News and Events April 2010

The little church of UFFORD
is here for all of you,
So if you can support it ,
 don’t leave it for the few.
Some dedicated people have
worked unstintingly
To keep an ever open door for this community.

The church needs more than money,
it needs to live and thrive,
Without the love of people
it cannot stay alive
 Perhaps you’ve used it often,
for baptisms, weddings too,
And when that need arose,
the Church was there for you.
You may have had a service when
a loved one passed away,
And feeling sad and lonely you
needed God that day.

So pause for just a moment,
and ponder for a while;
Are these the only times for
walking up the aisle?
You do belong to God you know,
he’s Father to you all,
And like a lonely parent he waits
for you to call.
He’d like a frequent visit,
as any Father would,
He yearns for you to enter,
so don’t you think you should?

You’d feel his peace surround you,
your cares would melt away,
And you’d be given all the strength
to meet another day.
So why not come and show him
what you’re prepared to do,
to keep this Church of Ufford
alive for all of you.

Poem was written in the 1990’s  by Ellen G Moody who was a resident of Folksworth It was modified and sent in by Lionel Springett

Thanks from Gwynneth Dartnell.

Gwynneth, Jeanne and family wish to thank everyone for their much appreciated kindness and messages of sympathy at the sad loss of their Mum Gwen.  Also to a big thank you for the generous donations to the Heart and Diabetic Societies in Gwen’s memory. Gwynneth Dartnell

Barnack Bowls 20th Anniversary

The club celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion we are inviting new members for a joining fee of only £5. We have one of the best greens in the area, with an excellent social calendar. Coaching will be provided for beginners.
Ring 740133 or 740124 for further information/ application form and come to the registration meeting on Sunday 28th March at 10am at 14 Saxon Road, Barnack. The first social event is a race night on Saturday 27th March at 6.45pm at Barnack Village Hall.
Everyone welcome. Bring along your friends for a great night out - light supper and race card provided for only £3.

Barnack Methodist Chapel
Thank you very muich for your support for our March Coffee morning which raised the very welcome sum of £137.74 for our funds. Please note that there will not be a Coffee Morning in April because it falls on Easter Saturday and several of our bakers will be away.  Of course, if you have an urgent need for something, please ring either me, Jill Unsworth, on 740456 or Brenda Smith on 740025.
We will be holding another Shalom in Springtime on Thursday, 22 April, from 10 am until 4 pm.  This will be led by Rev Andy Fyall and will consist of Reflections, Prayers and Worship in the Celtic tradition.  All are invited to join us on this day.  There will be a shared lunch and coffee and biscuits will be provided on arrival and tea and cake before departure.

Barnack Bowls Club

The winners of the March draw were:
No  15     Brian Bagshaw          £25
No  33     Peter Hutchins         £15
No  41     Tom Elwood             £10

Get Digging!   

Members of the Bainton and Ashton allotment association along with friends spent an enjoyable and informative evening in Bainton Reading room with gardening guru Geoff Hodges.    Geoff is a gardening writer and broadcaster and had some helpful tips and ideas about getting the new allotments (and everyone’s garden) in working order for growing the best possible vegetables.   Plenty of work to do but plenty of encouragement too.    There should be some prize vegetables coming up!     ZC

Village Ladies Group

On Tuesday the 28th of February a group of ladies had an enjoyable lunchtime meal at the Lady Anne’s hotel.
Tuesday the 23rd of March is our A.G.M and we have a representative from the East Anglian Air Ambulance coming to receive a cheque from our group as part of our 2009/10 charity, the evening will be a social evening and you are welcome to join us.
On April 27th there will be a someone coming to tell us about The Evergreen Care Trust, this will be a most interesting talk as the Trust has gone from strength to strength providing help and support for elderly  people in the Stamford and surrounding area, part of their care involves meals, soup, hospital visits and a welcoming return home  from hospital; I could  continue on about their volunteering roles however you are very welcome to join us and hear more about the sterling voluntary work that they do.
We meet at Ufford Village Hall at 7.45pm, We look forward to seeing you.
The 25thof May will be an afternoon walk around  John Clare’s Helpston and a visit to The John Clare Cottage finishing with refreshments at the cottage, details will be forthcoming at the next meeting anyone wishing to join us you  are welcome.

Help for Bainton Reading Room
Volunteers wanted to help give Bainton Reading Room a Spring clean ready for its Literary week-end which will mark the Centenary of the building.   If you can spare an hour or two on the morning of Saturday 24 April from 10am onwards the Reading Room committee will be delighted to see you. The celebrations will take place on Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 May so watch out for the programme of events taking place in the Reading room that week-end.

Nature calls …

As you eagerly dust down your spade and have your mower serviced ready to work on your garden can we ask you to consider the importance of wildlife and the eco-system in your forthcoming plans. For those of you at our enthusiastic meeting last September we know you are already committed.    Some of you are surveying hedgerows, some identifying the birds in your gardens and collating the species..
This is all really important in our community project of creating wildlife corridors around the Barnack ward. We have a wonderful start with some superb natural areas and we are seeking to encourage more conservation over the years.  And what better place to start than your own garden where you can do so much with very little effort.        Plant flowers and shrubs which encourage butterflies and bees, let the grass grow just a little bit longer, leave a pile of logs or stones. A leaflet about gardening for bugs is enclosed with the Parish Magazine this month and also a calendar of events planned.  We hope you will be able to join in this important project.    For more information please contact Frieda Gosling 740343,  Zena Coles 740550

Ufford : St. Andrew’ Church Record
On 29 November the Peterborough and Stamford Church Recorders handed over the report of their survey of St Andrew’s church and its contents. If anyone would like to inspect the two volumes will they please phone Peter and Sally Hudson on 01780-740475. 

Barnack and Villages Horticultural Show & Fete 2010

Date for your diary. The 2010 Horticultural Show & Fete will take place on Sunday 22nd August 1.00 – 4.30pm at Barnack Cricket Club. The new venue means we can bring some fresh elements into the Show that villagers have wanted like a dog agility display with the chance to put your dog through its paces; there are a great range of classes to be entered for both adults and children (see insert for details). There will be a craft fair, BBQ, bar and teas as well as lots of games, stalls and fun things for the children. For more information about the Show please visit or call Judi on 740420 or Debra on 740048

Growing in small spaces and container gardening - Talk
Barnack and Villages Horticultural Show & Fete Committee are pleased to invite you to a talk by John Broadbent of Helpston Garden Centre. John is an excellent speaker with a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with both novice and more expert gardeners.
Tuesday 27th April at Barnack Village Hall. Please arrive for a 7.30 start. Admission is free. Barnack Pre-School will be selling teas and cakes to raise money for their new building.

Bainton Buttercross Club
The main business at this meeting was to decide on our donations. We all agreed that for a small village organisation we do ‘donate above our weight’ and are very happy to do so! This year’s donations are:
•    Wiki Café - £100
•    Carers and sitters - £50
•    Reading Room - £100
•    Parish News - £50
Mark and Julie then talked about ‘bringing the courtroom to you!! –  Magistrates in the Community’. We now know that there are approximately 122 magistrates, who sit at the Magistrates Court in Peterborough. They are from all walks of life with some exceptions e.g. people with criminal records, serving policemen, lawyers etc. The youngest magistrate Julie has worked with was 22 but he was rather older than his years! They deal with a wide range of offences from motoring to GBH and ABH. In fact, 97% of crimes are dealt with in the Magistrates Court. However, if they feel they cannot impose a high enough sentence they will send the case up to the Crown Court. The most important thing is to try and get it right and be consistent, so the same guidelines are used throughout the country. Both Julie and Mark felt that the essentials for being a competent magistrate are open mindedness, common sense and an ability to work only with the facts being presented in front of you i.e. not hearsay or past events. Before the talk we were given a multiple-choice question and answer sheet on ‘How Much Do You Know About Magistrates?’ After this very interesting and informative talk I’m sure we could all have achieved a 100% score!
The next meeting is on April 7th when Mick Boyce will speak about ‘The History of Rockingham Castle and the Watsons’. Elke and Georgina will do the teas and Mary will give the vote of thanks. MC

Centenary Celebrations of Bainton Reading Room. 
A Progressive Whist Drive will be held on Friday, 16th April at 7.30 p.m.  Admission £1.
Final details of the Literary weekend 21st, 22nd and 23rd May will be given in the next issue.
British Red Cross - A Coffee Morning is being held in the Reading Room on Saturday, 17th April at 10.0 a.m.

Cricket Club
At the recent Annual General Meeting Peter Taylor was re-elected Rut;and League 1st XI Captain, Terry Rawlings 2nd XI Captain and Ross Keymer Hunts XI Captain.  The new season begins on 24th April.  New members always welcome.
The ‘100’ Club final draw for 2009/10 took place at the White Hart, and the winners were -
£100   No.  50             E. Wilkinson, Ufford
£30     No.  94          Mrs. E. Ward, Bainton
£20     No.  19    Miss E. Burnham, Langtoft
£15     No.  91           C. Manton, Crowland
£10     No.  69       P. Turner, Peterborough
£10     No.  72            Mrs. C. Babb, Ufford
£10     No.  26                   J. Babb, Ufford

Many thanks to everyone who supported the quiz in aid of the children’s corner in St John the Baptist Church, Barnack. The evening was great fun, very well attended and we have raised enough money to carpet, furnish and re-equip the children’s area, which will make it more welcoming for all.
Thanks must also go to all those that hosted a table, the children’s church teachers and to Ian and Anthony who put the quiz together all of whom made the evening such a success.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid week is from May 9th – May 15th. The theme this year is “Poverty, let’s end it.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could? I’m afraid we all know this isn’t going to happen, but we could improve the lives of some people if we give generously in Christian Aid week. When the cameras leave disaster areas, Christian Aid remains, the work is ongoing and money is always needed. Please give whatever you can afford. Jose Iriving-Bell. 

Friends of Barnack Church

The winners last printed last month were wrongly attributed to February. They were in fact January’s winners. Those for February are as follows:
£20  Mrs. M. Farka
£10  Mrs. M. Creswell
£5    Mrs. L. Pollock

Churchwardens 2009/10 Annual Report on Barnack Church
Barnack church has had a very successful year.
Sadly, Canon Margaret Venables retired at the beginning of February. She worked incredibly hard during the four years she was in Barnack, making some essential changes to enliven our worship and bring it up to date.  Through her teaching, she enriched and widened the faith of individual worshippers. 
Canon Margaret was a non stipendiary priest in charge and as such was not paid for her work, being appointed to work for three days a week whilst living in the Rectory.  She actually worked seven days a week and put in long hours to help the parish.  We were incredibly lucky to have her and were sorry to see her go, but we will still see here occasionally.  Although she now lives in Witham on the Hill, she is remaining as the chairman of the school governors during the interregnum, takes weekly assemblies and joins the monthly ‘Open The Book’ project in the school (when a team from our congregation act out Bible stories for the Key Stage 1 children).
Barnack is a lively and happy church, as you may hear during summer Sunday mornings, when the days are warmer and the door is left open during services.  Congregations remain stable and a very warm welcome awaits everyone who comes.  Coffee is always served after Sunday service, when we can all chat together and catch up with news.  There are coffee mornings on the third Saturday each month, when home-made produce is often for sale. 
A team of willing ladies got together this last year to embroider more hassocks; many of these are in now in place and if you go into the church you will see them in the pews.  Other activities include the pastoral team, who lead Songs of Praise each month at the Acres Community Room; the choir; the children’s church - run by a group of parents; the ladies flower arranging group; a growing band of bell-ringers; and a music group who play for Family Praise each month not to mention our volunteer church and brass cleaners.
Fund-raising to support our historic church always keeps us busy.  This year we have paid £15000 to the diocese, which is our contribution to the running of the Church of England, helping to pay clergy salaries and so forth.  This will increase considerably when a full time paid incumbent is appointed, but we don’t expect to get something for nothing.  Our oil bill has doubled this winter due to the intense cold and there are many other routine expenses which the congregation have to finance.
Fund raising events, which bring our caring village community together, help us continue to keep the church open.
Barnack is a famous and historic church, with its Saxon tower, our priceless Christ in Majesty carved panel and possibly the oldest spire in the country. Many visitors come throughout the year.  We are working hard to improve our church’s facilities, particularly through our ‘Open Door’ project – installing a much-needed toilet, and kitchen servery.  So far, we have upgraded the vestry so that it can also be used for the children’s church and as a small meeting room, and we are improving children’s corner after an enjoyable fund-raising quiz evening two weeks ago.
Work never stops, and currently the benefice church wardens and PCCs are writing a parish profile, which will be used to select the most suitable candidate as our next incumbent.
In the meantime, if you need any help from the church or have any queries, please contact either of our churchwardens, June Woollard on 740276, or Petrina McCarey on 740854.

Barnack W.I.
We were greatly entertained at the February meeting by Mr. Len Priestly who told us “Tales of a Lorry Driver & Removal Man.” He obviously loved his work and his efforts were much appreciated by his clients to judge from some of the thank you letters he read to us. They say laughter is therapeutic, so I think we all went home feeling much better having laughed loud and long at his hilarious anecdotes.
Mr. Priestly was thanked by Edna Tongue. President, Mary Boyall, reminded us of the Clare Group meeting which we are hosting on April 22nd and further plans were made for this. We also heard that Sue Chowings had completed her mini triathlon, raising well over £100 for Institute funds. Well done Sue!
The next meeting is on April 13th in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.     Elizabeth Young.

Barnack Baptist Church
On Sunday 14th March we joined with our friends from the Methodist and Anglican Churches to celebrate Mothering Sunday together.  There were over 80 people in the School Hall for the service.  We look forward to other joint services that are planned for later in the year.  We start our Holy Week programme on 28 March with a visit from Rev. David Rogers the Regional Minister who will be leading our service.  Through the week we will be meeting for a fellowship meal and on Good Friday we will be holding a special event to reflect on the events of 2000 years ago.  Our Easter Day service will be a family service followed by an Easter Egg Hunt on the School Field.  The Easter Egg Hunt starts at 11-30 am, all are invited and guaranteed to find an egg!  Hot drinks and cakes will be served.  Come along and join in the fun.

Youth Club – Barnack Village Hall

Youth Club (7.30-9pm)  dates in April are 16th and 30th, there will not be a youth club on Good Friday 2nd April. Barnack youth Club is run by Barnack Baptist Church and is open to all young people in school years 7-11.  There are over 30 young people who attend, it is great opportunity to maintain the friendships and contacts they developed at primary school even though many attend different secondary schools.  Come along for a chat, play pool, table tennis, Wii, dance mat, craft activities and a short talk.  We usually finish the evening with some optional team games

Little Lambs Toddler Group
Little Lambs meets each Tuesday morning from 10-00 to 12-00 up to 15 carers and their children meet in the Village Hall, there are lots of toys, games and books and activities for the children.  We serve drinks and snacks (cakes for the adults – something healthier for the children). We have a bible story time and then lots of fun as we clear the hall of toys and the older children whizz around on tiny trikes. It is a great opportunity for carers to meet and chat and for the children to begin to explore the joys and challenges of mixing with others.  Little Lambs is great fun for everyone, all are welcome.  Little Lambs is run by Barnack Baptist Church.

Chocolate Monster Party
Over 40 young people attended the recent Chocolate Monster party that was run by Barnack Baptist Church.  There was lots of noise, fun and chocolate, there was also a story time, everyone had great fun and each child went home with their very own chocolate egg that they had decorated.  This is one of a series of events that we run through the year for young people who are in foundation to year 4.  Look out for future events and join in the fun – all welcome.

Just for Fun: A Bainton Quiz!
1. When were the lime trees in the centre of the village lining Tallington Rd planted?
2. Excluding Tallington Road and the roads and estates leading off it, how many of the existing houses in the village stood in the early 1950s?
3. There have been two post office/general stores in the village in the last 40 years - where were they?
4. The ‘flax pits’ date back to the 1700’s; where are they, and why were they so named?
5. What was the church roof originally made of ?
6. When did the following close down (to the nearest 5 years either way) ?
  a.  The butcher
  b.  The Baker
  c.  The School
  d.  The Blue Boar pub
7. When was the drive between the Park Lodge and Bainton House last regularly used?
8. When were the houses in Allington Close built, and why was it so named?
9.  When were the following services connected to the village?:
  a.  Mains water
  b.  Mains electricity
  c.  Mains sewerage
  d.  Tarmac road surface to (1.) Helpston Rd and (2.) Tallington Rd.
  e.  Street Lights
10.  Where, at the start of the 20th century, did (a) the wheelwright live,and (b) the blacksmith live?
Please note that not all answers are exact (several of them are simply ‘the 1940’s’etc), and some may be open to discussion!!
With thanks to Chris Agnew who devised this quiz.
(Answers on Page 15)

Bainton & Ashton  Allotment Association 100 Club

The first monthly draw was held in February and the winning numbers were
£50 -  No 49                    £25 -  No 64
£10 -  No 37                    £10 -  No 50
£ 5 -   No 61
Congratulations to the lucky winners and thank you to everyone for supporting the Association. The draws will be held on the last Thursday of each month. If you would like to join there are still some numbers available - please contact either Hilary 740036 or Elaine 740827 Hilary Smith

Neighbourhood Watch
The neighbourhood watch in Bainton needs a new blood transfusion as there is a wealth of information from the police which needs circulating and we need to make sure we look out for each other, particularly where crime is concerned. We are looking for a team of volunteers who can take responsibility for their own street or patch- duties will not be onerous and if you are interested please contact Tony Gowers on 740097.

Bainton Childrens Church

It is planned to start a new Childrens Church at St. Mary’s Bainton soon and all children will be most welcome. We plan to have this just one Sunday morning each month and if you have a child who may be interested please bring them along on the 2nd of May, at 10 am -after the morning service. Thereafter it is hoped to continue on the first Sunday of each month. If you wish to show interest or ask questions before then, please contact Mary Gowers on 740097

Bishop Donald writes: Fashioning a shared vision

As I write this I am legally Bishop of Peterborough but not yet consecrated a bishop. By the time you read it I should have been consecrated but perhaps not yet installed. The Church of England has some wonderfully strange ways of doing things.

It feels odd to be in limbo (I have been told the correct “half-bishop” robes I should wear at any official events or services I attend before the consecration). I am keen to get started, but I know the waiting is good for me, just as Lent and Holy Week are good before Easter.

I’m pleased that my waiting time coincides with Lent and my official start straddles Easter. These seasons of preparation and new beginnings have an extra dimension for me this year. I hope that the truth of our Lord’s resurrection is real in all our lives: God loves us enough to forgive everything and allow us to start again; he has opened the door for us from this mortality to a life which will never end; new beginnings are important.

In my first few months I shall be busy. There are people to get to know: diocesan and cathedral staff, fellow clergy and church people, ecumenical friends, leaders of other faiths (who I hope will become friends too), civic leaders and others.
There are diocesan structures to learn: committees, deaneries, parishes, churches, schools and so on. There is the geography and road network of this part of the country. There are decisions, including tricky ones, awaiting the new bishop. And the wider church will demand my time at various bishops’ meetings, training events, and other activities.

I will have to do much listening, not least as the reflections on our diocesan strategy begin to reach me from the parishes and deaneries. I will have to ensure that with my colleagues I can think strategically and discern a clear vision for the diocese rather than getting bogged down in detail. An important part of the “charge” given to me by Archbishop Rowan is “to fashion a shared vision for the mission of the diocese.” I take that seriously but I know it won’t be easy.

I’m excited by all this. I’m looking forward to getting about, to being a servant leader among you, and to knowing your support and your prayers.

With Easter greetings,
Bishop Donald