News & Events March 2015

Friends of Hills and Holes

Friends of Barnack Hills & Holes
The first “friends” event of 2015 is on Sunday 22nd March when we shall be joining Peterborough Conservation Volunteers  and helping them with some of the routine practical tasks around the reserve that maintain the habitat for the flora that we will all enjoy later in the year. For further details of this event closer to the date and for future events (practical, educational and participatory survey work) please visit the website . If not already a member please consider joining (£5 per year) and working with us and learning more about this National Nature Reserve.

Friends of St John the Baptist Church AGM
The Friends of St John the Baptist Church Barnack Annual General Meeting will be held in church on 11th March at 7pm.
If anyone would like to find out more about the Friends, you are welcome to contact Barry Witmond Chairman on 07774870513

Barnack Fun Run

Time to dust down your trainers and get out training! The Barnack Fun Run will be happening on Saturday 18th April. Our Schools Challenge race starts at 2pm and the Fun Run shortly after. There are 2 races 2.5km and 5km. 
The runs start and finish at the school and go around the village. If you would like to enter then you can get entry forms from the post office and from the school office or you can enter on the day at the school.
Entry fees are £4 for children and £5 for adults before the day or £5 for children and £6 for adults on the day. Please come along and join in the fun we would love to see you. 
There will be the usual refreshments available during and after the race so even if you don’t want to run then you can still join in the fantastic atmosphere. Hope to see lots of people.

Save The Date - Bainton Family Day!
5th July 2015 … Bainton House

Speeding Traffic
Speeding traffic is one of the factors that most affects the quality of life in local villages and risks the safety of local residents and pedestrians - especially children.
Community Speedwatch is a traffic monitoring scheme coordinated by Cambridgeshire Police in partnership with local councils but managed and run by volunteers.
Speedwatch is an educational programme, BUT, the police do carry out joint checks with Speedwatch where speeders may be prosecuted, the police will also use data gathered by volunteers to mount their own independent checks.
Ignoring Speedwatch could result in a prosecution and already has.
We need your help to make roads in Bainton & Ashton safer. If you can spare a few hours a month, please contact the Bainton & Ashton coordinator, Nicola Clough by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parish News Treasurer’s Report
The Parish News carries information from many different groups and individuals in the villages and thank you to everyone who has supported the magazine this year. We feel that the magazine is an important community resource to be used and supported by the whole community. It seems as though individuals support for the magazine has dwindled to an all time low with personal donations of only £335 this year. With approx 750 magazines distributed each month and a suggested donation of £5 per household it is less than one in ten households who contribute financially towards the Parish News.
We have been very fortunate, first to have David Hare and then Susie Payne doing a fantastic job of contacting businesses and telling them about the opportunity to advertise in our monthly magazine. Many thanks to Susie who did such a good job but has recently given up the position. The Parish News has some money in reserve which may be needed in the coming year. We are on the lookout for a new advertising person to raise revenue, but until someone comes forward we may need to use our reserves to pay the printing bills. Many thanks to Chadwick Design for printing our magazine each month and providing the excellent website and to Michael Perkins of Ashton for checking the financial records each year.
Enclosed with this issue of the Parish News is a small brown envelope for your donation towards the cost of producing the magazine. (As previously suggested £5 per household would be greatly appreciated).
Please hand these to a Church Warden in your village, Peter at Barnack Village Shop or directly (or by post) to the Treasurer : Helen Fancourt, 3 Bainton Gardens, Bainton PE9 3AW. Please can these envelopes be forwarded to Helen asap as they sometimes contain cheques.

Flower Arranging Group
We have had our AGM recently and we have arranged for Mrs Ann Taylor to give us a demonstration on 4th March 2015 in the village hall at 2pm. She will let us have details of the flowers and equipment we will require and I will let you know a.s.a.p . Will anyone who hasn’t let me know their e-mail address please do so.@ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Joan Laycock tel:- 740267 or Ann Butland tel :- 740121.

The Children’s Society Annual Box Opening
This year I have been able to bank on your behalf the grand total of £917.50 from the opening of the boxes.  On behalf of the children who will be helped by our parish’s annual donation I thank you all very much for your generosity. 
I have looked after the box opening now for the past 15 years and have decided that it is time I finished.  The work that the Society does is vitally important and our contributions have been much appreciated.  Therefore the parish is looking for a volunteer (or maybe two or three working together) to take on this responsibility next year.  I would of course provide every assistance that might be needed in the first year.  Please either see me in church or give me a ring if you have any questions or would like to know more about the process or feel you could volunteer. 
June Graham (Tel: 01780 740387)

The Buttercross Club
  The first meeting of the Buttercross year was the AGM on February 4th, 2015. There was a good turn out in spite of the cold weather. The business meeting went smoothly and was followed by a very interesting talk by Elizabeth Goodwin who is part-time co-ordinator of Stamford Street Pastors.
  The Street Pastors scheme is run by volunteers. It was the idea of Rev. Les Isaac who wanted to give help to the vulnerable and the disadvantaged across all cultures. It first started in Brixton, London in 2003 but now operates in 270 locations across the country. The only qualification required by a volunteer is that he/she is a Christian. The organisation is not evangelical nor is it denominational.  The motto of the street pastors is ‘listening, helping and caring’.
  The volunteers in Stamford are all ages and from many different backgrounds. They are members of the churches in Stamford and will all have been DBS checked and have received training. There are 5 senior street pastors, 17 additional street pastors and currently 3 in training. There are 8 ‘prayer’ pastors who provide a background of prayer. 
  The street pastors go out on a Saturday night at 9.30pm until the pubs and clubs close at 3am or 4am. They wear a uniform for easy identification. They work on a rota basis, four volunteers at a time working in pairs. They do not intervene in fights. These are dealt with by the police. The Pastors’ aim is to pre-empt trouble.  For example, one young girl amongst a group on the Recreation Ground in Stamford had become very aggressive because she was drunk. The pastors were able to contact her older sister who drove to the Rec and took her home. By listening, handing out water to prevent dehydration, distributing flip flops to young girls who are having trouble walking in stiletto heeled shoes and ensuring people have the means to get home safely the Pastors have helped to reduce crime on a Saturday night.
  In 2014 The Stamford Street Pastors helped to calm down 25 anti-social incidents, gave out 240 pairs of flip flops and met with 2,500 people. They rely on funding and donations to provide the necessary training and for the uniforms and equipment. 
Diary Dates
Weds., March 4th  Listening, Laughter, Weeping – The Best Job Ever. A talk by Dame Mary Tanner
Weds., March 25th (Date to be confirmed). Daffodil Walk in Burghley South Gardens.
Weds., April 1st    Fabergé Eggs. A talk by Gerry Burrows.  This is an open meeting starting at 7:45 in Bainton Reading Room to which non-members are warmly welcomed. There is a small charge of £1 to cover light refreshments. There will be an Easter themed raffle.

Barnack Bowls 200 Club
The winners for February are:
24     Pat Gyles    £25
61    Peter Holt    £15
10    John Innes    £10
The Good News Van
The Good News Van will be coming on Tuesday 17th March to Margaret Durdy at 11am until noon. 12 Canon Drive. A warm welcome to all to come for a chat and coffee, and to browse the large selection of books and videos available to borrow. Hope to see you there.

Village Ladies Group
March 25 lunch is at Stamford College Restaurant at 12 noon.  Welcome to our new members - Ann Whiteman and Cerys Simmonds.  If any other ladies would like to join us please contact Joan Waller on 01780 740 396 by 21 March.

Bainton Pub Night
The next Bainton pub night will be on Friday 13th March 2015, at  Berry cottage in Ashton, courtesy of Anita and Lars- Normal Bainton pub rules apply, which are 7.30-9.30, bring your own drinks, glasses, nibbles, etc. everyone welcome.
Volunteers are still required to host pub night’s from June onwards , which are the 2nd Friday in each month. . If you would like to be notified of Pub Nights dates and locations,- email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To volunteer to be a host, or any questions regarding pub night, contact Rob McNeish on 01780 740709 or by email.

Justice And Peace
Boko Haram in Nigeria and Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq loom ever larger in the news. Boko Haram, which in the local language means “Western Teaching is Sin” implying in particular that girls should not attend school, have seized the predominately Christian city of  Mubi and renamed it “City of Islam”. Christians have been given three options: leave, convert to Islam or be killed. Some 13,000 have fled the city and there are reports of torture and killing. Churches have been torched.
In Syria, IS has marked a gruesome centenary in a gruesome manner. 1914 was the year that the Armenian and Assyrian genocide reached its peak. Some survivors were forcibly removed from their homelands in Ottoman Turkey and marched across desert to the city of Deir al-Zour. Subsequently, a church designated Holy Martyrs, was built in commemoration.  In September last year IS militants laid mines around the church and blasted it to destruction.
But there is more to Justice and Peace than religion. Its enemies lie in many minds. The caste system in India is well known and has been outlawed for many years, yet continues to flourish. The plight of the Dahlits, at the bottom of the pile, is particularly to be deplored. In Nepal waste management is in the hands, literally, of lowly people who pick through the collected waste removing plastic, metal, cloth and paper to sell to earn an income, a dangerous job exposing them to toxic substances, broken glass, contaminated needles and faecal matter. Traditionally, these people have been despised by the public, but happily the charity Practical  Action have become involved. They have transformed the working practices and have managed to persuade the public to see the task in a new light. Providing uniforms bearing the message “Respect Waste Workers” has worked wonders. We could do with more like this.
Torture is all too common. Sri Lanka, a country admired for its cricketers, recently concluded a civil war against its Tamil population. Among the defeated survivors are many who remain severely traumatised by the effects of torture during the conflict. The charity Freedom from Torture, which brings victims to the UK for treatment, brought no fewer than 528 men from Sri Lanka in the period 2012-13. The treatment can last several months.
Tibet has been under Chinese occupation since 1950, at a cost of more than a million Tibetan lives. A mature health worker has been jailed for life for sending an email about a peaceful protest to the outside world. A senior monk has been tortured to death after villagers in his home county refused to fly China’s flag over their houses.
Some conflicts are ambivalent. Many Palestinians want to see the end of Israel, but was it just for Gaza to bombard the country   with rockets over a period of years and was Israel’s response proportionate? The latest to appear is Ukraine; does anyone, including the Ukrainian people, know how their trouble flared up so suddenly or where it can lead? Tit for tat, an eye for an eye, can this ever be a route to peace? Even Islam has a deep seated difficulty. Much of the fighting in the Middle East is between Sunni and Shia, Muslims both. Their schism began not long after the death of  Mohamed, more than 1000 years ago. Some moves to-wards Islamic ecumenism are reported, but they seem all too feeble.
Such matters were discussed at the 2014 Benefice Lent group. By popular request, to enable reflection to continue on a regular basis, meetings will be held at 7-45 each Wednesday at Bainton church, beginning on 13 May. Everyone is welcome. The meetings will take the form of prayers, readings and discussion.
Meanwhile, you may find value in a prayer of Mother Teresa: Make us worthy, O Lord, to serve the men and women throughout the world who live and die in poverty and hunger. Give them, through our hands, this day their daily bread, and by our understanding and love, give peace and joy. Amen
John Tanner

Friends of Barnack Church 200 Club
The winners in January were
£20    No.10   Harold Croft
£10    No.1     Ann Butland
£5      No.97   Ray Hackett

Christian Aid Week  15 - 22 May
Christian Aid is a substantial, high profile charity well known for its presence at catastrophes dispensing food, blankets, medicines and the like, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Its day to day activity is far reaching and is centered on justice as well as welfare.
The stated essential purpose of Christian Aid is threefold: to expose the scandal of poverty, to help in practical ways to root it out  from the world and to challenge and change structures that militate against the poor and the marginalised. To this end it operates in 46 countries in tandem with 814 local partner organisations, working with and for people of all faiths and none. It gives no money to governments.
Its main fund raising is centred on the first two weeks in May each year. The principal item by far is its house to house collection by way of envelopes. Christian Aid was the first charity to raise money in this way beginning shortly after World War II. Last year the total collection amounted to £11m. This can, of course, only be achieved by teams of willing collectors. A collector is allotted (or chooses) specific streets and puts an envelope through each letter box. The collector then returns a few days later to retrieve the envelope hopefully containing a donation. The envelopes are then passed to an organiser who deals with the counting.
All the villages in the Benefice are in need of collectors. Everyone over 16 is invited to volunteer. Large numbers are needed on the basis that many hands make light work. Anyone willing to volunteer should please contact Rev Dave Maylor on 01780 740234 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can look forward to pleasant late spring weather and you will have the support of national advertising, including TV. Note the dates: 15 - 22 May. John Tanner

Mothering Sunday with the Community Church
Everyone is very welcome to come to our Mother’s Day Family Service in Barnack School Hall at 10.30am when we’ll be saying thank you for mums and the people who care for us in different ways,  and the children will be able get creative making posies of flowers.   For all our other Community Church Sunday and midweek activities in March please see the centre pages of the magazine and the various articles, or feel free to contact Julie Stanton 749123.

Messy Church with the Community Church 
The next Messy Church will be on Sunday 22nd March in the School Hall at 4pm.  Each month we explore a Bible story or theme through lots of different craft activities and games.   This month all our activities will be helping us find out more about Jesus.   Then we sit down together for a short celebration time telling the story and singing some songs.  Afterwards we have a light meal together around long tables which gives plenty of time for a good chat, catching up with friends and making new ones. Messy Church is great for children and families and all who are young at heart. We really look forward to welcoming you.  To find out more about our Messy Church please call Julie 749123.

Little Lambs
Little Lambs Toddler Group takes place every Tuesday at Barnack Village Hall in school term time from 10am-12pm.  Little Lambs is for mums, dads, grandparents and carers with babies and toddlers from birth to 4 years.  Each session starts off with the hall set out with toys: a home play corner, a tunnel, a slide, puzzles, books and dressing-up. During March, we’ll have some great spring and Easter craft activities. 
Midway through the morning tea, coffee and cakes are served around a long table, with a tasty snack of fruit and small cake or biscuit for the children. This is followed by a bible story and song time, which the children all seem to really enjoy.  Then, with the hall cleared, there’s ten minutes or so for the toddlers to let off a bit of steam whizzing round on cars and trikes before going home for a well-earned rest, and hopefully an afternoon nap. 
Little Lambs is a lovely, welcoming place to meet new people, catch up with friends and watch the children discover the fun of playing together. Little Lambs is run by the Community Church – for further details please contact Melanie Clarkson 07792667563.

The Coffee Stop- Community Chapel
Every Thursday morning at the Community Chapel, Main Street, Barnack 10am to 12.30am, with delicious homemade cakes, scones and toasted teacakes, cafetière coffee or instant if you prefer and a choice of teas, all at very reasonable prices.
The Coffee Stop is held in the back room at the chapel which is looking really welcoming with cheerful tablecloths, flowers and a play corner for little customers.   Our aim is for it to be a friendly, inviting place to meet and relax, a place for making new friends and meeting up with old friends and we are delighted that the Coffee Stop is proving to be so popular.   The Coffee Stop is for everyone in the village communities to enjoy, do come and give it a try.    Run by the Community Church – please ring Tracy Porter 740663 if you want to find out more.

Men’s Breakfast
This month’s Men’s Breakfast will be on the 28th March at the Community Chapel at 8.30am.  Do come and join us for a great full English breakfast cooked by Rob,  friendly company and a short talk – past talks have included ‘What happens after you flush the toilet’ and ‘travels in Central Asia’. You are very welcome just to come along on the day but a quick call to Rob Porter beforehand helps to ensure there is plenty of sausages and bacon for everyone!  Organised by Barnack Community Church.  Rob Porter 740663.