Pause for Thought June 2012

Dear Friends,
beeIt came as a pleasant and welcome surprise to find that the Barnack Parish Newsletter was to include a pastoral letter from each of the ministers in turn.  It is a privilege to be able to offer some thoughts with friends in the village through these pages.

Life is full of surprises.  When Stella Roman was playing Tosca in Puccini’s opera she was supposed to leap to her death from a prison parapet and land safely off-stage on a mattress. Roman, feeling insecure one night, demanded two extra mattresses. She leaped, and the mattresses bounced her back on stage much to the surprise of the audience!

Our God is often referred to as a God of Surprises.  Gerard Hughes, a Roman Catholic priest, wrote a fascinating book under that title.  Our God surprises us by his presence in our lives, even when we feel alone and bereft God is there and weeps with us; in our moments of joy and elation God is there laughing and rejoicing with us.  There is no place, no moment nor any situation that we face alone and God surprises us with his presence time and time again.

And maybe the greatest surprise of all is to know that God cares even for ‘me’ and despite ‘me’ he wants to share in every twist and turn of the journey of ‘my’ life.

So during the long, warm, sunny days of spring and summer sit awhile and take the opportunity to recognise God’s presence.  It’s hardly surprising that he is there, after all he knows you through and through and loves you deeply.

With every blessing, Andy Fyall
Methodist Minister for Barnack