Pause for Thought May 2018

RuthIt’s strange isn’t it – strange and sad.  If I look back at my Pause for thought from this time last year it was about my Mum turning 91.  Now I am reflecting back that it will be 6 months since we lost her ……may she rest in peace and rise in glory. 

This prayer and blessing, of course, goes out to all those who have lost loved ones over this past year.

Mums are those huge female characters in our lives,for whatever special reason known only to us, perhaps their strength, their understanding, love or for just being there - always.  The bible has two books written solely about strong female characters who risked all for what they saw as the right thing to do. 

One is Ruth, read it – it’ll take you about 15 minutes if that.  

Ruth is a Moabite living in the area which is now Jordan and as a race they worshiped a patron god named Kemosh.  She marries an Israelite who has travelled from Bethlehem, some 250km away, with his mother, father and brother.  After 10 years of marriage her husband dies and at this time her brother and father in law have also passed away.  At which point her Jewish mother in law, Naomi, decides to return to her family in Bethlehem.  It is then that Ruth decides to travel with Naomi, to care for her and once in Bethlehem to take up the religion of Naomi and of her family and ultimately - in doing so - Ruth becomes part of Christ’s lineage.

The question is why.  Why did Ruth leave everything to travel with Naomi to Bethlehem away from her family and to also take on this new, to her, religion?  What did Ruth see in Naomi and her faith? What is it that drew Ruth in?  What did Naomi’s faith hold for Ruth that was missing from her life?  Perhaps we could all ask that question.  What could it be that a church, a faith, could offer us?  A family, a community, some quiet time in our hectic world.  Healing?  Care?  A God to help us to release those things we hold onto that drag us down and stop us being the person we want to be. Somewhere we can be accepted for who we are regardless of age, wealth, beauty, intelligence etc. etc.

Faith tells us we are all important to God – all of us.  He has a plan we are all part of – we are a piece in his wondrous jigsaw puzzle and without each one of us the picture and the puzzle is not complete.  We may not be the celebrated final piece but we may be one of the all- important edge pieces that starts the whole jigsaw off and maps out how big the picture is going to be?

In God’s eyes we are all wonderfully made- each and every minute of each and every day.  

Pause for Thought” this month comes from Su Fletcher,  Reader-in-Training

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