Pause for Thought August 2017

I go to Kenya for a month in the middle of August where I will be working for the Bishop of Taita Taveta Diocese for a few weeks. This is the latest of several visits to what feels like our home in Kenya. I will work for Bishop Liverson Mng’onda who was made Bishop last summer.

I first met Liverson in 1984 whilst working as a teacher near his family home. He was a pupil at Thika School for the Blind due to his very poor eyesight. He played guitar, so we hit it off immediately. After finishing school he became a teacher, but then felt a call to become a minister in the Anglican Church of Kenya. It was a delight to support him through his training, and I was able to spend six weeks with him in 2001 shadowing him as a parish priest. Now I will work for him as my Bishop.


It’s exciting to see what people can become, what God can make of people. There is so much potential in each one of us.

We can see the same in nature as we begin to harvest vegetables and fruit from the seedlings we planted some months ago. Teachers get a glimpse of this too as the little children they invested in at primary school come back to visit when they are grown up, clutching A level results or the like.

In the parable of the Sower, Jesus says that seed which fell on good ground went on to produce a harvest of up to one hundred fold.

God has demonstrated to us that he believes we are worth investing in. The Bible teaches that he invested his Son, who went to death on a Roman cross, to give us the chance to flourish as human beings in the ways he intended.

In 1991 a company “Investors in People” was formed and we have seen its logo in many places as over 14000 companies have earned accreditation in leading, supporting and managing people well.

This summer, may your horticultural investments pay off, your investments in people bear fruit, and God’s investment in you become a means of flourishing.
See you in September.

Rev Dave Maylor.

“Pause for Thought” this month comes from Rev Dave Maylor
Rector of Barnack with Ufford and Bainton
Telephone: 01780 740234