Pause for Thought July 2016


Maybe it partly makes up for never having a normal weekend for years, or maybe it’s a very biblical idea of a Sabbath – a time to rest from our labours, worship together and do other things. Anyway, I am having a Sabbatical over the Summer – my second in 25 years. I will be away from normal parish duties for three months. During this time I will do some reading and study; I will go to Taize in France, to the monastic community there. I will attend the enthronement of Bishop Liverson M’Gonda, the new bishop of Taita Taveta Diocese in Kenya and work with him for a few weeks. I first met Liverson when he was still at School in 1985. I have seen him go from pupil to teacher, to vicar and now to bishop.  Whilst out in Kenya I hope to make links with a church and a primary school which can be ongoing.

I will finish the sabbatical off by cycling all around Sri Lanka for a month.

This is all paid for by a Diocesan grant, kind gifts off parishes and some personal savings.

I am very grateful to Canon Margaret Venables and Canon Haydn Smart for holding the fort whilst I am away. If you need anything please contact Margaret or Rachel our administrator in the first instance. To make things a little easier, the churches will have joint services throughout the school summer holidays- see calendar for details.
The keeping of the Sabbath day as a day of rest is one of the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament. For me, Sunday is often my busiest day (for example last month as we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday and had the party in the paddock, and Helpston Gala and Open Gardens all on the same weekend…), so I take Monday as my day of rest, to keep the commandment. We all need time to recharge our batteries- we should do that weekly. We all need time to take stock – we can do that from time to time. As a Christian, it is also a discipline to keep the Sabbath and give time to worshipping together, giving God his worth. But the idea of the Sabbath is not to put another burden on us, rather it should be seen as a gift from God to rest and slow down. It’s good for our health. It makes sense. I am very blessed to be able to take three months out of my regular routine and do something very different.

I hope you all have a good summer and get time for some rest too. See you in October.

very blessing,
Rev Dave Maylor