Pause for Thought May 2017

I realised the other day my Mum is going to be 91 in a few week’s time and I found myself asking how did that happen?  How did I end up with a Mum in her nineties ?  Perhaps others of you will be thinking along the same sort of lines such as “I’ve a teenage son how did that happen” or “I’ve a 40 year old daughter how did that happen”.
Time, as we all know, does not stand still and we have beautiful seasons rotating year upon year.  We are enjoying a colourful, fresh spring and look forward to a roasting hot British summer.  We can but hope!  Perhaps it is especially wonderful to see the gorgeous crocuses on the green outside Bainton church and remember Judith Maurice who planted them with Malcolm but who sadly died earlier this year.  Someone who gave so much, not only to her family, but to the village and indeed to everyone and anyone she met. 

We must, of course, daily move on with our lives and deal with the changes large and small that come our way.  We should remember that as we manoeuvre our way through life we have the word of God travelling with us with a message that changes as we change and progress through our life stages.  The words remaining the same it’s just the individual message that changes.  Speaking to us as the individual person we are and are becoming. 

God’s words are at their strongest when we are at our weakest.  It reminds me of the poem “Footprints in the sand”, in which the poet writes that there are always two sets of footprints one ours and one God’s. However, when the really hard times hit, there is only one set of prints in the sand.  At this point we turn to God to ask, “Why did you abandon me when I needed you most?’  His most wondrous response is: “But this is when I carried you”.  Good to know.  When we feel we are walking through mud, struggling hard, God is always there carrying us. 

However, as the seasons are the same year in year out God’s overall message to the whole of humanity does not change.  His message is to ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ 

As our spring transitions into summer – how can we transition into becoming more of the person God created us to be?

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Su Fletcher,  Reader-in-Training
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