Pause for Thought March 2017

One of my favourite photos of recent times was one of the Governor of the Bank of England travelling on the London Underground with a folded newspaper under his arm and looking thoughtful as he reads a book. The book was a pre-publication copy of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s book, “Dethroning Mammon”. It is a devotional book for Lent, the first one written by the Archbishop, Justin Welby, and in it he calls for Christians to examine who it is that sits upon the throne of their lives: are they following the self-sacrificing example of Christ, who gave his life for others? Or have they succumbed, perhaps unconsciously, to the rule of Mammon? (the word used by Jesus to describe money or wealth).

Well, business is business, and Mark Carney has not commented on the book, but we will be using it as the basis of our Lent Course as we meet together on Tuesdays throughout Lent (details elsewhere in this magazine). Do join us if you can.

It may surprise people to hear that in the Bible, Jesus talked more about money than he did about love. He talked most about the Kingdom of God, and in second place he talks about money. 11 of the 39 parables we have in the Gospels are about money. But perhaps how we deal with money and our ‘stuff’ reveals where our heart and our true love really are.

The shops are already filling up with Easter merchandise, mainly of the confectionary variety. It goes against our popular culture, but maybe Lent is a good time to see what you can give up, how that makes you feel, and consider where true riches are to be found.

Eating pancakes, going on diets and anticipating a feast of chocolate are all good fun things to do, but perhaps getting hold of a book like ‘Dethroning Mammon’ or another good devotional book for Lent will help us to go deeper and reflect on deep truths and issues. Such things might help us to grow.

Wishing you a thoughtful and reflective Lent.
Rev Dave Maylor.

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Rev Dave Maylor
Rector of Barnack with Ufford and Bainton
Telephone: 01780 740234