Pause for Thought March 2011

‘I’m giving up sweets.’  ‘I’m giving up biscuits.’ ‘I’m giving up alcohol.’  All comments you are likely to hear as Lent begins. It is one of the strange things, that even in our largely secular society, even those who do not go near a church unless for a wedding or a funeral seem to think they should acknowledge Lent. Great! Though it is to be hoped that the Lent deprivations do not go the same way as most New Year resolutions and only last a few days!

However, if you are going to acknowledge Lent, how much better it might be to be to do something rather than give up something. Christian Aid produce a leaflet called ‘Count Your Blessings’ and there is a children’s version as well as an adult one.

You need the leaflet (downloadable from  or take one from the back of Barnack Church) and a jar in which to put money. The way it works is that there is a thought for each day – such as that for the 10th March:     

Each household in Britain throws away an average of 4kg(9lb) of food and drink every week..
Weigh your rubbish on the bathroom scales and pay 50p for every kg (or 20p for every lb).

At the end of Lent you send the money in your jar to Christian aid enclosing the form on the bottom of the leaflet.

In his introduction Dr John Sentmu, Archbishop of York, writes: ‘ We should all count our blessings for what God has given us and I hope everyone will consider taking action to help those in need.’

Of course another way if you still plan to give up something for Lent would be to put aside the money you would have spent on chocolate or alcohol and send that to your favourite charity.

Whatever you decide, may your Lenten time be an opportunity to pause a little and find time to reflect on the many blessings we enjoy.

Margaret .


We will be following the Lent Course which the Diocese has published centred on the Bible:
The sessions are:
Meditating on God’s word
Christ the centre of scripture
The authority of scripture
The people of the book
Entering God’s story
The course begins on Thurs 10th Mar
at 7.30 at June Woollard’s, The Old Well House, Barnack.
All are welcome.