News & Events December 2018

Christmas in Ufford 2018

As per previous years we have a wonderful festive season planned in Ufford. Please look out for the following events:

Children’s Christmas Party - Sunday 16th December 3-4.30pm at Ufford Village Hall. £5 per child, includes a present from Santa. Please contact Emma for tickets on 07769 587742

Carol singing by Tractor - Friday 21st December – please come and join us on the tractor to bring festive cheer around the village – meet outside the White Hart at 6pm – All Welcome.

Carol Service Saturday 22nd December, 4pm at St Andrew’s Church, followed by refreshments in the Village Hall. 


Please join us in Ufford Village Hall on Friday 1st March (St David’s Day) for a fun Quiz. 7.30pm, with prizes for the winning team. £10 per ticket which includes supper. There will be a cash bar available.

Christmas “Songs of Praise”

The “Songs of Praise” service in the summer was enjoyed by all who love to sing. Now Christmas is coming and we plan a Christmas “Songs of Praise” on December 2nd. This is also Advent Sunday which begins the time of waiting and preparation for Christmas.

We will sing Christmas carols, but also perhaps some Advent carols and other favourite hymns which reflect the season. So please come and sing again. If you have a favourite that you would like included please speak to Revd. Dave or me and we will try to raise the roof again.

Singing will form the major part of the service, but it will conclude with a short communion service.

And remember, singing is good for you! Liz Young (740347)  

WWII Exhibition thanks

I visited the WWII exhibition in the village this week, and would like to say how amazed I was at the amount of information on display about the village and villagers during this time in history. I would like to thank Brian Palmer for the hard work and personal time he has put in to make this display, and the people who contributed with their family history. An excellent display and memorial to those lives lost in the village.. Doris Hamilton

Barnack Youth Club

We welcome all young people in school years 7-11 who live in Barnack, Bainton, Ashton, Southorpe, Ufford, Pilsgate and Wothorpe. There are plenty of activities to suit all; table tennis, pool/snooker, table football, air hockey table, craft activities and tuck shop, the evening usually ends with team games. It’s £1 to get in + a bit extra for the tuck shop. 

Youth Club Calendar Dates for 2019 are as follows:-

January 11th & 25th, February 8th, March 1st, 15th & 29th, April 26th, May 10th & 17th, June 7th & 21st and July 5th & 12th.

Bainton and Ashton thanks

A big thank you to the following  for their hard work and endeavours.

Brian Yates for restoring the Bainton bus shelter and washing down the Stop road sign.

Bruce Campbell for his daily cycle ride around both villages and picking up litter.

To the bulb planters of both villages Roe, Susie, Anita, Brian, Ian and David.

Well done, you do make the difference.


Exercise & Dance Class to Music

Suitable to all ages and ability. Come along and join us for an hour of fun and increase your mobility and fitness.

Alternate Friday mornings at Barnack Village Hall at 10am. £5.00 per  session. Qualified instructor. Call 01780 740300 for further details.

Battles Over: WWI Commemoration - A Thank You.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in the Village WWI commemorations, which really were very impressive, and I understand have already been remarked upon by some visitors from Stamford.

In particular Brian Palmer, who with his able assistant Margaret put on a wonderful comprehensive display in the Village Hall, also put up the poppies around the Village and organised the evening event at the Sports Pavilion.  A big thank you, Brian.

The school children, along with their teachers, Mrs White and Mrs Humphries, also deserve a mention for their part in the exhibition.  Thanks also to the children who read the names of the 55 fallen soldiers on the evening of the 11th.  It really was very nice to see them joining in a Village event.

I would also like to take this opportunity to refute the unfounded comments directed at the Parish Council for not caring about the Cemetery.  In my opinion, due to the Capital Improvement Scheme started by the Parish Council 3 years ago, it is now looking in better condition than it ever has, particularly the older sections.

So, our thanks must go to Richard Harding and his son for the hard work they have been putting in to level, straighten, resurrect and gravel many memorials, in time for Nov  11th.

There is still more to be done, but under the supervision of the Clerk and with the conscientious mowing by the Elwoods, they have done a great job.  If you haven’t visited it lately, I can recommend you do.

There are several other people who also need a mention.  Max Sawyer and the British Legion, Will Aldwinckle for lighting the Beacon, Martin Bloom, Will Armitage, David Laycock and the Barnack Community Association for their assistance, as well as the Bugler, Piper and Graham Fletcher from Bainton.  

Thank you to all those who loaned their treasured mementos and memories of relatives who fought in WWI, they contributed to such a special exhibition.  The exhibition can now be seen in The Lady Chapel of the Church – thank you Reverend Dave for suggesting that.  I know a lot of other people have also helped, and I apologise for not knowing who you are, but thank you all.

Harry Brassey, Chair, Barnack Parish Council

The Buttercross Club
On Wednesday, 7th November, the Buttercross Club had a craft evening in Bainton Reading Room. Beryl Burrows, who has often been our tutor, was unable to join us but had provided all that we needed to create a Christmas tree decoration in the shape of a Christmas pudding. Beryl taught one of the Committee, Janette Abbott-Donnelly, what was required of us to make the decoration and, ably assisted by Roe Yates, Janette was our teacher for the evening. It was a relaxing and amusing couple of hours during which we all, amazingly, produced rather impressive looking Christmas puds! 
Diary Dates: The Buttercross year ends on 5th  December with our annual Christmas celebrations. This year the festivities include a magician and each member can be accompanied by one guest. A small fee of £2 per guest is payable to our treasurer, Helen Fancourt. Members are asked to bring along a plate of either savoury or sweet food –something a bit special please! There will be a welcoming glass of wine or soft drink on arrival. There will not be a Secret Santa this year but there will be a very good raffle.
There is no meeting in January. The Buttercross year starts with the AGM on the 6th February and the business meeting will be followed by a talk. Please let the secretary, Georgina Beresford (01780 740996), or the Chair, Sheila Bratley (01781 740269)  know if you are interested in being on the Committee. It really is very enjoyable and we try to keep committee meetings down to a minimum so that they don’t encroach too much on your time. 
All Our Yesterdays in Barnack
I have been researching my home for a number of years. You may have noticed a plaque on the front of ‘The Old Bakehouse’ in The Square.
Around 1760 two cottages stood on the site , named Glebe Cottages. A curatage was built in the early 1800’s and it is recorded that curate George Steer and family lived there in 1881
The cottages and curatage were joined to include a bakehouse(around 1900) under the diocese tenancy. The baker, EW Sawter, unfortunately, with family was sent to Australia! and JH Woodford took over around 1911.
My grandfather, Tom Harrison, bought it in 1923 and was baker until 1954 (winning a runner up medal for the Hovis National Competition in 1934/35). Villagers between the wars would pick up their bread after visiting ‘The Fox’ public house opposite!
In 1950 he purchased it from the diocese. In 2023 The Bakehouse will have been in the family for 100 years - I hope I’m here to celebrate it.
History is precious, villages evolve but memories and names must not be lost, but should live on.
Thank you for the interest and favourable comments already received. 
Special mention to Alex Williams, Helpston Masonry. Credit is given to his first class workmanship.
Peter Sindall
Memory Tree
The Churches Conservation Trust keeps over 350 churches across England alive and open. This year we have a Christmas Memory Tree in St. Andrew’s church. Please leave a message on our Christmas Memory Tree; it can be for a loved one past or present. There will be envelopes for the trust for your donation to enable the invaluable work the Trust does to continue for the next generation. Please visit our beautiful church! Sally Hudson
Half-size allotment available 
There is an old Chinese proverb that says: Life begins the day you start a garden.
So, for anyone who has been thinking of “growing their own”, whether it be fruit, vegetables or flowers, but don’t have the space within their own garden, or wish to extend their gardening space, here is an opportunity to rent a half size allotment right in the middle of John Clare country at the Bainton Allotment Society Site.  The plot is about 21 yards (19.202 metres) by 3 yards (2.743 metres).
It has been well cultivated over the past years and is in good working condition.  The site has secured access and there is ample parking.
Come and join a happy band of gardeners who receive great enjoyment from their labours and also from the joining together, throughout the gardening year, for social events at the site. 
The rent would be £35 per annum, which includes a £5 subscription for membership of the National Allotment  Society.
In the words of the great Gertrude Jekyll: “The Love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”
For all further information please contact the Bainton Allotment Society Secretary, Mr Malcolm Morrice, on telephone number: 01780 740865.
Langdyke Countryside Trust Events
Thursday 13th DECEMBER Meet at 7pm BRING A TORCH Dark skies evening with views of Geminid meteor shower. Weather permitting this event will be held at Castor Hanglands.  
Directions- take the road to Ailsworth from the Ufford to Marholm Road , after about 0.8 mile turn right through the black, double metal gates go down the track for 200 metres to the Forestry Commission part of Castor Hanglands, the track veers left but keep going straight ahead for another 100 metres, at the gate are the Natural England buildings which is where we will park the cars . Numbers are limited, so to book a place you must email Richard Perkins at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Tuesday 1st JANUARY Langdyke’s Annual New Year walk .  Will start at 1pm from the Barnack Hills & Holes car park off Wittering Road. The gentle, up to three hour (weather dependent) , walk will explore some of the western edge of the John Clare Countryside. This will provide an opportunity to discover more about the Langdyke Countryside Trust, at the start of  the year marking its 20th anniversary, whilst enjoying the fresh air and walking of the excesses of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. (Promise no scrub clearing involved!)
LCT members free. A small donation to trust funds for non-members will be requested.
David Alvey - LCT Ermine Street Area Group
Removal of pews - an opinion
I recently visited Norwich Cathedral. I was shocked to see no pews in the main area of the church but hundreds of chairs. Which looked totally out of place in such a grand old religious building. When I spoke of my shock at the presence of chairs which gave the Cathedral a feeling of being unwelcoming and cold to a verger, I was informed that a lot of churches are getting rid of their pews in order to seat more people in the churches.
Firstly, its not chairs that bring people into churches so am I missing something here? Also these lovely pews are being sold to provide money for the Diocese and once they have gone they cannot be replaced.
After visiting our church in Barnack I was relieved to see our pews still there. Unfortunately, I have been informed that there is some rethinking of removing the pews and replacing with chairs – I find this quite disturbing in such a lovely church that this is even being considered. I feel the pews are part of the church and its history.
Can I suggest that if this is the thinking, that people visit Norwich Cathedral (although much  bigger than Barnack) and feel the loss of religious atmosphere and religious history that the removal of pews has had within the building.  
For whatever reason once the pews have gone so has the history of the church and people who toiled to make them  – please think very carefully.  
Hills and Holes update
A big thank you to the majority of dog walkers who continue to keep their dogs under control and out of the compartment containing livestock. Unfortunately there are still a very small minority who fail to prevent their dogs from worrying the sheep and we have already this year had one lamb killed and two others injured by dog attacks. As well as the financial and additional resource implications for Natural England this also disrupts the important conservation work that the livestock are undertaking on the reserve. 
Please continue to observe the instructional signs on the gates as action will be taken by Natural England against those who break the restrictions now in place. 
Since this form of management was re-introduced to the reserve in the late 1970s significant benefits have been documented. For instance, the number of Pasque Flowers has increased, in the monitored areas, from an annual average of 1,809 during the 1980s to 3,578 during the 2010s. This is almost a 100% increase in this important and rare plant species and does not take into account the spread of the Pasque flowers into new areas of the reserve. This increase has been mirrored in both the numbers of certain orchid species and the diversity of flora seen in small sample plots surveyed across the reserve.  With the encouraging sighting this year of many orchid species in the area cleared of trees and scrub and stripped of topsoil in early 2000s further work to remove invasive scrub and selected trees has been undertaken this autumn. 
Many of you will have seen this work, by a combination of contractors, Natural England employees and volunteers. Those who have not visited recently will I am sure notice how much more open the views across the reserve are. This clearance work helps to preserve the open limestone grassland which is a form of habitat that is rare both locally and nationally. Whilst other reserves in the area are developing to support viable populations of some of these species, the Hills and Holes remains a local and national beacon for what can be achieved and maintained. 
The site attracts visitors during the spring and summer from surprisingly far and wide whilst us locals often take it for granted. Your help in keeping dogs under control, clearing up after them and therefore assisting with the conservation of this rare habitat is very much appreciated. 
75% of the reserve remains open for all to enjoy and only 25% at a time will be closed to dogs during the winter months. Please do keep a watch for the small minority of people who do not appear to care for our reserve in the same way and report any concerns to the site Warden. Contact details are available on the noticeboards at each entrance.
David Alvey - Natural England Volunteer Warden
Village ladies
A reminder for our Xmas lunch at The Red Lion, Warmington, on 12 Dec at 12.30pm.
Bainton and Ashton pub night
The next pub night will be Friday 14th December at Game keepers cottage, Ashton, courtesy of Martin and Susie. Normal pub rules apply.  I am now looking to fill our pub night calendar for 2019, so anyone wishing to host a pub night on the 2nd Friday of any month of 2019, please let me know. 
Coffee Morning 
Saturday 15th December 2018 10.30am –12 noon.  St John the Baptist Church would like to invite you to join us on each third Saturday of the month, 10.30am – 12 noon. You can enjoy tea/coffee and biscuits. We enjoy time for a chat with friends and for making new ones. Do come along & join us!        
On the 14th November we had our busiest (chocolatey) Coffee Stop ever, thank you to all who supported this event.  We enjoyed some wonderful chocolate samples that Jill Pybus of ‘Chocolates for Chocoholics’ had brought along.  Jill took over £320 of orders which has enabled us to send a donation of £26 to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).  This is a charity that brings together 14 leading UK aid charities in times of crisis.  It is hoped that Jill will return to Coffee Stop prior to Easter next year.
An invitation is extended to all to join us for our ‘Christmas Sing Along’ on 19th December when an ever increasing group of musicians – and singers – will be leading the proceedings, that’s if they have time amid enjoying the complimentary mince pies!
Coffee Stop is a great place to catch up with folk and enjoy homemade cakes, scones etc. to say nothing of ‘real’ coffee at very reasonable prices.  We can now offer ‘Take out’ drinks too! Coffee Stop is held in Barnack Village Hall every Wednesday from 10.30am to 12.00noon. Open to everyone - we look forward to welcoming you.   Lifts are available if required.  Please ring Carol (740438) to find out more.  Coffee Stop is run by Barnack Church with (much appreciated) assistance from others in our community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the running of Coffee Stop throughout the year.  We have a wonderful team of helpers but there’s always room for one more!  If you would be willing to help or bake an occasional cake, please speak to Carol (740438). 
Everybody enjoys a good sing-song, whether it be hymns in church, carols by candlelight or at party time over a glass of something warming!
Over the Christmas period there will be opportunities to join in carol singing at the Songs of Praise on 2nd December, The Christmas Tree switch-on on 8th and at The Coffee Stop on Wednesday 19th.
To encourage having fun by singing in our village, we plan to introduce a regular ‘sing-along’ at The Coffee Stop on the last Wednesday on alternate months– Half an hour or so of  ‘All the songs You know well!’
We hope that some of our singing talent in the village will like to take part, and we aim to stage a Variety Concert in the Autumn of 2019 for people of Barnack to entertain the people of Barnack with Songs–Recitations- Musical pieces, etc. 
The first ‘Sing Along’ will be at The Coffee Stop on Wednesday 30 January 2019.
More details in next month’s edition.
Contact: Michael Cunliffe-Lister Tel: 740705
Barnack WI
This month we had a  very enjoyable time making Christmas card under the capable hands of Lynn. It was a very social time and we were all very pleased with our efforts. 
Next month will be our Annual General Meeting and we will also be doing a Christmas Flower Arrangement.
Dates for your 2019 diaries
JANUARY Saturday 20th January 7.30pm
A history of Dance & Big Band Music, St Mary’s Church, Bainton
Come & enjoy the sounds of Dance and Big Band Music. Advance tickets are available in advance from Phil Richards : Tel : 749073
MARCH  STAMFORD BRASS: Are coming to St Mary’s, Bainton.
A date for your diaries the 30th March 2019 will see Stamford Brass – all 25 of them - coming to hold a concert in our wonderful church.  Tickets will be on sale but if you would like to reserve a place/ticket please get in touch.  Proceeds again will be split with Barnack School.
Barnack Flower Club
There is still time to purchase a ticket for our Open Evening on Monday 3rd December, 7.00 for 7.30pm in Barnack Village Hall.
“Ringing in the Season” is the title of  PamIngham’s demonstration of decorations for the Festive Season. Tickets £5.00 to include  Mulled Wine and Mince Pie are available from Ann Butland, Joan  Laycock, Lynn Huckerby.
On Wednesday 5th December at 2pm in the Village Hall we will  create a Christmas Swag under the leadership of Avril Boulton.
We will be decorating Barnack Church in time for the Christmas  services.
Little Lambs
Little Lambs is a lovely friendly toddler group for parents, grandparents and carers with babies and toddlers up to 4 years old.  We meet in Barnack Village Hall on Tuesdays during Barnack school term time from 10am to 12 noon.  The first hour is free play time with lots of toys, a slide and see-saw, home play corner, baby area, puzzle table and craft activity for little hands.   Just before 11am everyone helps clear away the toys so that we can put out tables and chairs for snack time.  Snack time at Little Lambs is very special with cafetiere coffee or tea and homemade cakes for the grown-ups and a snack bowl with fruit and a little cake or biscuit for the children.  Afterwards we go into the side room for a very short bible story and lots of action songs, which all the children seem to really enjoy.  Usually Rev Dave is there with his guitar to lead the singing. Then for the last 5- 10 minutes there are ride-ons in the main hall for the children to use up their last bit of energy before going home.  We will be doing all of the above during the sessions on the 4th and 11th of December, with some lovely Christmas nativity craft activities for the children. On the 18th we will be having our Christmas party with bring and share party food.   Full details about the party including the time and what to bring will go out at Little Lambs.  It is is great for the babies and toddlers to experience the fun of being with and playing with other children, and for their parents and carers to meet new people, catch up with friends and to sit down for coffee!  A very warm welcome awaits.  Please contact Julie Stanton on 07885563128 to find out more.
Messy Church IN Barnack
Messy Church this month will be on Sunday 11th December in Barnack Village Hall from 4pm to 5.45pm.  As we prepare for celebrating Jesus birth at Christmas we’ll be finding out  about the special message the angel brought to Mary.  There will be lots of cool activities, crafts and games all about Mary, the angel and the astonishing message , then a short very family friendly celebration service, with the bible story, songs and a prayer.   Afterwards everyone is invited to stay for a nice hot tea-time meal together.  Last time the Village Hall was buzzing with activity as we found out about Zacchaeus who climbed a tree to see Jesus, and we are looking forward to another busy Messy Church in December.  If you have not been before do come along and give it a try.  Everyone really welcome.  Messy Church is great for families and all who are young at heart.  There’s no charge but donations are very welcome. Call Rev Dave Maylor 740234 or Julie Stanton 07885563128 or 749123 for more info.  We’ll be back in 2019 on Sunday 13th January.
Men’s Breakfast: 
There will not be a Men’s Breakfast heldin December the next one will be in the New Year. 
The Barnack Home Group: 
The Barnack HomeGroup meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month during term time. It is from 7.30pm – 9.00pm and is hosted by Liz Young and is led by Mike Mills. If you would like to join the group please contact Rachel Wright.