News and Events October 2017

Ufford Art Society Exhibition
We are having an exhibition of our paintings at Ufford Village Hall from 10am until 5pm on Saturday,October 7th.

Entry is free and there will be refreshments available.

Reflections on ‘Open the Book‘
‘It’s out ten year anniversary’ said one member of our Open the Book team when we met last Wednesday morning in Barnack School. And that gave me much to reflect upon. Firstly, the commitment of those who have been there throughout the ten years, a commitment that it is of utmost importance that the children in our school should go into the world with the knowledge of a wealth of Bible stories that they have enjoyed either watching being acted out or taken part in themselves. Then the other members of the group who have been convinced that this is an important part of what, as Christians we are called to do. So it is  that every other Wednesday for the past ten years this small group has told the stories.
A spin off from this is that the children love the stories so much that they asked if they could take over the acting on the weeks that the Adult Group are not there. So child size costumes have been added to our stock and there are lots of budding actors aged 5 to 11! In this time the school has grown in numbers, there are now 187 children in school so we have had to split into two groups on Wednesday mornings and two different stories are told each week.
Barnack Church has always given Bibles to Year6 leavers, in the hope that they will continue to be excited by the stories and want to read more. However, in today’s world there is so much to distract that, I fear, the Bibles may lie unopened somewhere in a teenage bedroom. By the time you read this the present Year6 will have received their Bibles and asked to keep them in their drawers at school. Open the Book stories, which come from a Storyteller Bible will be referenced to the new Bibles. By the time they leave school, with some additional coaching by Revd Dave, they should be able to find how much the Bible can enrich their lives.
As you read this…… your Bible just sitting on a shelf or is it an exciting part of something you read and learn from every day? If you haven’t looked at it for some time, do give it a try, there is so much to reflect on and some really great stories…….as Barnack children will tell you.
 In the meantime the Open the Book team will tell you that acting these stories is good fun – you should have seen these usually serious adults being ‘climbing things’, and ‘hopping things’, and the adult leading ‘splashing things’ had to be seen to be believed!! they told the story of the Creation to the youngest children.
Canon Margaret

It is that time of year again when plans to introduce livestock onto Barnack Hills and Holes National Nature Reserve are being made. Whilst some people, especially dog walkers, find it frustrating, it is an essential part of the management of the reserve to control the coarser elements of the sward in order to maintain the rich diversity of flora and fauna that we all enjoy. Without grazing, the rare orchids and pasque flowers that are highlights of many visits to the Reserve would be significantly reduced, if not lost completely from the site and therefore from the local area.
The original plan to use ponies this year to try to improve the effectiveness of the grazing has had to be abandoned due to concerns about loose dogs on the site. The risk to grazing animals is an annual issue, with irresponsible dog owners allowing pets to chase and “worry” sheep.
This is a crime and we would encourage anyone seeing such behaviour to report it to the police immediately. Please also inform Natural England by calling 07798645935 or 07979873504 and emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Even if uninjured, sheep may miscarry their lambs after being worried by dogs.
 We do thank all those responsible dog owners who always have their animals on short leads where livestock is present, keep their dogs under strict control on all parts of the Reserve and pick up after them. All attempts are made to confine the sheep to one area and to keep the signage indicating their whereabouts up to date. Natural England wants to continue to allow free access to all parts of the Reserve, even when grazing animals are present, and encourages everyone to help in maintaining this essential management tool. There really is no other practical option for managing this nationally and internationally important nature reserve.

Bainton & Ashton APPLE & CIDER DAY – 29th October - 12 Noon kick off
Dear Villagers, the Bainton & Ashton Parish Council kindly invite you to the very first APPLE & CIDER DAY.  Open to all villages in the Barnack Ward and beyond, friends and families alike. 
We very much hope you will attend to support this event raising funds for future community work, events and projects.  The day will kick off at 12 noon with a hog roast, included in your ticket price.  There will be craft ciders, apple juice and apple pies to consume and buy plus many other activities including Children’s Games, Wellie Wanging, Everything Apple Marquee hosting apple press demo’s. 
We will also be holding a Dog Show during the day.  Is your dog a star ?  Contact Emma at Clippers Dog Grooming for categories and your entry form on 07880 884422.  During the day there will also be “Open Mic” sessions.  So if you would like to show your hidden talent please contact Graham on 740034 to book your slot for stardom. 
Tickets in advance please so we can plan numbers for catering are available from any Parish Councillor, Willow Brook Farm Shop or from Rob & Pam at The Blue Boar, Bainton, tel. 01780 740709.  Hope to see you there.

The meeting on Wednesday, 4th September, was in Bainton Reading Room. Our  guest speaker was Veronica Hewson who was born near Calcutta in South East India, from where she says the best Indian food comes. In the north of India the food is less spicy and more fruity in flavour. Veronica divided her talk/cookery demonstration into three parts.
First she told us about the spices used in the dishes eaten in South East India. She went through their healing properties, pointing out that no National Health Service in India means the people have to source their own remedies if they cannot afford a medical consultation.  For example, tumeric kills off bugs as well as being good for the skin, including keeping wrinkles at bay! Chili can be used to alleviate congestion, treat arthritis, and encourage healthy sleep patterns. Coriander and cumin help cure digestive disorders. These spices and several more such as cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek and curry leaf are used in South East Indian cooking.
Secondly Veronica demonstrated how to cook both an authentic chicken curry and aloo gobi which is made with diced and cubed potatoes, onions and broccoli stir fried in a mixture of 5 spices called pangeran,  in mango powder and in tomato purée. There was a mouth watering aroma! At the end of the evening the Buttercross members were able to sample the curry and aloo gobi, accompanied by pieces of naan bread. It was delicious. Quite a few people returned for second samples!
Whilst the food was cooking Veronica gave the third part of her talk – about her family background and how she ended up in England.  Her father was English and her mother Anglo-Indian. She was the second child of three. Because her father was much older than his wife he had to retire and the children were still only 7, 5, and 1.  In reduced circumstances and hoping for a better life, they moved to Bangalore following a three day journey on a steam train. Sadly her father fell victim of fraud there, losing all the money he had saved and leaving him with just his miniscule pension. Medicine, doctors and education have to be paid for by the individual in India. There are no state schools or NHS. The family was no longer in a position to pay for any of these services. Her mother suffered with serious mental health issues because of their reduced circumstances. However, they were Christians and some Christian friends told them of a British run school. The Principal was sympathetic to their plight and offered the children an education. Veronica’s sister excelled academically but Veronica was not happy with the ethos of the school. Eventually, aged just 21, she came to England after an arranged marriage.
Her life is very different from the one the family endured in India. She and her husband are settled in Peterborough and her two children are university educated. She is a very busy lady, combining a job at the RNIB with teaching Indian cookery, producing food for dinner parties, buffets and other events and giving demonstrations and talks.
Diary Dates: The Harvest Supper is on the 4th October from 7pm. A £10 ticket covers a glass of wine on arrival, a main course and a pudding. Please contact Georgina Beresford on 740996 for tickets or ask one of the committee members: Janette Abbott-Donnelly, Jenny Bowman, Sheila Bratley, Helen Fancourt, Anne Harrison-Smith, Angela Womack.
The November meeting is a craft evening in the Reading Room and starts at the usual time of 7:45pm.

Village Ladies
Our venue for this month is The Wagon & Horses, Langtoft, 11 Oct at 12.30 pm,  Please contact Joan by 9 Oct if you would like to come (740 396).

Bainton and Ashton pub nights
We currently do not have a host location for the October pub night. There is a good chance someone will step forward, and if so the whereabouts will be notified by the regular pub night email.  The default location in the absence of a host will be the Reading room (subject to availability).   The dates for pub nights next year are now on offer for anyone wishing to fill in the blanks on next years calendar.
Second Sunday Fun (SSF) – Wittering 1030am – All Saint’s Church
We have started our SSF (children’s church) again, after a month off, over at Wittering Church.  We had a brilliant September service where we were thinking about Jesus as our cornerstone.  We were building towers (see yoghurt pots), limbo dancing, making some very beautiful churches with stained glass windows (see cellophane).  Towers out of popcorn and paper chain families.  All our activities were to do with our faith as our foundation and cornerstone which keeps us strong and secure no matter what storms may prevail in our lives.  Come along for activities, stories, songs, prayers and a bit of fun thrown in for good measure.  SSF Team.  (For info call Su on 740034).

Barnack Youth Club
We welcome all young people in school years 7-11 who live in Barnack, Bainton, Ashton, Southorpe, Ufford, Pilsgate and Wothorpe. There are plenty of activities to suit all; table tennis, pool/snooker, table football, air hockey table, craft activities and tuck shop, the evening usually ends with team games. It’s £1 to get in + a bit extra for the tuck shop.
New Year 7’s please ensure you bring along completed membership forms, alternatively a parent can complete one when you come along to the first session.
Remaining Youth Club Calendar Dates for 2017-18 school year are as follows:- September 22nd, October 6th & 20th, November 3rd & 17th & 25th, December 1st & 15th, January 12th & 26th, February 9th & 23rd, March 9th & 23rd, April 27th, May 11th & 25th, June 8th & 22nd and July 6th & 20th.
For further information or a membership form please call Kerrie Garner on 07786417036.

A keep fit class is held on alternate Friday mornings at Barnack Village Hall.
Class for one hour at 11am. £4 per session.  We have great fun, come and join us to see if it is for you.  Ring 01780 740300 for more details.

The last match of the season took place on Sunday, 10 September and was a game between the over 80s in the Club against the rest.  Unfortunately, the stamina of the rest was better than that of the over 80s but the 32 members who took part had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and enjoyed a lovely tea prepared by Sarah-Jane Parker & her team.
The winners of the September Draw were:
37        £25    Jill Unsworth   
27        £15    Brian Walsh
72        £10    Ray Hackett

The next Men’s Breakfast will be on Saturday 28th October in Barnack Village Hall at 8.30am when the speaker will be Stephen Burnett.  Stephen is now the CEO of The Retail Data Partnership, based in Stamford.  His father was the Archbishop of Cape Town (from 1974 to 1981), and Stephen will talk on some aspects of his life story.
We would be really pleased for you to join us for a full English breakfast.  You can just come along on the day but a quick call to Rob Porter (740663), Mike Mills (740285) or David Laycock (740267) beforehand helps to ensure there are plenty of sausages and bacon for everyone!  Run by Barnack Church
Coffee Morning Saturday21st October 2017 10.30am –12 noon.
St John the Baptist Church would like to invite you to join us on each third Saturday of the month, 10.30am –12 noon. You can enjoy tea/coffee and biscuits. We also have home-made cakes, scones, lemon curd etc. on sale to tempt you! We enjoy time for a chat with friends and for making new ones. Do come along and join us! 

WI Meeting
Our speaker was Colin Deeley who is a National Trust volunteer ,he gave a rosie account of life in the workhouse.
Following the Poor Law Amendment Act  in 1834 many workhouses were built nationwide .following the design by Rev John Becher of Southwell.They were to provide indoor relief to save the parish money who previously had to provide the poor with (out relief )consisting of grants to cover clothing,food and fuel to those living in their own homes.
The workhouses took in men women children, the infirm and the able bodied, all were housed separately,they weren’t allowed to see each other apart from an hour on Sunday afternoons when they could be in the same room.
The able bodied had to work hard.the men breaking granite with a mallet, grinding bones by hand for fertilizer.picking apart old tarred ropes (hokum) so the strands could be sold,hence the expression (money for old rope) .Ladies had to scrub floors, cook ,sew, and take in laundry from the town.
Children did get four hours schooling,but also had to work.
In return all were given a meagre diet, mainly gruel ,bread a bit of cheese and meat twice a week .
Rules had to be obeyed,any transgressions were harshly punished .
Only the really destitute went to be admitted.Colin tried to point out the benefit ‘s ,at least they were getting food and shelter Our next meeting is on October 10th. Matthew Hetten who will be talking about,Dogs who can detect illness .

Little Lambs Toddler Group takes place every Tuesday (in term time) in Barnack Village Hall from 10am-12pm.  Little Lambs meets on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 31st October.  Below are comments from some of the Mums who attend:
“Little Lambs is a very friendly toddler group with wonderful activities for the children, including a fun singing session and bible story.  A lovely opportunity for mums to chat, have coffee and delicious homemade cakes!”
Bryony said “Little Lambs is so welcoming and the wide variety of activities keep both our older and younger toddlers entertained”
“A friendly bunch of mummies, grandparents and carers with wonderful children.  The homemade cakes are delicious and Rev Dave on his guitar is a real treat some weeks!”
Little Lambs is for mums, dads, grandparents and carers with babies and toddlers from birth to 4 years.  Each session starts off with the hall set out with toys and games, a home play corner, tunnel and slide and rugs to sit on.  There’s always a great craft activity to share and a jigsaw puzzle table.
Midway through the morning, tea, coffee and cakes are served around a long table, with a tasty snack of fruit and small cake or biscuit for the children. This is followed by a bible story and singing which is led by Rev Dave on his guitar which the children all seem to really enjoy.  Then, with the hall cleared, there is ten minutes or so for the toddlers to let off a bit of steam whizzing round on cars and trikes before going home for a well-earned rest, and hopefully an afternoon nap.
Not to be outdone by the quotes from mums above, some of the children have also been vocal in their praise of Little Lambs saying how much they liked “painting and sticking”,“sliding” down the slide and “singing”.
Little Lambs is a lovely, welcoming place to meet new people, catch up with friends and watch the children discover the fun of playing together.  To find out more about Little Lambs please contact Julie Stanton 749123.
Little Lambs is run by Barnack Church

This month’s Messy Church will be on Sunday 8th October starting at 4pm at Barnack Village Hall .  The theme this month will be ‘firm foundations’, so lots of creative fun and experimenting with building big towers!  The activity time lasts about 45 minutes, then we gather together for a short very family friendly service with the bible story and short message thinking about what the bible story means, some lively songs and a prayer. 
Then everyone is invited to stay for a tea-time meal and a chat, all finished by about 6pm.  Usually the meal is nice bread and fillings for make your own sandwiches, plus fresh fruit and cake.  Messy Church is great for children and their families and all who are young at heart.
Everyone is very welcome to come along to Messy Church with BarnackChurch, we look forward to meeting you.   To find out more please contact Julie Stanton 749123 or Rev Dave Maylor 740234.  For your diary, next Messy Church session: 12th November.
Messy Church is great for children with their families and all who are young at heart, and we warmly invite you to come along and join in the fun.
Messy Church is run by Barnack Church

Coffee Stopmeets every Wednesday during October and is held in Barnack Village Hall from 10.30am to 12.00pmin the side room which is all set out like a proper coffee shop.We serve cafetière coffee, lovely homemade cakes, scones and toasted teacakes all at very reasonable prices.  
We have a play corner for little ones who come with mums, dads and grandparents.  It is a good place to meet up with friends and to make new friends or for a break when out for a walk - just drop in whenever suits you.Open to everyone -we look forward to welcoming you.  Please ring Anita Clark740841 or 07880604186 if you want to find out more.
Coffee Stop is run by Barnack Church