Pause for Thought July 2012

Diamond JubileeWeather-wise it was a bit of a washout wasn’t it? Yet the Jubilee celebrations were not spoilt by the weather. I think many people showed the ‘carry on regardless’ character that is said to make this country great. Although some of the celebrations in the villages had hastily rearranged venues, we all carried on and in some ways the celebrations meant more to us because of the weather rather than in spite of the weather.

This is also the season for weddings and many couples follow the weather forecast anxiously in the week before their wedding day. I, like them, look at the weather forecast for Saturdays when I am conducting a wedding, hoping with the couple that the weather will be good.  It does make a difference when the weather is glorious for a wedding; but the most important thing is being able to weather the storms that will inevitably come during the years ahead in a marriage. It’s not the weather on the wedding day, but the coping with storms during the years of marriage which is important in the long run.

We all know that true character is shown, not when things are easy, but when things get difficult. Rather like a cup full of liquid – it might say ‘Coffee’ on the outside of the cup, but when the cup is shaken and some of the liquid spills out, that’s when you see what’s really in the cup. In the New Testament, the disciple Peter says bravely that he will always stick with Jesus and be loyal to him. But when Jesus is arrested, Peter is not so brave and when questioned, denies even knowing Jesus. It was a deep spiritual transformation brought about on the day of Pentecost that changed Peter on the inside. He experienced the life-changing power of God’s Holy Spirit and later became brave and boldly faced arrest and danger at the hands of the authorities.

I hope that those of you who are going away on holiday over the summer, or getting married, or celebrating something significant get some really glorious weather. But most of all, I pray that you would have the strength of character to see past the weather, and remember that who we are in the storm is more important than who we are in the good weather. Also, in my experience, having Jesus in my life, in the storms, really helps.

God bless, Dave Maylor.

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Rev Dave Maylor
Rector of Barnack with Ufford and Bainton
Telephone: 01780 740234