippocrates, in his writings.  It has its forms in all ages and cultures and its benefits are wide ranging.  It oils the body, wonderful for aging, dry skin.  It loosens up the knots of strains and sprains which occur as part of an everyday working life. Most of the aches and pains we suffer from are muscular in origin and all top class athletes have regular massage.  It affects the blood and lymph vessels and helps to rid the body of toxins.  It soothes the nervous system, leaving the client relaxed.  It gives time and space to retreat from all the problems of our fast paced world.  When combined with Aromatherapy it doubles its powerful effects as many of the essential oils are anti-viral or anti-bacterial and help protect the body from those coughs, colds, sore throats and sinus problems which occur during the winter months.
Of course there are contra-indications.  If you have a skin problem, heart problem or fever, then it may not be suitable for you.  A well-qualified massage therapist will always ask you about your health and any medication you are taking and will take notes before and after the session.
So next time you think it is just an indulgence, just tell yourself you are looking after and taking responsibility for your own health as well as partaking of a therapy which is actually pleasant!
Ann Rodgers  MIPTI BAHons
Ann has been qualified as a therapist and teacher for over 20 years and works from her practice in Southorpe.  For more information about massage please ring on 01780 749018

Little Lambs
Little Lambs Toddler Group is for mums, dads and carers with babies and toddlers from birth to 4 years and takes place every Tuesday in school term time, at Barnack Village Hall.  The first two Tuesdays of December, 3rd and 10th , will be normal Little Lambs sessions running from 10am until 12 noon. On Tuesday 17th we will be having our Christmas party with a bring and share lunch and lots of party fun.  The party will be at the slightly later time of 10.30am to about 12.30pm.  Little Lambs has been really popular during 2013. It’s a friendly place to meet new people, catch up with friends, play with your child/ren and watch them explore the joy of playing with other children.  For the first hour the hall is laid out with games, toys, slides, craft activities and rugs to sit on.   Midway through the morning, we clear away the toys and sit down around a long table for tea, coffee and delicious cakes while the children have a tasty snack of fruit and small cake or biscuit.  Then it’s time for a short bible story and action songs which all the children really enjoy.  This leaves ten minutes or so at the end for the toddlers to let off a bit of steam as they whizz round on cars and trikes before going home for a well-earned rest, and hopefully an afternoon nap.  Little Lambs is run by the Community Church– for further details please contact Karen Dunn 749198. We look forward to meeting you.

Men’s Breakfasts
Last month’s Men’s Breakfast featured the usual hearty full English breakfast and a fascinating but poignant talk about the First World War battlefields and cemeteries of northern France given by Andy Fyall.  This month Men’s Breakfast will be back at the Community Chapel, Main Street, Barnack on Saturday 7th at 8.30am.  Please do come along, it‘s fine just to turn up on the morning but it does help Rob with the catering if you can let him know beforehand that you are coming – we wouldn’t want to run out of sausages and bacon!  Organised by the Community Church, to find out more please ring Rob Porter 740663.

Youth Club
Youth Club takes place in Barnack Village Hall every other Friday from 7.30 – 9pm during school term time.   This month there’ll be Youth Club on the 6th and 20th.   It’s for all young people in school years 7-11 who live in Barnack, Bainton, Ashton, Southorpe, Ufford, Pilsgate and Wothorpe.   There’s table tennis, pool, table football, craft activities and tuck shop and usually the evening ends with team games.  It’s £1 to get in + a bit extra for the tuck shop and the craft activity. Youth Club is run by the Community Church.  For further information please call Rob Porter 740663 or Graham Dunn 749198.

Christmas at the Community Church
We hope that people will join us for our Christmas services and activities.
Sunday 15th December 4-00 pm - School Hall – Messy Christingle.  This will be a beautiful short service, everyone will make their own Christingle to light and then take home, (there will be safe alternative to a candle for the younger ones! ), we will sing traditional carols, some new ones and of course because it is Messy Church we must sing our signature song which is ‘Our God is Great Big God!’  After the short service we will have a family light meal followed by a Christmas Party with fun and games.  This will be fun for all ages, come along and join in – all welcome.
Sunday 22nd December 10-30 am – School Hall – Nativity, this year the traditional nativity story will be presented by a group of Angels who are on a mission to make sure the people of Barnack understand the real meaning of Christmas and why Jesus came to live among us.
Monday 23rd December – Charity Christmas Concert in the Village Hall at 8.00pm.  X factor without the X!  This is a good fun event, the Community Choir will be singing plus other local singers and musicians.  Mulled wine and mince pies are served in the interval.  The concert concludes with community singing of traditional Christmas Carols.  Afterwards we encourage people to join us in the Millstone Inn where the singing typically continues.  Concert tickets will £5, available from Barnack Post Office or at the door. All the money from ticket sales will be donated for the Baptist Missionary Society’s work in Uganda.
Christmas Day 10-30 am - For the first time we will be holding our Christmas Day service in the Community Chapel, in previous years up to 90 people have attended so it is likely to be cosy.  Children are encouraged to bring along a gift and challenge Rev Graham to link it to a Bible theme.  The carols are selected on the day by a popularity poll as people come in.  This is a lovely way to celebrate the birth of Jesus, to meet friends and to set the day off well by remembering what Christmas is about.  Our Christmas Day collection will also be donated for BMS work in Uganda.
Sunday 29th December – Prayer labyrinth in the Community Chapel at 10.30am.  What is a prayer labyrinth? Come along and find out.  It will be an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  It is very informal and people are encouraged to go at their own pace and take time to pray and reflect on different aspects of what the birth of Jesus means for the world and for us personally. 
After the prayer labyrinth there is a community walk setting off from the chapel at 1-00 pm and returning later in the afternoon for a meal and a time of fun and friendship.  Please check with Julie 749123 or Michelle and Mark 749337 nearer the time to confirm the plans for the walk.  All are welcome.
On behalf of the Community Church we wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

Village  Ladies’  Group
Nine members enjoyed a get-together and lunch at The Fitzwilliam Arms, Marholm on 6th November.
4th December: Christmas Meal at The Millstone Inn, Barnack – 12.30pm.    
Members will be dining at The Millstone for the annual Christmas lunch - our first visit since the inn changed hands.      
Friday, 24th January, 2014:  Lunch at the Gallery Restaurant, Stamford College.  A date for your diary - further details in next month’s magazine.