The Wedding of The Year!

wedding of the year.A wave of excitement spread across the country on the 19th May and the news and papers were filled with the uplifting news of the Royal wedding. It was an opportunity for families and communities to get together and join in the celebrations.

The children at Barnack School enjoyed a variety of activities the day before including their own Royal wedding! The wedding took place at Barnack church and was attended by the Foundation class, Year 1, Barnack preschool, staff, parents and other people from the community. The beautiful bride Avocet aged 5 “married” Sam also aged 5 and the whole Foundation class dressed up for the occasion. There were bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys, parents of the bride and groom and a very excited ring bearer who had the important job of carrying the rings made from sparkly pipe cleaners! Everyone played their part. Even the staff made an effort and dusted off their hats!

The Foundation class had been a hive of industry during the preceding days preparing for the grand occasion. Everyone made buttonholes with tissue paper flowers, cameras from boxes and wrote wedding cards, so there was much excitement on the day. 

After a procession down to church, Canon Margaret officiated at the wedding and explained to the children what happens during the ceremony. Miss Snowball played the organ with gusto as proud parents watched . The children were enthusiastic to take part, although the groom was a little apprehensive until Canon Margaret assured him that it was just pretending! 

After the exchanging of rings, a lively hymn and a prayer, the children processed out into the sunshine for photos. However, the highlight was the surprise of tubes of bubbles which replaced the traditional confetti. The air was filled with colourful bubbles and accompanied by excited squeals and giggles.

On returning to school, the children and staff enjoyed an outdoor lunch followed by lots of wedding themed games. A truly fun and memorable day.