Pause for Thought Feb 2015

Baptist MinisterLet me introduce myself…

My name is Revd. David Whitlock and I am the moderator of Barnack Community Church.

Ten years ago my wife, Carol, and I swapped the bright lights of London for Peterborough; a strange move, you might say!  After twelve years of ministry in multi-cultural Streatham, south west London, we were ready for a change.  One of my earliest memories of 2005 was driving to Barnack, from Bretton, to meet Graham Dunn.  It felt like coming home!  Ever since that first visit I have very much appreciated any, and every, opportunity to be involved with Barnack through the local Community Church.

Both Carol and I grew up in rural south Northamptonshire in small village communities of a few hundred people; full of stone cottages and rustic charm.  My background is in agriculture, a farmer’s son who, on leaving school, joined the family farm and began raising pigs.  I loved living, and working, in the countryside with its rolling landscapes and constantly changing scenery.  At the age of sixteen I had answered the call of Jesus Christ to become a follower of His, a decision I have never regretted.  Jesus gave me a purpose and a focus for my life and he has since led me on a life adventure that still, at the age of sixty, has many surprises.

One of those early adventures was the challenge to take a clear change of direction from farming, to full time Christian ministry.  I’m often asked, “How did you know?”  All I can say is, “You know when God calls you!”  That doesn’t mean it is easy; far from it.  But I can honestly say it has all been worthwhile.  So, in my mid twenties with Carol and a young daughter as companions, my journey of ministry began with four years of study in London.  That was followed by seven years in Suffolk as the Baptist minister in Clare, another wonderful rural community.  Then we had twelve years back in London with all the richness and diversity of a vibrant city.  And now I find myself, after ten years in Peterborough, as the senior minister of Bretton Baptist Church with oversight of Barnack Community Church.  During the past ten years I have gained much from the friendship of Graham and Karen Dunn, and of seeing how the Community Church has grown to play such an important role in village life.  I am now very excited to be supporting Julie Stanton, and all the members of the Community Church, as we continue to serve the village with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We wish all of you a very happy and blessed 2015 and we would love to welcome you to any of the activities of the Community Church.  You will be sure of a warm and friendly welcome and who knows you might even find a new focus and purpose to life!