Pause for Thought April 2014

A long good-bye

This is a ‘pause for thought’ that I have not been looking forward to writing.

After 15 years  in Barnack and after 12 years leading the Baptist Church and Community Church, it is time to say good-bye.  This is the place where we have seen our children grow up, all 6 have been to Barnack School, it is the place where we have made very deep friendships and where we have experienced ‘community’ at its very best.

To say that we will be sad to leave is an understatement, when I announced this to the church there were many tears, most of which belonged to me, but never the less we feel it is time to go.  A new adventure awaits us and the same is true for the Community Church.  When we finally say our good-bye in the summer we will be leaving behind a strong and committed Church fellowship with a very strong and capable leadership team.  The Community Church will continue to thrive and serve our community.  We have every expectation of God’s blessings continuing to fall upon us all.

Why are we leaving? When I trained for the Baptist Ministry I knew that one day we would leave Barnack.  After 12 years of leading the church we sense a call to another community where we can serve God and his Church and though we do not want to go we feel that this is a good time to move on.  At this moment in time we do not know where we will be going but we are in conversation with a Church near Loughborough.

What will happen to the Community Church? The Community Church is in very safe hands because it belongs to God, (For reference he is the one who can take something the size of a marble and create a Universe out of it!) The Community Church will be a bit different but will continue to be a friendly and hospitable place where people and families can receive a warm and open welcome.

No doubt we will have an official farewell at some point but in the meantime we would like to thank all our friends and the community in general for the manner in which you have enriched our lives through the privilege of receiving your support and friendship.

Graham Dunn
Minister – Community Church