Parish Council Reports September 2016

Barnack Parish Council

The council met on 8th August with business including:
Outstanding Items
-    Canon Drive, traffic signage.  The signs have been put up to clearly show no through road, but still waiting on white lines being painted.   
-    School grounds Governance. The working party have drafted new rules to be displayed on the grounds. There have been incidents of late night noise beyond 11pm disturbing neighbouring properties.  There are concerns that youngsters are taking risks and climbing through the shrubbery on Bainton Road to access the back of school.
-    Chapel Lane/Glebe Woodland. An email will be sent to all the supporters to update the current situation.
-    Footpaths and Verges. The PC are meeting with Highways and Amey on 10th August to discuss issues.
-    Local Council Public Advisory Service – Devolution Public Consultation.  Residents and the Parish Council are encouraged to respond to the Consultation before 28th August.  Information can be found at 
-    New Inn House, Single Storey side extension. Permitted.
-    Old Corner House, Demolition of garage and construct a single storey extension. No objections.
-    4 Owen Close, Front porch. No objections.
-    Land to west of Uffington Road. Gladman Appeal. The PC will finalise their letter to PCC Planning Services and are seeking specialist advice from John Dadge on whether or not to request ‘Rule 6’ status to appear and speak in the inquiry.  A letter will go out to all residents this week to update them on the appeal and to urge them to write again to the Inspectorate, reiterating any previous objections and adding new comments. The PC will also write to the local MP, Shailesh Vara, to ask for his support.
-    Skipport, Erection of Single Storey extension and conservatory. The PC raised a question regarding the use of zinc instead of more traditional materials on the extension roof.  Query material options with planning.
Tree works including:
-    Fell Blue Spruce & replant 2 Oak trees, 1 Kingsley House, Bishops Walk. No objections.
-    Fell two Cypress trees, 5 Kingsley Close. No objections.
-    Raise crown & reduce Sweet Chestnut, 9 Allerton Close. The tree officer inspected the tree and confirms that the work needs doing to prevent the tree splitting in the future. No objections.
-    Fell Beech tree, 21 Bishops Walk. Although there’s a TPO on this tree it is diseased. No objections.
-    Traffic Calming. The working party has a meeting scheduled for 8th September.   
-    Communications. The PC approved a quote from Chadwick Design to create a new website with links to social media.
-    Rural Crime Update. First Drift, Wothorpe – garage burglary and vehicle broken into, golf clubs, sat nav and tools stolen.  Little Northfields, Barnack – window smashed on vehicle but nothing stolen. Bainton Road, Barnack – window smashed on vehicle and sat nav stolen.
Other Items
-    Shop & ATM machine. Royal Mail are looking into supplying a mobile PO van.   This will offer all PO services including cash withdrawals.
-    Post Box & Telephone Box.  The PC want to clarify the exact location that Royal Mail are putting the new box.  The telephone box will be moved to the plinth opposite Pond House, but the PC need to look into an electricity supply first.
-    Bus shelters. Councillor Over suggested that the PC speak to PCC..
-    Ermine Street gateway. The PC were asked to look into who owns the gateway – it appears to belong to either Burghley, or Wothorpe. 
Minutes of each meeting and councillor details can be found on village noticeboards and the website, or by contacting the Parish Clerk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on
07595 377236.
The next council meeting will be held on Monday 12th September at 7.00pm and all residents are welcome to attend.