Pause for Thought October 2015

thinking‘Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week’  Spanish proverb.

This month I came to the Parish News deadline for ‘pause for thought’ with a collection of unconnected ideas and not very much on paper.  While I panicked my daughter Eleanor quietly sat down and came up with this:
‘All through my student life I left things to the last minute.  ‘Thinking about it’ was about as far as it got until the day before the deadline.  All this educated thinking was mostly compromised by watching cute cat videos on the internet.  When it finally came to sitting down and writing something I was a fidgety mess.  The anticipation of completing 2000 words in twenty four hours is enough to raise the heartbeat of even the most seasoned last minute practitioner.

We might be lucky and get away with it at times.   More often than not students somehow walk out with a perfectly acceptable grade, but that B+ was powered exclusively by red bull and gaffer- taping themselves to the desk.

And then there is the morning of hand in when you are crawling around the floor crying into the printer for not buying refill paper for you!  Perhaps this is the time that enough is enough.

For my final year essay I decided to banish cats, Instagram and the habitual procrastination ceremony of eating all the food in the house and I sat down and wrote my first 500 words.  With that in the bank I was then able to go back to it as I researched and learned more.  Getting started is the hardest part and tomorrow is always the busiest day of the week, but making today the one that counts is the only way to create time for yourself later on.

I can’t say that I am no longer affected by last minute fluster but I like to think that it happens less often.  And I definitely appreciate the time I have made for myself tomorrow.’

Now that’s telling me!
Julie Stanton

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Julie Stanton
Elder – Barnack Community Church
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